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Newsflash: I’m sick!
Sorry for not being very active on your blogs lately, but I’ve caught the obligatory Winter cold. We got our first snow on Saturday, I went outside without a hat and BAM, take that running nose and high temperature! Thank you useless body and your nonexistent immune system! 
I’m currently wrapped in a blanket burrito style, oozing sexy secretion on the keyboard, holding a handkerchief that is so torn up, it belongs to a World War museum, so I’ll be brief with the fashion blabber. 
I am currently on a strict shopping ban! For the last couple of weeks, I’ve bought so many things I can’t stop feeling guilty about it, even though they’re second hand O_O.  
I believe fashion is a hobby like any other, but society has brainwashed me into feeling guilty every time I desire a new pair of boots.
People pay money for skydiving, the gym, golf, toy collections, games, and I’ve always wondered why fashion in particular is regarded as the shallow one. You pay money for crap that makes you happy, I pay money for crap that makes me happy, nothing new here. 

Maybe people think it’s shallow because you pay so much attention to how you look, but that doesn’t make any sense either. I like to style different outfits, they make me feel pretty and comfortable in my own skin, they give me an endorphin boost and as a result I’m more confident and happy. I don’t dress up, because I want to draw attention to me, on the contrary, I often dress with the ugliest things. Once I wore a tartan bath robe as a coat, mom and dad almost had a heart attack. 

Why should a normal hobby be any different than the love for fashion? The main principal is the same: it is something you invest money and time into and the result is, it makes you feel happy and more fulfilled. 
I’m curious, what is your take on this matter? Do you think fashion is shallow and why?

Man, that wasn’t brief at all, maybe this flu thing is damaging my precious brain! Never mind that, let’s talk outfits…and weather! We took these photos when the weather was still appropriate for living! Mom gave me this metallic rose headband and I’ve been wearing it nonstop. I’ve got a “I kind of like it/ I fucking hate it and want to tear it into oblivion!” relationship with headbands. I think my hair is weird and it doesn’t go well with any kind of hats or headdress, but I like how this metallic one looks. 

The oversize salmon sweater is H&M and I got it from our online second hand store. I love the subtle colorful threads, the oversize fit and loose neckline. I need sweaters with bigger necklines in my life! Small necklines choke me and not in that good BDSM way!
I wore this for a casual bike beer ride with the boyfriend, so I paired the sweater with skinny jeans, fluffy socks and the leather backpack, which by the way, my cat decided to pee on! There’s not enough detergent in the world to wash that stench!   

Salmon oversize sweater – H&M (Remix), High waist skinny jeans – Asos.
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28 thoughts on “Is Fashion Shallow & a Salmon Oversize Knit Sweater”

  1. Oh you poor thing! Sorry you are sick.
    Let's talk fashion to cheer us up! I'm sure we get the same high from finding and wearing a cool outfit as a sky diver, well maybe not the oo-I-thought-i-was-gonna-die-and-I-didn't rush, but a good feeling nonetheless. What is so more worthwhile about riding a wave or running a marathon? As you say, it's just a hobby. And I've recently realised since I shop pretty much exclusively at second hand shops, I can count it as charity work as well! My donation to the needy, with a lovely side benefit of some nice fun outfits! Win, win!
    I love salmon. I think it is almost universally flattering. A big jumper is such a find, and in this lovely colour…bonus! I'm always looking for colourful winter wear to brighten the days.
    Snow already? Good grief!
    Love the little headband nestled into your hair, and the owl on the jumper. May you grow healthier every moment from now on!
    Xo JJ

  2. I hope you feel better! I have the EXACT same thoughts on fashion. I can't stand when people think liking fashion or clothes is vain or self-indulgent. I get its ties with the fashion industry and perhaps the body-shaming that goes into it. I get that some people spend hundreds on a handbag. I get that. But if you like the way you look and want to celebrate that? I say go for it! I think that feeling great in what you wear is very important to all people–namely women who are made to feel like shit on a regular basis about being too big or too small or their boobs are too big or too small or they should be working at a big firm or they should be homemakers with 14 kids or they should always look immaculate or they should not take their looks too seriously. For real–do what you want, like what you want, spend your money and time on what you want–whether that's sports or interior design or clothes or cars or Starbucks. Do you.

