Kawaii Subscription Box September 2015 Edition | Review & A Giveaway

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Hello world!!! I know I promised I’d be back to regular blog stuff, but apparently some asshole at the waiting line for sandwiches must have transmitted me some kind of zombie bug, which made me 1.Vomit 2.Vomit 3.Vomit and then 4.High fever and waiting for Death from Terry Pratchett’s books, cause ever since I read his description of Death being a confused skeleton who likes cats, I can never part with this awesome image. I love skeletons and I love cats…so….
Anywhoooooo, after a few days of watching Storage Wars on History Channel and vomiting some more, I finally feel better and summed up the strength to wash my hair and do the pretty, and make myself kawaii!!!

 ♥  ★ ♥ ★ ♥  ★ ♥ ★ ♥  ★ ♥ ★ ♥  ★ ♥ ★

I did it for youuuuuuu! This is aaaaall for youuuuuuuuuu!!! *cue Oasis – Wonderwall cheesy song* 

Ahem…today I’ll be sharing with you some screams of joy and cuteness overload, because I teamed up with Kawaii Box to review one of their kawaii subscription boxes. If you stick around till the end of my amazingly engaging structured sentences, there’s a juicy giveaway as well, where you can win your own kawaii boxy! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! 
First things first, who the heck are Kawaii Box? I first read about them from Lara’s blog review of one of their boxes (check out her blog, she’s a keeper!). They are a subscription service, which offers a Kawaii box each month, filled with awesome cute items from Japan and Korea. Since I’m a sucker for anything related to Japan, even the weird things (that stuff is daunting) I partnered up with them to give an overall professional estimation of their September box….And my professional conclusion is: “OMG SOAH CUUUTEAH!”
After reading Lara’s post I got a little bit crazy and did a thorough investigation on subscription boxes, think of it as me on the bed, eating pretzels and googling “subscription boxes” for two days in a row. So after my thorough research, I gotta say DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN there are too many subscription boxes in this world and not enough moneyyyz! To stay on topic though, honestly, I didn’t find a good enough box offering Japanesey stuff, except for the Kawaii Box. I found a lot of boxes offering Japanese candy and one that offered Japan stuff, but costed way too much for my anorexic wallet to digest. The Kawaii box is affordable, my favorite plan is the 6 months one which costs 17,90$/month, they offer 10-12 kawaii items from Japan & Korea and free worldwide shipping.
Also, you can always check their website to see what was in previous boxes, so you get an overall idea of the kawaii items, which I think is immensely helpful.

I was expecting to receive my box in a few weeks, since I live in Bulgaria, come on, gotta be realistic here, but the box came in just 9 days, which is very fast delivery, kudos you guys!
Okay, enough blabber, now it’s time for some photo heavy stuff! This is what the whole box contained:

My favorite ever item is the squishy toast!!!! I never knew a freaking toast could be so adorable! I want to hug its eyeballs out!

Next to it is an egg plushie according to the note in the box, but I don’t see how this is an egg. Maybe it’s a Pokemon egg? Or a Pokemon thingy? Or a Pokemon pokemon? Any suggestions what the hell this is? O_o

Another absolute favorite is this weird pen with a bunny that looks like it needs a serious massage and the kawaii food sticker set.

The stickers are quite soft and squishy too and you get so much cuteness:
Adorable bacon? Check!
Sleepy rice? Check!
Naughty sausage? Check!

My least favorite items are the Moomin mini pouch and fragrance beans. This Moomin character I have not heard of before and it looks kind of meh, although the pouch is quite nice.

I’m not exactly sure what the fragrance beans are for, but I think it’s something you place in a room or wardrobe and it’s supposed to spread aroma throughout. But the smell is quite heavy and not at all pleasant.

Moving on with the next item I really liked – a pastel pink alpaca pouch. This would come in handy if I can stuff my tablet in it, instead of carrying it around all naked and exposed, and my cat chewing on it nonstop!
I’d also use this as a regular purse or for storing makeup, or even books! ^_^

I also got a paper greeting card with an envelope, which I didn’t quite find useful. I was more hoping for a small  notebook or even cutesy paper so I can glitter the fuck out of it! On the bright side, I won’t be sad to part with the card, so I can give it to a friend on their next birthday. Shut up! Yes, I have friends!!! I have Hugh Jackman and Toby Stephens!

After the squishy toast my next favorite item EVER in the box is this DIY bracelet kit! It’s super easy, which my crippling lack of skill appreciates and the end result are these three kawaii bracelets that even go with my sweater!

See??? KAWAAAIII!!!!

And last in the box and in my tummy – two Japanese sweets! We’ve got fish gummies and an ice cream treat, which isn’t exactly an ice cream or it would have melted till it got here, ha ha….I’m so funny…
I haven’t yet tried the sweets because my tummy is kind of screwed up from the zombie flu I caught, but I’m too impatient so I opened everything and it smells divine. Cross fingers it’s tasty!
I think it’s great they include Japanese sweets, it’s a dream come true for anyone who wants to have a taste of Japan. ^_^

Overall I am happy with the September box. I love Japanesey stuff and the Kawaii Box team are the only subscription service I liked regarding Japan goodies. I am seriously thinking of subscribing for the 6 month plan and will probably molest the boyfriend into giving it to me as a Christmas gift or something… 😀

And finally, the giveaway! 

