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Oh glorious future, you have come to take me to work today even though I repeatedly tried to show you that this is a bad move. I am already contemplating being a stay at home dog sitter full time, but alas, the cosmos is bursting with job positions that must be filled in order to balance out the universe. I will be starting my new jobsie today and I thought I would prepare a post with an embarrassing amount of pink this Monday to celebrate my slavery. Here it comes!

Today I wanted to share with you the first of three outfits I styled with a pair of socks  I bought from KrakMe. They’re a brand I recently stumbled upon which specialize in producing high quality socks with a little bit of an edge and I absolutely adore them. The idea behind the brand is to wear socks that will cheer up a gloomy day and make you feel special and colorful, instead of hiding them with your shoes, and I am completely on board. I bought three pairs and I am planning on styling them very differently from one another, so you can see how versatile they are even though at first glance they may look like they are too much.

I was going here for a pinky look with a subtle eye makeup, but I ended up with a look more suitable for a night out at the highway. Nevertheless, I bravely walked the streets with this ensemble and almost ruined everything by screaming at a guy who was making jokes while sister was taking these photos. Yeah, being suicidal has made me a bit more angrier, Since I’ve always been a gentle beer drinking Bambi this change has come in handy when you want to get rid of people who love you. Works like a charm every time. This day my anger was completely targeted towards an unsuspecting general human being, and it felt good!

This got me thinking, how much anger is
too much? Is showing a bit more teeth regarded as healthy or just plain
being an asshole. There is a thin line and I tend to cross it and draw
another line each day. I am at a point in my life where I have no
willpower to be good and nice, which makes me think that all these years
I’ve been acting like a saint has come to bite me in the ass. Maybe
it’s healthy to be an asshole, I know a lot of people who are doing it anyway, like the boyfriend for example who tends to transform into the Megatron of horror when he’s driving. Add a spoonful of anger, mix it up with a slice of stupid pedestrians and you’ve got yourself a time ticking bomb!
Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not usually running down the street telling people they suck, (sounds like a good idea actually), but I have a boiling rage in me just waiting for something to happen so it can explode. I’ve read that this is good for people who are depressed, being an asshole means you are getting better, so I even have an excuse to be an ass…. Just try and argue with a depressed person, we have an immunity. Everyone is afraid you might die, you on the other hand don’t care if you die, so even if you shout a little at your friend for falling in love with the wrong stale sausage, it ends up well.

 Patterned Knee high socks – KrakME, Everything else – Second Hand

I once got drunk very bad and continued to scream to my roommate who btw is my best friend as well. We were shouting in the middle of the night under some poor bastard’s balcony, both drunk and it was the first time I was evil. It felt good. 
What do you guys think? Is being a moderate asshole healthy?
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4 thoughts on “KrakMe Funky Socks Pink Outfit”

  1. being a moderate asshole must be healthy because a lot of people seem to get away with being that and then some, now that I think of it, there are plenty of a complete assholes out there and they seem to be in perfect health…Being nice to everyone and always considering everyone's feelings is the worst thing, it must be why I'm in an out of hospitals all the time!

    No, seriously, I think that getting angry at today's world is the only sane thing to do. Maya Angelou said that being angry is healthy, that we need to get angry….and Oriana Fallaci confirmed that saying it is good to be mad and pissed off…so basically if these great writers are saying it, there must be something to it.

    Lovely styling….those socks are adorable…and I do like this pink poncho on you.

  2. My inner asshole struggles a bit. I have a lot of fantasy assholery going on but because I was raised to be nice and good and polite and I am old now and my habits ingrained, well yeah..fantasy assholery. Today some horrid woman honked her car horn at me impatiently because she thought a few seconds delay at a stop light was bad. I wanted to deliberately sit there longer while giving her the finger but of course I didn't. I just imagined it. Maybe some day. I am evil in my own mind but that's about it.
    Love the socks and pink outfit. All that pink seems perfect for being an asshole. People think pink is for nice girls. xoxo

  3. My beautiful friend, once again it was a joy to be here reading this delight! I hope the slavery you have volunteered to join is alright the way, I'm really adoring this edgy sock style. Talking about socks, I do need them like practically in my life right now because I walk, jog and sometimes run awkwardly fast before stopping to catch my breath during the evening work out sesh. I'm thinking of going cheery and bold like you! And throw in some hot pink work out tank that I get for a steal. As for being an asshole I genuinely feel that it is in the human nature and that we should express that instead of holding it in! If you really think about it, everyone is someone's asshole and if we feel like we are certain we are never the asshole, then that makes us the BIGGEST asshole. But do we have to be the biggest one, anyway? Let's just be the asshole and enjoy the ride!

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