Korean Beauty Products – Are they worth it?

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Firstly I want to thank you all for the amazing comments you left on my previous dramatic post, you guys are the best, and if anything, I have no regrets thanks to you! Sending lots of hugs and kissies! #nohomo

Secondly, this is all and all a fashion, slash, low budget, slash, no lifer blog, so let’s set aside my drama and focus on the important stuff – Korean beauty products! Yes, this is my new thing now! Let us pretend that it is better than the time I got obsessed with the guy from River Monsters…

*note, this is not a sponsored post*

I haven’t read much into Korean beauty products, but I do know they are famous for their quality as well as packaging, so I decided to splurge like the money-less hobo I am and spend some good amount of cash on exactly three things from Kibela. The store has a bunch of amazing products, I highly recommend for gals who want their face cream to be in a panda container. KAWAIIIII! <3
The prices are okayish, I suppose, especially considering the quality and I’ve got my eye on a few other goodies from there, so stay tuned for more action of my obsession.

From left to right, we have a favorite of mine the Tonny Molly Pocket Bunny face mist. The face mist is supposed to leave the skin moist (that’s what she said) and supple with a dewy finish. The bottle consists of a cocktail of fruit extracts and the scent is of a saturated sugary raspberry.
Upon application it leaves my face looking shinier and the skin feels soft and at ease.
I bet this will come in handy during the hot summer days, bearing in mind we do not have an air conditioner, I be spraying this like there’s no tomorrow!
The Bunny mist is also enriched with aloe vera, so it should be perfect for sensitive and irritated skin as well. My skin is a mixture of dryness on some parts and oiliness on others and upon spraying this on the face, you feel a cool breeze and the complextion is tangibly more soft and pretty. 

The second product I bought is the Pure Eco Bamboo gel which consist of 99% Damyang Bamboo sap, which has a mouthful of minerals and amino acids which are supposed to soothe the skin on the body and face.

The gel has a very subtle scent of cucumber freshness and the moment you apply it the skin absorbs it like a sponge, leaving it moisturized and glowing, without leaving any stains.

I haven’t yet tried it on the face, but I’ve been applying it daily on the body and I prefer it among other body lotions, because it’s more gentle and has a nice glossy finish. Also it doesn’t take forever to absorb!

The third and last product I splurged on, was Tigi’s Bed Head Blow Out Golden Illuminating shine cream. Despite this looking like a dildo, TIGI are a brand very popular among modern hairdressers and their products are famous for high quality and giving your hair a structured style with a slight fragrance and shine. I have yet to see the shine though, but I think this is because of my hair being extremely worn out from all the dyeing.

The cream leaves the hair smelling of unicorns and Hugh Jackmans, and I experimented on how long would the scent last by cooking in a closed window. The verdict? It fucking lasts! I am thrilled!
It does not only leave the hair smelling of freshly baked cookies, but it is also a perfect product for styling and removing frizzy hair. I usually apply it after showering, but in the mornings as well, when my hair is flying everywhere, definitely recommend for all types of hair!

All and all I am happy with my purchases and I am willing to convert my religion towards all Korean products. What do you guys think? Are you a fan of Korean beauty products?
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5 thoughts on “Korean Beauty Products – Are they worth it?”

  1. I haven't tried any Korean cosmetic products but I heard they are pretty amazing so I will probably try them out some day. I love that their cosmetic industry is more about skin care, often relying on natural products (or that is the impression I got) to create a nice natural effect on the skin.

    It seems you picked up 3 great products. The mist sounds lovely and so does that bamboo gel.

    I would love to try that hair product cream. You're right about the packaging though:).

  2. How cute is you and your doge in that gif. It's my favorite GIF from you because it looks so comfy and homely. I love Korean beauty products because they are simple and amazing in an unexpected way and the price can be within budget. I don't have doughs to throw around and my skin is apparently wonderful by itself without tons of things. It is pretty stubborn and will throw a fit if I put unnecessary things. Love your photos Keit, they are always soooo kawaii in your edgy way! 😀 xoxo

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