June Favorites – The Witcher 3 Collector’s Edition & Handmade Jewelry from a very special Lady

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And here we have a wild Keit in her natural habitat – sharing her obsessions with passionate drools and borderline madness in her eyes. I’m sorry it has come to this, but I shall stay silent no more! I have been waiting for The Witcher Wild Hunt for 2 years and now that I finally have it in my sweaty hands I had an itch to share it with my most favorite people in the world – my online friends!!! So this monthly favorites post will be slightly different than my usual ones, but if you stay till the end I’ll not only bake you a pizza, but I will sprinkle it with a magical ingredient that transforms into a Tom Hardy clone who cooks, does laundry and occasionally gives you cash. Is that a deal or what? Okay so….
Everything started with my absurd luck to be born in Bulgaria. If you are born in Bulgaria you have two options: accept your faith that nothing ever good will come out of this, or try to struggle your way out of it and migrate to Alaska. For now, I have chosen the former and as a result, I was left with no option to preorder my Witcher, since in Bulgaria they only offer the game, not the Collector’s edition. Not only that, but the Collector’s edition was already sold out almost everywhere in the fucking wold. After much scanning the internet accompanied by heartbroken moans, of the sort of: “Whyyyy is the world so daaaark???” *insert sound of sniffing and crying* I finally found what I wanted, but it was situated in Finland and they didn’t have international shipping. Enter Lara
Lara is a fellow blogger with an impeccable fashion sense – mix of vintage and modern pieces, a stunning use of colors and quirky accessories for garnish. Check out her blogsie, it’s a must see! I pleaded Lara to order The Witcher for me and ship it my way when it arrives at her door. You might have guessed already, Lara said yes, and thus I got my hands on The Witcher Wild Hunt Collector’s Edition this June. And here we have it ladies and gents!

My post office is close, but after I dragged this colossal box thingy home I had muscle strains the next day, so I can only imagine what it must have been for Lara since we’re both skinny (and beautiful, duh). Not only did she send this huge thing, but she also included bonus gifts – her handmade jewelry which she sells on her Etsy store. She sent me these radical nerdy brooches and a wine bottle necklace.

I’ve been thinking of spicing up my outfits with brooches for a long time, but I was too cheap to buy some, so I was super happy when I saw the ones Lara sent. No comment for the wine bottle necklace, you all know I love drinking….nuff said! Check out her store and get your hands on some snazzy jewelry – including awesome sparkly dinosaurs & coffee rings! ^_^
Thank you Lara for everything, I will always appreciate and never forget what you did for me!

And there you have it, my teary story worthy of an Oscar of how I got my Witcher! I hope you’re still alive and awake, because it’s time to show you the meat and potatoes of my life – The Witcher Collector’s edition goodies
First…, what is this Witch…er..? Thingy? The Witcher is a series of fantasy novels written by Andrzej Sapkowski which CD Projekt Red ingeniously decided to make into an RPG game. To become a witcher, you are taken as a child and go through an extensive mental and physical training, including use of high toxic alchemy, which only a handful of children survive through, only to be left sterile in the end. This makes a witcher a powerful mutant who makes his living by killing all kinds of monsters, often saving people’s lives but regularly hated by humans because of his mutations (X-men anyone?). The story centers around our main protagonist Geralt of Rivia – the most sexy bad ass witcher alive! And here he is, in all his glory, killing a God damn griffin!

The first mouthwatering piece of the Collector’s edition is this hefty statue of Geralt! It’s quite big, the craftsmanship is exceptional and even though his face is a little off with a peculiar empty stare, I am absolutely in awe by it!

Moving on, we have a curious cat and a luxurious case which holds more treasures inside! Shall we see what’s inside? Do I hear a yes?
– Leave us alone Keit…
I hear a yes! So be it!

Inside we have a luxurious art book, a lavishing CD case, soundtrack and game CD’s, as well as the bad ass Witcher wolf medallion. 

There is also a map of the world of the Witcher, which btw is huge, haven’t even gone through 10% of it, some Witcher stickers, game manual and a personal note from the developers, I’m going to cryyyyy!

A close up of the art in the art book. This is Triss Merigold a sorceress and my favorite romance of Geralt. There’s a lot of sexy times in this game and barely any censorship, just the way I like em!

And to finish this post with a bang, a close up of Geralt’s medallion. It’s very heavy and the detailings are lady-boner worthy! I’ll be posting an outfit with it soon! 