  3. oooh I like that sweater 🙂 and I agree with everything you say about fashion. There is this youtube video I watched recently where the girl talks about the difference between "fashion" and "style" and I have to agree with her that fashion is more about trends/brand names/etc and style is a form of art and is how YOU want it to be. So I definitely define fashion differently from style. here's the video if you are interested in seeing it!

  4. You look so pretty and awesome! That sweater man, so cool! This whole look is fire. I think maybe fashion is seen as shallow is because it's mainly something that women love, and God forbid a woman wanting to express herself through her clothing because it makes her happy *eye roll*, so in my view it probably has to do with sexism. Screw it though, we look amazing.

    onacruz blog

  5. Looking super cute in that pink sweater. About shallow and fashion, sometimes people think that fashionable people are fashionable because they don't have too much in their head, so they try to make it up with their looks… I guess that's why. I faced the same opinions around here for being a fashion blogger. BUt that never stopped me 😉

    Check out my latest Outfit post
    XoXo Venoma
    Venoma's fashion diary

  6. ugh why people think that girls who like fashion are shallow I will never understand. What's wrong with looking kickass???? Besides we have to look good we run fashion blogs man!! Get better I just got over a terrible flu

  7. hey, you! long time no see indeed! I sure know having a cold sucks big time so get well SOON!!! now, when it comes to fashion… what annoys me is the fact how someone can say this is "in" and this is not. I think it's stupid, really stupid and pointless. that's why I don't read those so called fashion magazines and ignore the overall madness as much as I can. if people like something then why does it matter if it's fashionable? who cares? if you like it, wear it. fashion shouldn't be such a huge deal as it is these days. so no, it's not superficial when you wear stuff you like (and buy that stuff) BUT it sure is stupid to blindly follow every trend people see from a magazine, fashion show etc. that's superficial in my opinion.
    by the way, that sweater of yours is awesome! and I'm currently looking for a normal headband. something that doesn't make my head hurt. seems like an impossible task though.. so you're lucky to have yours! 😉

    Part of me

  8. I've just got over my gushy cold, it was disgusting for all involved 🙂 So I hope you feel better soon.
    Everything is shallow in it's own way. Intellectuals are shallow because they can look down on people that don't read Tolstoy ect; rich people are shallow because they dont often mix with the working class. I think for people like me and you fashion is the opposite of shallow. Its a boost that we need to get rid of anxiety for a wee while. You shouldnt feel guilty for that.
    You look gorgeous too by the way 🙂

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  9. Hope you feel better soon! I totally get what you mean with the whole shallow thing. I sometimes feel that way too, but fuck those people who look down on it because most hobbies can be seen as shallow. If it makes you happy, then that's all that matters. And this sweater makes me happy. Also, "and not in that good BDSM way" made me laugh really hard. You're the best.

  10. wow, I love that post! <3 You're so right and I was thinking about the same issue: I love fashion and I also buy a lot of clothes, I care a lot about my style and blogging is such a cool thing. Most of my non-fashion-freak friends always ask my why I'm caring so much, they just don't understand that it makes me happy! aww and I love your jumper! Looks so cozy *_* By the way I'm also laying in bed with a cold, get well soon!
    xx Linnae at LinnaeDesign

  11. I know the problem of cat pee, ma'am. My cat once peed in my car and boy, did it reek. Have you tried soak it in vinegar? That helped me a lot.

    Anywhozzile, no, I don't consider fashion to be shallow because it's just another way I express myself. When I paint or write music or change my hair color and spend money and time on those things, no one tells me I'm shallow. What I wear is another outlet for me to say what I'm feeling and it directly makes me feel good about myself. So it' all worth it. 🙂


  12. I agree, every person has a hobby of some kind. I would say mine is fashion as well and I admit I've felt shallow at times because of it! I'm not sure why this is, just because it pertains to looks I suppose? Anyway I say to do what is fun for you and makes you feel happy, especially if you are as talented at it as you are! You have such a unique perspective that no one else could every recreate.
    I love the sweater so much! It is perfect and cozy looking, and I love fabrics that have subtle colored threads throughout-it adds so much fun and dimension!

