Instagram Dilemma


So, I’ve been doing a little research on social media lately and I was left with the impression that lots of people love this thingy called Instagram. Yeah, I know, Captain Obvious strikes again! But I found out you guys like it too, or at least I think you do! Even though I still don’t quite understand the whole concept and why so many people love it, I figured I’d make an Instagram account. 

Most of my free time is spent studying Japanese or reading some godawful book, but I’ll try my best to take some “interesting” shots, from time to time.

I’ll probably post Instagram thingies on the blog, every Sunday, but first I want to know what you guys think about it. Do you like the idea? Would you be interested in a post like this, or would you be bored to the bones? Let me know what you think, because your opinion matters the most for me.
While you ponder on the topic, here’s some Instagrams with the obligatory food shots, of course!

Commentary from top to bottom, woohoo: 
1. My “working space”. Where I contemplate harakiri, while trying to remember, yet another, spaghetti-like Kanji…
2. Money can buy happiness, and by happiness I mean- Mass Effect memorabilia!!!! <3
3. My jars with sugar, spice and everything nice. Sadly, no chemical X. These are just the half of my collection, tummy loves it’s herbs!
4. Two new lipsticks I bought from a store selling home supplies…best 3 bucks ever spent!
5. Trying to be a productive member of society- homemade square pizza yo bitch!
6. New second hand find- aztec sweater dress by Laura Scott. Score!
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16 thoughts on “Instagram Dilemma”

  1. ААА, толкова искам бурканчета за подправки и аз 🙁 чудя се къде да намеря изгодни и стъклени, всичките ми подправки са неразбория в шкафа ми 🙁
    И Mass effect – супер! Най-сетне друга геймърка като мен 😀 Аз обаче обожавам Gears of war :3 Но Mass Effect има жестока графика!

    1. Хахаха, о даа, командир Шепърд в близък план, ммм! 😀 Тези бурканчета са от един бит пазар в Лом. (понеже съм родом от там). А иначе, знам че има и в IKEA, но не знам как са цените там.

  2. 3 неща:

    1. следвам те в Инстаграм
    2. искам да ти открадна сладката пухкава котка 😀
    3. официално блогът ти е първият в чисто новия ми блогрол :)))


  3. Your cat seems so smug~
    Would follow you on instagram : D [if I had one, maybe in the future]
    That pizza seems like something you'd encounter in a murder scene [don't mind me, I'm sure it tasted nice 😀 love ketchup]
    And wah, you're learning japanese! ganbatte kudasai Keit <3

    I'm pro this idea~
    Mainly because I'm fascinated by diary blogs, not just a fixed subject, but words and events.
    The commentaries you had one the side of your awesome outfits, was what made me sort of fond of your blog :'D

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