And that’s it for today. I hope you guys liked my nerdy June favorites. Also, before I forget from too much excitement, what kind of games do you guys like to play? Have you tried any PC or phone games, or do you like the old traditional ones like Scrabble and Monopoly?
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11 thoughts on “June Favorites – The Witcher 3 Collector’s Edition & Handmade Jewelry from a very special Lady”

  1. I was happy to help & glad you liked the jewellery too 😀 ! Woah, that statue looks awesome! iif I knew I might have felt tempted to snatch it … ;D JK 🙂 Sorry I'm slow to answer emails – still traveling. Thanks for the blog & shop shout outs, too ^___^

  2. And about games – I have Wii and PlayStation uninstalled because I have been few times late for work because of getting stuck gaming, or just stayed up whole night.. 😀 I still play app games tho. And I love old school board games 🙂

  3. You know I don't even remember the last time I played a game. On my cell I usually delete them so they don't take up space and I don't have any PC game at the moment…when I was an adolescent, I loved Lara Croft, Sims and Diablo. Those things still exist? I would usually kill my husband in the Sims game because having a spouse would take too much energy,all those cooking and cleaning for two….but then the ghost would hunt my character. My parents thought it was really disturbing….especially as the way to kill the character was by starving it to death….so that would be my gaming glory days- not very interesting and kind of lame….

    I'm interested in reading The Witched series and I'm currently researching it online. I used to write that kind of stuff when I was an adolescent, I remember one unfinished novel about a semi mutant character…anyhow, I do love fantasy and sf literature, always have and always will so I will keep this one in mind.

    Your photos are adorable and so is your cat…this collector edition is amazing!!!! so lovely to have a blogger friend who not only shipped this to you but included some of her jewelry….how awesome! I will check out her blog for sure.

    to reply to your comment- I'm thinking about making a cooking section, but I'm so bad with measurements ( I don't even own a scale)…and half time I don't even remember how I prepared something…but I will do my best to share at least few recipes that I'm fairly certain about.

  4. How amazing to get it through another blogger. Blogging is awesome!
    You must be ferocious at this game…I can just tell.
    I play endless games of "Go Fish" with my son, or charades, or "Snakes and Ladders", or word games with made up words because we cheat and like laughing! xo Jazzy Jack

  5. (crying because i accidentally deleted ALL OF MY COMMENTS.)
    I realized it now, Internet is so cool ok. It's so cool to have internet friend…whoa:O

    I can imagine how is it feels to open the box…omgomgogmoggm here it comes….*becomes warm* *palm sweaty* ok calm down…1….2…3….*opens box* *rainbow shines out from the box* OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!:O
    (oh, maybe i exaggerated it a little bit, but for me…it's always like that.lol)

    About the statue, is it a statue or a figurine? IT LOOKS SO GOOD OK. now I want to collect figurines…but…hey, It's so expensive in here!!11!:<
    And…it got the soundtrack CD? that's so cool. so you don't have to be angry and whining all the day because you can't find the soundtrack playlist on youtube xD (at least, that what I do if I can't find the soundtrack playlist lol)

    Adventure of P-Chaaaan!!

    1. Hahhaah, thank you for the sweet comment m'lady! Yeah, it's a statue, quite big too!!! 😀
      Oh yeah, I'd be neck deep in nerdy statues and figurines if I had moneyz…sigh….

  6. Hahaha, oh man, I thoroughly enjoyed your nerdy enthusiasm for this game – which, by the way, sounds totally badass and right up my alley. I don't play video games really, but that's only because I can't bear to shell out the money for a game system. If I already had one, oh boy…I'd never leave the house. I tend to get addicted to things, so I'd spend hours playing and not budge.
    The Witcher sounds really awesome though, as I already read books exactly like what it's based on xD Haha those fantasy genres are the best!!
    So happy you have a blogger babe to help ya out! Isn't that awesome?? Plus, cute gifts? Those Pacman brooches had me fangirling – that was a game I used to play a lot before! xD

    The Dragonfruit Diaries
    Check out my YouTube channel too!

  7. I think your blog is the only place where I've seen stuff about The Witcher so I know exactly as much as you have told us, your readers. and I think it's really cool that you finally got your dream package thanks to Lara. it's huge and I can picture the excitement before and while opening it. opening surprise packages is pretty awesome! anyway, you probably remember my taste in games and right now I have Papa's Cheeseria in my "list". it's their latest game and it's about making sandwiches and fries. you should check it out 😉

    Maiken – Part of me

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