JORD Cherry Wood Watch Review And A Layered Summer Outfit

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If you’re like me and you browse the internet more than you browse your real life, you’ve probably already seen many bloggers sharing their intricate and beautiful wooden watches from JORD. If you’re a person who spends time outside, across the oxygen-filled lush meadows of mankind (shame on you) and you’ve never heard of JORD, let me give you the tour…

After years of spending my time blogging in my underwear and eating cornflakes straight from the box, I’ve come across a vast array of companies, brands, designers and magazines. I’ve been used to all kinds of treatment: bad, good, weird, stalker-ish, awful, borderline crazy. I’ve rarely been surprised by the kindness of people and it’s always such a pleasant discovery. It’s like opening the fridge and finding out the ice cream from last week you very thoughtfully decided to stash away. It’s like all your ex-boyfriends simultaneously just turned bald and fat!

JORD are one of those rare breeds that surprise me. Their staff were so kind and easy to communicate with, it’s like they’re real people….Seriously though, communication is a big pet peeve for me, don’t know why. Perhaps it’s because I like to talk and write long sentences garnished with dozes of awkward jokes, but communication is important, it’s seals the deal, whether it’s with a brand or with someone I decide to stalk, with the hopes that we’ll become best friends.

JORD’s kind treatment was the icing of a very fat and layered cake, one that would kill you if you eat it. The cherry on the icing is their amazing collection of wood watches. JORD derives from Swedish and means earth, soil, land. They strive to create sustainable, efficient watches from all natural untreated wood and every watch has it’s own unique feature.
The one I picked is the 94A Cherry, because of it’s masculine charisma. It came in this beautiful wooden box, cozily tucked in with a chubby pillow. The clips work perfectly, the watch is bulky and thick, the color is a rich brick hue.

Upon ordering your watch, for an additional 10$ you can size it to fit your wrist perfectly and in the box you get an additional link just in case you measured your wrist half-assed and ended up with the wrong measurements. The box also had a cleaning cloth and warranty card which were well welcomed bonuses! JORD also ship internationally, so if you’re like me, washed away in Eastern Europe which crazy people still visit thinking it’s exotic and cool for some weird reason, don’t worry, you can still order and it’ll get here fast! They ship with USPS First Class and USPS Priority Mail and my watch which was sent with USPS First Class arrived for less than a week!

The watch is splash proof, which means it’s suited for my all time “favorite” kitchen activies (the horror!!!) pool leisure or the beach. But don’t be a smart-ass an dive right in with it, since it’s not suited for full water submersion. This might damage the wood or the integrity of the links and restrict their movement.
(cherries not included) 
I am in love with my new cherry wood watch and very happy by the smooth collaboration with JORD. From communication, through shipping, packaging and product quality, everything was more than satisfying. I strongly recommend you visit their site. Their watches may be a bit damaging to the wallet, but if you want to invest in a timeless piece, one that is durable and beautiful, or just want to make someone happy by treating them with an interesting and unique gift JORD is your kind of brand. 
⋆ ⋆ ⋆ 

Now for some outfit talk! Upon receiving my new watch I decided it was high time I spend at least 2 hours outside so I extracted myself from our cave home and went to a very busy, hipsterish cafe with the boyfriend. Tell you this, going outside is actually kind of good, just have to remember to do it from time to time. We met a few friends, talked about authority and the importance of uniforms (we’re an intelligent bunch) then almost starved to death, bought burgers, ate them on a secluded bench like deranged animals, waited a few minutes for the food to settle in and went back home to fall asleep in front of the telly.

We were going to visit a cafe that is situated at the heart of the city and I wanted to look pretty. I’m very much sick of the basic summer attire with no layers. It’s very hard for me to layer during summer, I have no idea how to do it, so I forced myself into figuring out a way.

For the base I added the essentials: simple shorts and a tunic with lace hem, then added a muscle tee on top, a floral kimono type cardigan, knee high socks and my nondesigner canvas bag.
The proportions here are just the right length, which I think helped to make the outfit look neatly tight and packaged. I decided to dress up for the watch, so I chose the colors accordingly: blue, burnt orange, rich brown and purple.

Do you likey? Have you ever shopped from JORD? Have you heard of them? What are your impressions? 

Canvas Bag – Second Hand (Remix), Orange lace top – Second Hand, Camel Boots – Choies, Bracelets on the right hand – Here & Here, Bracelets on the left hand – Nowistyle, Wood Watch – c/o JORD, Floral cardigan – H&M (from an outlet), Feather print top – Stylemoi
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12 thoughts on “JORD Cherry Wood Watch Review And A Layered Summer Outfit”

  1. Hahaha, I love how your reviews can be so frekaing entertaining. Those watches are SO fancy! They actually contacted me, too, so I'm getting all excited and junk about it. They seem so high quality and I love the fact that they're wood. So funky. So fresh. So earth, wow. 🙂

    Also starving as adults is totally a thing. Like we have so many responsibilities already and then you throw EATING into the mix?! It's wild. Nobody can keep track of it all.

    Keep being hilarious as heck, Keit. I will love your writing 'till the end of time.

  2. Never heard of Jord (I'm not a watchy person) but I love the idea of a watch made from wood. I've seen sunglasses made of wood that are very cool but this watch has charm & sophistication too plus it screams retro! I recognise the feather tank from a previous outfit post that I really liked. It looks gorgeous how you've styled it differently here, I always enjoy seeing pieces re-worked… bravo!

  3. ohhhh another gorgeous outfit! I mean, I love all your outfits but this is one of my favorites <3
    I love your knee socks, mixed with the orange top it looks great!
    Nope, never heard of Jord but your watch looks super fresh (actually I've never ever been wearing a watch in my life :O )
    xx Caro

  4. I'm the one who knows very little about the brands that are currently in. or about the recent fashion stuff overall. I actually know only as much as I find out through my favourite blogs so thank you for those lessons, Keit! I didn't know about JORD (obviously) but now I do and of course I like your new watch. it's perfect for you and goes perfectly with that awesomely layered summer look. I love the whole package! and those portrait photos taken at the cafe are such good watch ads I think! JORD must seriously love those!
    ps. I left something for you in my blog 😉

    Maiken – Part of me

  5. These photos and their brilliance are killin' me like they're so amazing. And I hate layering in the summer I always sweat like crazy but at the same time I don't like not layering either!! You layered this so perfectly though omg how??? And JORD seems awesome! I must bookmark them for when my friends have birthday's and for the holidays. 😀

    Also "If you're like me and you browse the internet more than you browse your real life" is the funniest truest thing I've ever read.

  6. Great job with the layering…you really figured it out. I'm sort of clueless when it comes to layering in the Summer…but your outfit totally rocks and I do love those high socks.

    It seems that I do spend too much online because I'm familiar with this brand. I heard only great stuff about them.

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