IS fishing really THAT boring? And the Jack Daniels t-shirt

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your typical, stereotype female I hate fishing. I’ve always hated it,
no matter with who I go or what I catch. Everybody are always serious to
the point that crying is necessary in order to express exactly how
serious they are! People are boring, or drunk. Either you’re extremely
quiet and bored to death, staring emotionless at the sea, contemplating
your sucky life, or you’re a drunk ass who’s there just for the fun of running away from the reality that your girlfriend slept with your best friend and you haven’t taken a shower for two months.
But whenever I see “River Monsters” on the telly, I stock up on chips and beer and stare at Jeremy Wade for hours. How can one man make fishing so bloody interesting? I think it’s because he’s so passionate about what he is doing.
Whenever someone is hooked
(an intentional pun here, he-he) and passionate about his work, he
infects other people with the joys of his activity. It doesn’t matter if
that activity involves making tea or sewing a button: “I’m going to
sew the fuck out of this button, just wait and see!”. See? You’re
already hooked. (no pun intended)
And  it’s
not just about making a boring activity seem super cool, it’s about
education too. Which fishing rod is he going to use, why? Why is that
particular bait necessary? What is the physiology of that particular
fish he’s after. You don’t see this at a nearby river with your dumb ass
friends. They’ll just throw a loaf of bread and hope for the best. When
you politely express an opinion or ask a question about the fucking
bread, they just scream “shut up” and leave you puzzled for the rest of
your life, with the conclusion that “fishing is BAD”.

So yeah, do you guys watch “River Monsters”, do you like fishing in general? 😀

Fashiony part: I always wanted a Jack Daniels t-shirt, because I was delusional and thought it would make me look cool. Now, I do have a jack Daniels t-shirt…me and 90% of the population, including homeless people. Oh goodie!
Coat- Stradivarius, Scarf- H&M, Cardigan- Asos, Skirt- Zara from second hand.

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33 thoughts on “IS fishing really THAT boring? And the Jack Daniels t-shirt”

  1. haha I watch River Monsters… it's a pretty good show sometimes! and I fish sometimes too when I come back home, it's not so much of the fishing as to it's the company you're with I find 😀 hope you have a great Christmas with awesome food and company!

  2. Леле, изглеждаш супер! Много ми се иска да имам една такава тениска на Jack Daniels, защото приятелят ми има, само че мъжка 😀 Ще бъде много готино, но не мога да си намеря женски размер 😀 И шалът ти е страхотен! 🙂

  3. Yeah, fishing is pretty boring hahaha! When my dad and my brother want to go fishing, I'll usually bring my camera along so I can take pictures… the actual fishing process can be kind of boring. However, I would like to try something like fly fishing… waving your rod around like you just don't care (wow that sounds dirty but you know what I mean). 😀

    I love your long cardigan! It's so colorfulrrific. You seriously have the coolest outfits.

  4. damn you and your amazing satchel! jesus.. how many do you have? haha. aahhh. i love this one. great layering, as usual! <3

    tidbit: the first and only time i went fishing was in Costa Rica this past February. i got terribly sea sick, but the grouper i caught was delicious. there's nothing like freshly caught fish. totally worth the green gills. 😀

    – Anna

  5. I don't know, drunk people and little creeks are really funny. (It's been better watching them try to cast, but best observed at a safe distance.) I've always really loved fishing but that could be because my dad is like that, he's really passionate and knowledgeable about fishing, so I always learn a lot. I don't think I could take too much fishing with a younger generation, dudes our age are usually pretty stupid and arrogant when it comes to things like that and take the fun right out of it! (And yes, River Monsters is fun!)

    You look so warm with your Jack Daniels tee and all of the layers! (I need to take notes on layering from you, you always make it so nonchalant and cool. Must be those awesome boots again.)

  6. I like that tee and I think I haven't seen too many people wearing it.. at least here in Estonia so you can visit my country and be rather special with it 😉
    now, when it comes to fishing I'm pretty much neutral about it. sometimes I actually like it but sometimes find it absolutely pointless. my fiance loves it though so I have to live with it anyway, haha.

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  7. Gasp! Your bag is stunning my dear. It's classic shape is really a nice juxtaposition to your eclectic outfit. I love that you can pull off a cardigan this long, not many people could do that but it looks fantastic on you. And how amazing does your scarf look with the color of your hair?! Ok, obviously loving everything about this 🙂
    My dad is obsessed with fishing, so I guess I grew up doing it. My family once a year goes to a little tiny lake in the middle of nowhere while my dad fishes and we stuff ourselves with smores. So, I guess I think fishing is ok 😉

  8. JackY Daniels Girl!

    I'd like to thank you from all my heart for your amazing comments and your support.
    You are one of my first readers and you are still comming back. This is absolutely
    amazing. I hope to meet you one day!!!

    Wish you a Happy New Year!!!

    …………*./ | .*
    ………, • '*♥* ' • ,
    ……. '*• ♫♫♫•*'
    ….. ' *, • '♫ ' • ,* '
    ….' * • ♫*♥*♫• * '
    … * , • merry • , * '
    …* ' •♫♫*♥*♫♫ • ' * '
    ' ' • . xmas. • ' ' '
    ' ' • ♫♫♫*♥*♫♫♫• * ' '


  9. I still want one of those shirts even if hobos have it 😉 I is cool, I don't have it yet but when I find it for less then 10 bucks it will be mine.
    My years resolution is to be more patient, try to finish old projects before jumping into new ones, and pick another warm country to visit(which means less shopping so I can save $ to go) Have a wonderful end of the year x

  10. haha completely agree with you on the fishing front. I have it in practice, but watching mr. wade wrestle some humongous aquatic beast makes it seem like the most awesome thing in the world. Man-eating, prehistoric river monsters? Heck yes! Too bad the most dangerous thing I've ever seen someone catch in real life was a crawfish-it could possibly cause mild distress to your fingertips but other than that…pretty bland. Also, that jack daniels t-shirt is bad ass no matter how many other people own one. you rock it!

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