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I have been disturbed by last month’s favorites….or more precisely the lack of. I’ve been so “busy” watching TV series and stuffing my face with ordered food, then finishing the aforementioned TV series, returning to IMDB to search for more cool shows, then watching some more new TV series. Curse you IMDB, you have ruined my life with your easy to use, user-friendly list of popular TV shows with more than 5,000 votes, curse yooouuU! I tried to make a list of favorites that didn’t include TV shows…I really tried and I failed. But failure is part of life, just ask my parents, they have become pros of witnessing me failing and get all worked up about it, as if they didn’t expect it! Silly parents! So here are my January favorites everyone, don’t kill me, I only included 1 show!

Favorite Makeup Magic Trick
This passed month I’ve been on the lookout for the perfect raspberry lip color. Because I’m a lazy bum, I usually look around our local shops and if I don’t find it there, then it doesn’t exist. Instead of broadening my horizons and stepping out more than three blocks afar from my home, I decided to play the Fullmetal Alchemist card and mix two lip colors to create my desired raspberry one.

For the untrained eye, the result is just a plain red lipstick color, but for someone with such low expectations as me, this is exactly the kind of shade I was looking for! 

Favorite most expensive crap I bought!

Why in the name of cat whiskers are glasses so freaking expensive!? My eyesight almost, almost fixed itself upon hearing the price! If you have a tiny head it gets even more difficult, because you look like a fly with every possible frame. These Zeiss glasses were the only ones that looked moderately good on me, even dare I say it, sexy? 
And why do they keep smudging so fast from everything!? My glasses get all smudgy from the air for God’s sake! And what’s up with guys who have a glasses fetish? I have so many questions!

Fur and Stuff 

My new vintage leather bag and faux fur collar are my best two buddies for winter and the upcoming spring. I’m dying for fur these months, I want to hug it, wear it, stroke it, is this getting too weird for you?

Favorite… wait for it….TV SHOW!


This a show I would strongly recommend to anyone who has an ounce of intelligence! But just the first season, the second season was total crap. But the first season was a treat! The story is set in 1919 England and centered around a gangster family that is popular for sewing razor blades into the peaks of their caps. Which sounds rather silly, until you see what a bloodbath these silly razor blades can create! The show has two of my most favorite actors in cinema history: Cillian Murphy and Sam Neill. With his piercing blue eyes Cillian can make you pee your pants and Sam Neill, well, he’s Sam Neill, he’s fucking awesome and his role in here can make you feel sorry for his character and at the same time disgusted and pissed off at him.

One other thing that really made the show great was the female character Grace. I rarely like female leads, they’re always boring or two dimensional, made to be too strong, too annoying, too…something!  But Grace was so captivating to watch, with her uncommon beauty and striking dialogue, she was an incredibly interesting character.  Go watch it!

Favorite Song – The Witcher of course!

The Witcher 3 won’t come out until May, so all I can do for now is listen to the breathtaking soundtrack and salivate! 
So these were my favorites, hope you guys are still awake, let me know in the comments what were your January favorites! ^_^
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15 thoughts on “January Favorites”

  1. Well I will have to try Peaky Blinders! I rarely make it through a whole series, even if I just loved it to begin with. I made it through seven out of eight seasons of House and about the same with Doc Martin, two of my favourite shows ever. I saw all of Star Trek The Next Generation too. That's it. With everything else its one or two seasons and I give up on it.

    If you can find it, I think you would like Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Crush. Totally revolting name but a nice lippy and Crush is a great berry colour that I think would suit you.

  2. My father-in-law was watching that show the other night! I love how the characters interact with each other – it's very believable and I have to agree with you about that female lead; a lot of the time they are used as conduits to tell the story of the dude, but she stands on her own, something I really appreciate. 😀



  3. Not very up on TV at the moment. Favourite is Sherlock Holmes Season2 at the moment. Will keep an eye out for Peaky Blinders.
    Loving your custom made lipstick…all the good artists blend I'm sure.
    Dare I say your fur wrap looked a little like a loaf of bread initially! But I'm sure it's soft and snuggly!
    The Witcher soundtrack is mesmerising!!
    I can't remember back to January, except to say it was a lovely Summer break…the mind obviously is turned to mush with too much time off. Will try to do better in Feb! 🙂 xo JJ

  4. I ask the same question when I remember I still haven't gotten a new pair of glasses. Mine's all scratchy I wonder how I still see through them. That raspberry shade of lippie is perfect on you.

  5. I'm going to have to check out that show! It sounds very interesting!
    And I feel you about the glasses getting smudges from the air. How? I don't even touch mine and they get dirty. That's why I prefer my contacts so much! As for cheap glasses, I find a lot of inexpensive ones online. Zenni Optical has a bunch. Since I don't wear mine a lot I don't need the highest quality. I just get 2 or 3 different cheap ones from Zenni!

    Jamie | PetitePanoply.com

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