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Since I lead a very uneventful and uninteresting life, I think an instragram week of me watching telly would be too much for you guys.  Actually my whole  instagram week could be summarized into this:

Here it is all vintagy and shit

So instead, I chose to share with you  the adventures of  my best friend “Potato”. It’s a gender confused potato, that likes  good cuisine, fine wine  and quote “having fun with friends”.

                                            First one, bikini baking under the sun!

                    Don’t let this depressed face fool you, he’s having a blast browsing blogs!

                                       Fine wine and a good book, priceless!


                                                  A bit bored in DAh Club!

                                                           Having fun with kitty!
 Fashiony part!
Glitter skull tee from New Yorker, asymmetrical mint dress from Bershka,  stud booties I bought a loooooong time ago!

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40 thoughts on “Instagram Potato”

  1. Ще ми повярваш ли ако ти кажа, че си мисля да пиша точно за instagram от няколко дни, ама все ме мързи? 😀
    Браво, че си си сложила лаптопа на подложка за охлаждане, а на направо – ПЛьОК, на някое мъхесто одеяло, както повечето хора. И после защо лаптопите им загрявали и забивали…

  2. u look so pretty.. lovely skirt..n that potato.. hehehe 😛

    wud u like to follow each other? Let me knw! 🙂

    Maybe you have time to read my new post is up: The making of a Resume

    ~Boomerang Plus

  3. Firstly, I just love your header. Seriously, that's the most cute and original header I've ever seen! <3
    And I love your photograph. So cute and pretty! <3
    Keep in touch, and what about being friends? You know, not just follow to follow stuffs! >_<


  4. Heh, the title on this one really drew me in, Instagram potato? And then I just had a good laugh. That is one potato living life to the fullest!

    Ahhh, those boots! I love the tough, sleek style of them and the tread on the bottom is awesome, like one would be able to walk in them in the winter! (Yikes, I have way too many shoes with no tread on the bottom and they are dangerous in the winter!)

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