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If you read my blog regularly, like I read Chuck Palahniuk quotes and pretend I’m hardcore and cool like his characters, you’d probably know by now I suck at three things – makeup, hair, and being cool.
I was contacted by Irresistible Me to review one of their products and just because I am terrible at styling my own hair I decided to review their Sapphire 8 in 1 Curling Wand! (solid logic right there!)
Irresistible Me is a brand based in New York, which offers gorgeous 100% Remy human hair extensions, wigs, as well as hair accessories and tools. Their Sapphire Curler has 8 curling barrels and looks like a high tech gadget straight from the future, and I do like me some gadgets, especially if they make me look pretty or can microwave popcorn!
The curling wand is truly a magic wand, scroll down to have a peek at my review and the sexy curls I did all by myself! Yes, I can adult too!

My curler arrived in less than a week after it got shipped, which is basically my wet dream and I am super thrilled about the speed! Shipping to Bulgaria is always an “adventure”, you never know if you’ll ever get your package and if it will arrive whole or sliced in half, or with poisonous vipers swirling in it.

The wand came in this luxurious box case with metal clips on the front.

Inside the box is a leather pouch case containing many goodies my shaky hands hysterically removed one by one and photographed for your viewing pleasure.


Curling wand handle, a very bad ass looking heat-resistant glove, 8 curling barrels, heat-resistant stand which you can see on the other photo below, and, with the risk of sounding like a telemarketer, BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE!

The wand also has an auto shut off
feature in case your forget to unplug it and leave your home. I actually tested it, because I’m a cynical bastard and don’t
believe in the power of good intentions. When I called dad to brag about
my new curler he said he doesn’t believe in the auto shut off feature as
well. The gene pool of my family is consisted of cynicism, social
apathy and pretty
green eyes, so I suppose it’s not all bad! Any who, I left the wand
unattended for several minutes and it shut down! AND started cooling
off!!! @_@ What is this sorcery!

Another pretty darn nifty trick is the locking mechanism. When you attach the barrel just slide the handle so the arrow is pointing the closed padlock and done! Injuries related to the barrel falling off, averted!

The LED screen on the wand shows the temperature you’re at – both Celsius and Fahrenheit (thank you for this, I have no notion of this Fahrenheit) and you can pump it up or down until you set it to the right temperature for your lovely melon. Maximum temperature is 230°C and I timed how long it would take to reach that heat – under 3 minutes! WHOA!

The wand also has dual voltage. I’m not even going to pretend I know what that is! I had to ask the boyfriend and Google what the hell dual voltage means. The wand is American, so if it didn’t had dual voltage, it wouldn’t work for my country and I would have to get an electrical converter. Dual voltage basically means it would work in most countries around the world. The only thing I had to buy was a plug adapter, because the US plug doesn’t fit here. Adapter here costs 0,56USD, as cheap as my underwear!

I decided to try out 5 barrels and show you what each barrel is capable of doing. I have zero knowledge and brain capacity to operate electrical appliances. Making cream with a mixer is a challenge I accept with Viking proportions of self sacrifice, strength and courage, add to that the fact that styling hair is something I completely and utterly suck at and I was almost certain the hairdos would look awkward.
I was also very skeptical and didn’t think these barrels would actually create different curls, but they did and let me tell ya, I made some pretty chic curls!!! Which means, this wand is perfect for professionals, but also for people who have no idea what they’re doing! So, let us proceed!
The tips of the barrels are rubber and they don’t heat up, so even if you’re not using the protective glove, it’s all good. I used the glove for two curling sessions, then tried  without it – no casualties!
The first barrel I’m going to show you is the 13mm beauty! 

The 13mm is perfect for creating volume and crazy tiny curls. It made me look like a fiery lioness. I personally connect this hairstyle with beach times and surfing, don’t ask me why, don’t know!

 Sorry for the tag, too lazy to hide it….


I chose the 32mm because it’s huge and I didn’t think it would work on my short thin hair. But what do you know, it did! It created this lovely delicate wave, which would look even prettier on girls with long hair. Think this one would be perfect if you’re aiming for a romantic innocent appearance. I had a hard time curling the back of my hair, but you can still see the difference.


