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I drunk edited these photos and everything I did to them is a blur…I actually like them, now when I’m sane and sober. I can place this on my resume: “Can drunk edit”. You’re probably wondering where I’m heading with this, well, I’m heading to the direction of the issue of editing photos as a whole. I’ve read a lot of people have their grudges with Photoshop mainly because of the magazine shoots which use an amount of editing that could turn a piece of chalk into Angelina Jolie. And I get that, but I also heard comments that many people don’t use Photoshop at all, because they regard it as some kind of a cheating thing. Let’s agree to disagree.
I think editing isn’t just about making your boobs bigger, but also enhancing a photo’s emotional impact. I don’t regard making a photo more beautiful to be cheating, there’s just so much the camera can do, the rest is up to some touches with a program. A lot of times when we shoot outfits the camera can’t capture the actual colors, it decides to fuck around and make everything either too saturated, too pale, too blue or yellow. And I don’t think there’s any harm in trying to adjust the colors with a program so you can see the real outfit. 
So we continue into the bigger “cheating” issue – photoshopping defects and whatnot. For example, I like to remove people from the background. You know why? Because a lot of times people will intentionally stand behind me and stare at the camera like they’re tying to hypnotize it and make it go to sleep. I have no freaking idea why they do that, perhaps it’s because humans have evolved to be nitwits, perhaps not, either way when I get back home I remove them. Is there any point in showing you a photo that has a weird-looking grandpa staring into an empty space with an open mouth and stoic poise? I think not, but this is just my opinion.

As we move onto this outfit, I have a confession to make, I photoshopped my wrinkled clothes. Gasp! I had the good intentions to actually iron everything, but didn’t have the time, also I hate ironing. So, I did a few brushes here and there and made everything more presentable. When you’re hiding defects that way, I guess you can call it cheating and fake, but sometimes real isn’t good enough. Sometimes I like to add a vintage filter and hide a crazy looking hair strand, because I like it more that way and because I don’t think it’s that big of a change that would reshape your whole opinion of my delicate self. But that’s just me. Do you guys use altering programs for your photos? Do you think it’s cheating? 

Fashiony Part
This is an old outfit I wore for a quiet walk around our new neighborhood. I love my new neighborhood, there’s so much fast food here I’ll be walking whale-style soon, not walking but rolling! I’m 44kg so my goal is to turn at least 47, wish me luck!
I love how this outfit turned out, the inspiration behind it was, you guessed it, the 70’s! Flares, flowers and lace is all you need to channel that inner 70’s hippie vibe. The flower headband and lace top are from Choies and I was a little scared this big yellow daisy headband would be too huge for my tiny head. So I curled up my hair just in case and the end result was perfect. 
I have reservations for this pink eyeliner as well. I bought it with the intention of making a Springy makeup, but it turned out more darker and bloodier then I would have hoped. What do you guys think? Is it too much?

The bell bottoms are a second hand purchase I don’t know either to love or to hate. The pants are cool, that’s for sure, but they’re too loose and not that perfect flare shape I am looking for, but for now, until I find a perfect bell bottom they would do. 
So that’s it for today’s outfit post, stay tuned later this week for a massive April Favorites post! ^_^
Bell Bottom Jeans – Second Hand, Daisy Flower Headband – c/o Choies, Lace Top – c/o Choies, Necklace – Yoins.
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26 thoughts on “Is Editing Photos Cheating + A 70’s Inspired Outfit”

  1. This outfit is wonderful! I really love your top. I don't think there is anything wrong with a few photo touch-ups. I know exactly what you mean about the camera liking to photograph colours slightly differently.

  2. I have nothing against editing photos, changing hue/saturation or adding some filters/effects. I actually like to play with PS. Camera sometimes mess things up, as you say, too saturated, too pale, too blue or yellow photos. Anything you can do to improve the quality of a photo for me is not a cheating. It's all about the presentation of what you're wearing. But I never change anything about my face or body. That would be cheating.
    And about the outfit, I love it! You nailed it!

