Lace Slip Dress

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One of the trends that caught my eye last year was the cami/slip dress. I’m usually not a trendy person and it feels weird to wear something, just because someone said it’s trendy. But the slip dress was a dream come true! Who wouldn’t want to walk down the streets dressed in their pajamas! 
(enjoy the awkward blooper smile) 
Lace Slip Dress
The slip dress I’m sporting here is Kookai and I bought it from our online second hand store Remix. I love mixing feminine pieces with rough and rugged ones, so I paired the dress with black patent combat boots and the choker from Bornpretty. 
How would you guys wear a slip dress? 
Lace Slip Dress

I don’t know whether it was because my bra was showing, or because this dress is so freakin alluring (maybe it was both), but many heads were turning and nodding in approval on the day I wore it. Felling like a hot potato! 

Lace Slip Dress

Lace Slip Dress

Lace Slip Dress

Slip Dress- Kookai (second hand), Bag-Nowistyle, Choker- Bornpretty.
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37 thoughts on “Lace Slip Dress”

  1. Yes, you're definitely a hot potato and have the physique to pull it off! 🙂 The 3rd photo is my favorite! My mother bought a red slip dress recently and she wears it with leggings and a blazer on top.

  2. Хич даже не прилича на пижама/нощница. Много е хубава роклята и изглеждаш страхотно! Сигурно би стояла добре и с пуловер за по-хладно време.

  3. They were probably staring and nodding in approval because you look so cool! This dress really does look awesome on you. These slip dresses are super 90s so I'm enjoying them. If I came across one at a thrift store I'd probably snatch it up! I love how yours is black and styled with other black things. Lots of great texture going on in this outfit.

  4. You ARE a hot potato! Mama Mia! I am greatly saddened that slip dresses were not a thing when I was young. I love the look but I don't think anyone wants to see me in that now. I would just look like I had forgotten to put my dress on. I love the way you styled it.

  5. Omg I love how you're wearing the dress with boots, the slip dress I have is way too long to wear like that, which is cool or whatever but it'd be cooler with boots! You look awesome so it's not surprising that people noticed! xx

    onacruz blog

  6. OoohoOoh, you're getting all those head turns because you look GOOOOOD! I like this trendy look on you. It's so… trendy. And lacy. Muwahahaha. You look awesome, though, and I seriously love it! I swear, I'd never be able to pull this off in real life. YOU ROCK DUDE!

  7. Love this slip on lace dress, easy for the day and super perfect for the night. I am glad you live in a place where people approve different outfits, this would def be a staring outfit where I live 😉 everyone here is very sporty and not fashionably sporty just work out sporty.
    You look great xx

  8. Oh dear, I am SO going to try out that lingerie trend this summer as I have an extensive collection of sexy lace-adorned slip dresses, hehe. Anyway, your managed to mix yours into your style perfectly. I'd never think of pairing that kind of dress with combat boots. You look amazing!

  9. I was going to say that I don't think I could wear a slip dress with that kind of confidence/poise/grace, but then I remember that time when I wore an Anthropologie night gown on my blog, because I thought it was a dress. Haha. So apparently, I CAN do it and not look like a freak. Now, whether I could do it again deliberately…..that's another question. 😀

    – Anna

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