The 18/9 mm is a reverse barrel that creates very interesting shapes. It made these tight, kind of french style curls. They have that effortless feel, but with a dash of elegance. Perfect for fancy events!


The 13/25mm is another reverse barrel which I was dying to try out. It created one of my favorite type of curls, another very romantic style but with an untamed heart. 

I like the subtle flow of the curl – loose and wavy, and easy going. Would wear this often, especially when I want to go that extra mile and look like I’ve put little more effort into how I look, instead of the usual attire – pajama and Doritos stains.

Tag showing here too, sorry not sorry!

Made a thing here..I was wondering if the spot on the ceiling was a spot or a cockroach. 

Last but not least, my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE! I wanted to try out the pearl barrel because it was the most weirdly shaped, and now it’s my favorite! Gimme weird and I embrace it! It created these hardcore, just got out of bed curls which I absolutely adore! I’d wear this daily for the rest of my life!

Totally just woke up like this, now bring me breakfast mortal!

Oh yeah, I forgot we’re doing a review here! I had so much fun making all these playful curls! The Sapphire Curling Wand is sleek, easy to use, intelligent and perfect for creating tons of unique hairstyles. The curls last for 2 days, even though on the second day they’re not as bouncy, but I think it all depends on the hair.
The leather pouch is handy for traveling, although I might take just one wand with me, not the whole batch, it’s still super easy to carry in your luggage. My only beef with the wand is perhaps the price – 199$, but I think people with more skills and knowledge of hair would find this product a worthy investment. You pay more, but get more – more quality, more extra perks, more curls and more pretty! Strongly recommend to anyone who likes to play with hair. 10/10!
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24 thoughts on ““Irresistible Me” Sapphire 8 in 1 Curling Wand Review”

  1. I feel like we're twinning because I got the hair straightener from them lol. I love your hair girl and i'm super jealous you know how to use a curling wand lol

  2. What a great job! I agree on the order. My favourite too! Unfortunately/fortunately my hair does its own curling.
    I am most impressed that you were contacted for a review. You must be doing something right! Go Keit! Xo Jazzy Jack

  3. ooooh i like curly on you,. I'm thinking of growing my hair and maintaining it to that length, a lob. thanks for the idea, i think i should buy a curling iron too once my hair reaches that length. anyway sorry that I've been gone for a while and haven't been able to comment. but I'm back and hopefully i can visit you more often. keep rocking, girl!

    xo, Carla

  4. I find this curling gadget completely intimidating – and I want it right now 🙂 Great review. My hair usually looks like I stuck my hand in an electric socket – I am trying to figure out how to work with the natural waves (straight looks terrible on me) and wonder how this would work to tame the beast of my hair.


  5. I especially love style number 1 on you but everything else looks great as well. curly is definitely your thing. I myself don't use hot gadgets near my hair, it's even hard to use a hairbrush because I'm too lazy for it. I do love curls though. great review, Keit! as always, because you just know how to do those!

    Maiken – Part of me

  6. Omg. I would love to get that tousled hair look. My hair is too thick and heavy, though. :F I wonder if this thing would work for me… I've been thinking about just totally crimping my hair out, because it would look ridiculous (-ly awesome). 😀 I like the glove that comes with the set, too, by the way! 😀

    – Anna


  7. SO MANY OPTIONS. Man, I bet you had to just brush/wash your hair so much to put this review together. I hope the makers of this hair styling tool appreciate that because I definitely appreciate the effect you put into this. I love those "JUST OUT OF BED! #wokeuplikethis #nofilter" waves you've got in the last one. Weird and funky and so so pretty!

  8. Perfectly styled in every way…literally! Personally I prefer curl no.3 but the other looks are equally as lovely, great little gadget & thanks for the road test x

  9. i like this type of hairstyle for the product i actually liked seeing they have the heat stand tool, normally I am concern I am gonna burn my room down xx

  10. Omg woman, you made me actually, yes, actually literally belly laughed at a post about curling equipment. For that, I will follow you (virtually) and send you loads of (virtual) love every day of the year. Gosh, Keit, where have you been all my life? A fashionista with wit, I love you! You will see me around here, I promise. Unless, I somehow decide to leave my fluffy cats and make Bulgaria my random new home, that is. =D xoxo

    Shanaz | Fashionista NOW

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