  3. I edit my photos precisely because of what you said and see nothing wrong with it. And I actually like doing it. It gives my images a colour tone that matches the mood of my blog. Lovely outfit, the floral headband is so cool.

  4. You cute little hippie, you! <3

    My camera is sooo old, like 8 years maybe – I am just not into photographing. But when I take a photo and its colours are dull or there are ugly things in the background, I use an editing program. It's not cheating at all 🙂

  5. Aw love the outfit!! I love it you look like a happy hippie ahhaha!

    I think it's alright to do it with super small things. I'm being real in fashion school they teach us a small amount of photoshopping for photos like removing wrinkles and color correcting but that's it!

  6. This outfit is awesome and it is probably you, not the camera hypnotising all of those poor grandpas. You can pull of flower crowns and bloody makeup any day! I know what you mean about being on the hunt for the perfect flares. I haven't found them yet either. Everything in the thrift shops is super low rise which does not work for me at all. I don't want jeans that require a Brazilian wax. I think the latest flares are tighter in the thighs than the ones from ten years ago (or whenever that was they were last in). Overall I love your outfit.
    RE the photoshop, I agree with you. I don't have a good programme-just iphoto basic freebie so I cant' even convincingly iron/edit my clothing or remove people as far as I know but I have certainly made efforts to get the colour closer to reality.

  7. So interesting to hear people's thoughts on photo editing. We use Lightroom, which is also an Adobe produce but which is designed more for editing high volume of photos than Photoshop is. But yeah, I think whether photoshop is used probably depends a lot on what the purpose of the editing is. Quite a lot of amazing things can be photoshopped to make something more surreal, to evoke an emotion, to change colors or focus of the photo. I do dislike photoshopped used on models and other things modeling clothes that change the body of the person wearing the clothes or the clothes themselves, but there's nothing wrong with editing to make sure it is a good photo.

    The outfit has a definite sixties vibe. I'll be interested to see how you end up feeling about the pants after you wear them a few times. I think they look neat 🙂

  8. well, you look good in pretty much everything and today's ensemble isn't an exception. yes, those pants are a bit baggy but you make them work the way they are because pants like those are your cup of tea. also, that eye liner is rather intense but I can't say it looks bad on you because it doesn't. once again you've managed to make it work. you just take a piece and make it work and you do it with pieces most of us would be afraid of.
    when it comes to editing photos I use Photoscape because it has heaps of cool filters and those filters are the only things I use when I edit my photos. editing is fine when it doesn't include massive blur. that is just horrible and ruins every photo. we have some Estonian beauty bloggers with bad skin and they blur their faces quite intensively which is not so great I think.
    by the way, I left your comment a reply under my last post.

    Maiken – Part of me

  9. From a photographer perspective, editing photos honestly can just make what you are wearing pop like it does in real life because we all know some things just don't photograph well. I only edit to make things clear, colors look like they do in real life and that's it. To each their own though. Ya know?

    The Adored Life

  10. I don't care what others think, I think Photoshop's cool and I like it! I like how it can enhance things. It can blur my background when I needed more blurring. It's a great tool. I'm not obsessed with it but when I have it on my computer, I'll definitely use it.
    I think your pants is cool and the flare looks totally chic! =)

  11. Agreed. I always have to do some sort of minor editing (in Paint, mind you, I'm not cool enough to have Photoshop heh) to correct variations in color. I don't think I would ever use an editing tool to, for example, make myself look younger by airbrushing parts of myself and stuff that like. I'm OK with people seeing imperfections in my skin and and clothing. It's real life. Hehe. I'd hate for someone to meet me and think 'wow, she looks NOTHING like her pictures.' That would make me feel so terrible and fake. :/

    I love love love your lace top, by the way! You look so beautiful!