  13. OH we have so much in common, bad colds, guilt and shopping bans to start with! I hope you are feeling better soon. I agree with what you have said about fashion and a love of clothes being a perfectly legitimate hobby and creative outlet but I struggle with that same guilt and worry that it is shallow or will be perceived as shallow. Then I think feck, who gives a feckin' feck about what the feckity feck others think. There are a lot of fecks in that thought. You are very creative and I love the outfits you make. I don't look at them and say oh that is so fashionable, yeah, she knows just how to imitate. I say to myself, oh that is so cool and so Keit and it looks great and who would have thought to put those things together? I love this outfit with your big salmon sweater and the socks folded down over your boots and how it looks very sunny and not raining where you are. Here it would be a good idea to make big plastic bubbles fashionable. I am building an ark as we speak.

    Cat pee is pernicious! You cannot get rid of it easily and some things need to be thrown out. You can buy an enzyme spray that neutralises animal odours and stains. It's also good for cat puke. I get it at the grocery store and some vets sell it. It shouldn't be expensive. I hope you can get some and give it a try to save some of your things.

  14. Hahaha.. the bath robe. I would totally do that shit. Nothing wrong with that. That's called ingenuity! ;P I think fashion can be shallow in the sense that it can make you overly materialistic. So, there's the potential to lose sight of what you need versus what you want. If you look at it as a art form though, then it's anything but materialistic. For me, it's a little bit of both. I like having new shit. Like you said, people buy stuff that makes them happy. Having something I didn't have before (i.e. new clothes) always makes me happy. Hehe. So much so, that I constantly want to add more and more to my closet. That's where the materialism comes in. However, I also look at clothing from a utilitarian perspective in that I see them as tools, like paintbrushes and painting oils. I try to use what I already have to create as many different unique pieces as possible. Sometimes, I have a wonderful vision, but I don't have all the right "tools" to make it into a reality. So, I buy the "tool(s)" I need, whether it be a patterned top or whatever, so that it will go toward a specific purpose. That's where the want vs. need thing comes in. Hehe. So, for me, the question you asked is quite complex. 😀

    That sweater is fantastic, by the way! I love how you wore your socks with those boots, too <3 Keep being awesome and good luck with the shopping ban! I've been on one since January of this year and it's the best f*cking pain I've ever inflicted on myself. Haha. I'm waaay more creative now, I think, that I ever was before with my clothing choices.

    – Anna

  15. Hmm, well. Fashion is a complicated topic, ahaha. For me, fashion is superficial. I do think some fashion pieces are very artistic and some people might find fashion a way of self expression… but still… fashion needs to sell, and it's a money making business. So, maybe that's why its seen as superficial or shallow? But I don't really think it's very different from having a hobby… I think? It's complicated, haha. But I do love fashion, and love spending money on it myself, heheh!

    That jumper looks super cozy xx

  16. I think fashion is of course a grand way to express yourself, but like the above commenter said, in the end it's always about making money and making something that is generally popular. When things are innovative and have interesting conceptual thought behind them, I love it a lot more. I love seeing things where the intent meets the execution. Otherwise it seems a little lacking and superficial.

    However, of course I do love stylish things and proceed to buy them–but lately it's been things that are good quality, practical, and will last a while opposed to something that initially catches my eye but will not carry on later.

  17. Oh Lord, you already had your first snow storm?! I don't envy that, I don't envy that a bit. And I'm on a strict spending ban right now too and not because I feel guilty about all the stuff I buy, but because my savings are ridiculously low. Irresponsibly low ;P

    But I think it's interesting people call fashion shallow too because really it's just a creative outlet. I find it the same as wanting to make your house pretty on the inside, or appreciating a beautiful photo or work of art. We like to surround ourselves with beautiful things, and that includes what's on our bodies. That and when you have someone that's confident in who they are, you get to see their personality come out in their amazing outfits (like yours!) I think the people that call is shallow just don't find the need to seek out beauty like other people do, or they just think it's a waste of money/energy. Which is fine. We all have our own likes!

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  18. I'm so sorry to hear about the winter cold, those are evil! We just got over three weeks of being sick and it feels AMAZING to be able to breathe and swallow again! I hope you're back to feeling well again and that'll be the last one for you this year. (also, cat pee sucks, the only thing I've found that works is vingar, lots and lots of it.)
    Also for fashion, I think it gets looked down on because its mostly a selfish hobby, it mostly just benifets yourself so people think it's okay to write off as silly. (but I think mosy risky hobbies-like mountian climbing- are selfish so i dunno, I just like pretty clothes and its a lot cheaper than having ponies.). So yeah, no help from me!

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