If you liked what you saw, you can win your very own Kawaii boxy! Just place your entries in the Rafflecopter gadget and cross your fingers and spaghetti! The more entries you place the better chance to win the boxy! ^_^

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20 thoughts on “Kawaii Subscription Box September 2015 Edition | Review & A Giveaway”

  1. Heyy Kawaiiii zombie-flu-infected lady – Kawaii box looks like a lot of FUN! I've entered the Rafflecopter thingy but amwondering if I'm supposed to follow all the social media and stuff OR just pick any one that I'd like to follow. Hahaha I'm confused. The bunny pen is so cute I must say and if anyone is in need of massages, it's me! BT-Dubs: Those DIY bracelets you did are too adorable on you, like seriously! Anyway, I hope you've downed loads of vitamins to stay healthy, be well my perfectly fried sweet potato! (Since you call us pototoes on Instagram, it's only apt that we return the affection, heh heh!)

    1. Hahaha, right back at your fried potato! 😀 Actually all you need to do is apply for one of the thingies, but the more entries you apply for, the more chance you have to win.

  2. sorry to hear about the flue but I'm glad you're feeling better….This morning I woke up with a fever, but I decide to counter attact it with some herbal teas I bought at one famous gypsy marker on outskirts of Mostar city……and it worked! I'm fever free….I also drank way too much coffee but I do that anyway.

    this bag is totally adorable..like cuteness overthose….I love those thingies that are perhaps pokamons and perhaps something else……who cares! they look awesome….can't let to hear what those candies taste like.

  3. I'm happy you're finally feeling better! Plenty of resting time getting caught up on tv shows sounds pretty great even though you were feeling crappy.

    I've heard of the Kawaii Box before and it definitely looks like one of the cutest subscription boxes around. I love the variety of stuff they give you too. So much cuteness!

    Jamie | PetitePanoply.com

  4. How adorable are all those things? Hahahah, what a fun and weird box to receive. I'm appreciating how highly saturated all these pictures are. It just screams candy, delight, and fun. That bunny really does need to have a massage, if not to be told a good joke, though.

  5. I actually have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard, you're hilarious woman! Squishy toast? Hahahahahaha stop it! To be fair my kids would go nuts for this box so I am going to try it out for christmas, god knows they could use more tat….
    I know you love anything from Japan (as do we) but it just occured to me that you've never (?) done a post on Studio Ghibli. Curious? I'd love to go to Japan & now thanks to Studio Ghibli, so do my kids. Hubby's neither one way or the other, does what we tell him so we may end up going in the next couple of years. What about you Keit, any plans to visit Japan?

    1. Hahaha, thank youuu! ^_^ Yup, seen some movies from Studio Ghibli, including Grave of The Fireflies which made me hate them because every time I remember it I literally cry 😀 Not a big fan of the Studio though, they are classics but I don't enjoy them as much.
      Yeah, I'm thinking of visiting Japan someday when I have enough moneeeyyyzzz, which probably won't be soon 😀

  6. I remember reading about it from Lara's blog and already then I thought "how awesome!". luckily I understood I didn't actually need that box. well, since I don't have a credit card I can't order it anyway but that's why I'm counting on you giveaway 😉 there are days when I'm crazy about cute stuff I don't need, for example those toys from McDonald's. we have a whole cardboard box filled with the soft ones 😀 anyway, I'm glad to hear you're feeling better and I loved the post. Moomins are a Finnish thing by the way, I loved them when I was a little girl. Finland even has a theme park called Moominworld! oh and when I saw your comments today – it totally made my day!!! I even left you replies for both of them! 😀

    Maiken – Part of me

  7. I know it's been a while since you wrote this but I hope you feel better 🙂 I love the kawaii box, I used to be subscribed but then life happens and you have to recenter your priorities so I had to unsubscribe 🙁 I was always looking forward to the snack part, so yummy!!!

  8. Bonus points for working in a reference to Terry Pratchett's Death! (although I'm really sorry you were so sick, those vomit bugs are serious the worst, I hope it all cleared up for you. Stay away from those germ spreading sandwich line people!)
    I see a lot of subscription box services around and I've never really been tempted to try one until now, this looks so cute and yay, candy! I think I might actually end up getting this and splitting it with the kids, it really looks like it's be a fun thing to get each month and we'd really look forward to it. And what, your box came in nine days? That amazing, I know your mail service is even worse than Alaska's and it still takes over two weeks to get anything so yeah – sold on fast delivery times!
    And thanks for your comments the other day, you are seriously the best! You motivated me to get off my butt and finally do some ebay listings and get rid of stuff I don't need or wear. 🙂 Keit, the voice of reason! (ala Joe McHale from the Soup when he's do Spencer Pratt – Voice of Reason! And man, I feel old- The Hills references seem soooo long ago….)

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