    – Anna

  12. Ha, I think it's totally fine to edit your pics, that's part of the 'showing coolpics and entertain people'-thing, right?
    My editing skills are quite lame – I just got Picasa and an old version of Gimp, but it's fun to play around!

    Your outfit rocks a lot, these pants are awesome! I'll keep my fingers crossed for your weight goals by the way – 44 kg? You're such a light thing! 😀

    XX, Sara.

  13. Hahah trying to hypnotize the camera. I don't understand people's shock when it comes to others taking photos. This isn't the 1800s- everyone has a camera. Get over it. And I've heard a few people complain about color editing too…which I totally don't get. I'm automatically attracted to blogs with beautiful pictures, and a huge part of that is the mood they create with their colors. It takes a lot of patience and effort to make a photo beautiful, and I really appreciate them doing it. So I'm on your side- editing all the way!

    Also, completely rad 70s outfit. Them flares- swoon!

    Double also- drunk editing on your resume made me burst out laughing hahah

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  14. I absolutely agree on that. I mean, let's be honest: who wants to watch our outfit photos if we look like trash? 😀 😀 (sorry, not that we would you know). It's the never-ending discussion: we don't want fake but we don't want to see ugly pictures, right? I don't use PS for blog photos (since I have to use it too much for my day job anyways, so I'm tired of it :D) but I use a few programmes for editing lighting etc. 🙂 Like you said – there are things that camera cannot capture.

    Btw, I think it's impossible for you to NOT look good in ANY clothes! I mean, if I would wear this outfit, I'd look like a clown. You, however, look AMAZING! Damn, girl! x


  15. I echo your sentiments. I think editing in a photo app can help enhance your creative efforts ~ you can't always get the sweetest shot through your lens. If I can reduce photo taking time, throw in a few extra edits here and there, then I can have more time for living! Some people think editing can take a long time (I know sometimes I am guilty of being a perfectionist) but I actually feel like editing helps reduce the time for me. In the past, we choose different films and types of film cameras to help us achieve the look we wanted. Now we don't have to wait weeks and sit in a dark room. We can have the look we want by tweaking in a editing app.

    I feel like we live in an age where creative control is at its peak ~ I won't apologize for it! I'm happy with where we are. I am glad mothers, children, and the everyday folk are free to take photographs and capture their daily lives. It used to be reserved for only those who understood the camera & wanted to invest time and money into becoming photographers. I like that we're all photographers now ~ it's a beautiful thing to me.

    I could talk about this for days……love your writing as always *

    Love, Amy

  16. Love those bootcut pants! I edit photos, but I don't have photoshop, so what I can do is limited–usually just cropping and trying to make the colors look better. I had my senior photos taken at a studio and they definitely were photoshopping my skin–moles and freckles disappearing completely and my skin is super white, but I really really like those pictures of me, so I'm not opposed.

  17. It all depends how you view the issue, all the magazines edit and over photoshop not only clothes but the body. What I like to do like yourself is if there is a weird person in the background or breaking the composition of the photo I will remove it, if my skin is having a dreadful week I will spare my readers from seeing my pimples but i never change my body shape, or skin colour. I try to cool down the photography just cause i prefer cold and blue tones over yellow and warmer tones. So I don;t think it is cheating cause in the end you wear make up to cover things up anyways and I don't have a super crew and budget to make people not walk on "the set" so voila xx

  18. I don't photo edit my photos because I'm lazy but some day when I get off my lazy ass I'll probably do it (actually I will have to get on my lazy ass because I can't photoshop while standing but language is sometimes irrational that way).

    I'm absolutely annoyed with all this hype about how fashion bloggers shouldn't edit their photos…people don't realize that editing is in some day art. Before the photoshop there was light that was more flattering, there were all this photography tricks…and there still are. Balancing it all to create a thing of beauty is what we all aim for. The question should not be whether there is too much photoediting but is it done in the right way. Photoediting is not a magic stick, it cannot turn a crappy photo in a spectacular one, but it can make our photos better and hence we should use it.

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