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Anyone who’s ever watched Stargate SG-1, knows that TV doesn’t get any better than this!  Now, this was a show with some quality masturbating material, (Daniel Jackson, Jack O’neil, Teal’c and even Ba’al) not those teen wolves and emo “Greys” that teenagers have been buying vibrators for. Female reasons aside, this was the only sci-fi show that made the whole sci-fi humdrum, a thing of the past. If you haven’t watched it please do! Spread the love! You just have to survive through the first 3-5 episodes, then it starts to get juicy!

Fashiony Blabber: 

Anyone who likes the cool watch, can get it (alongside with tons of pretty goodies) from Bornpretty and can use my code: KEITMC10 for a 10% discount, woohoo! 
As for the t-shirt, I used a t-shirt printing company, because I couldn’t find any decent Stargate merchandise, whyy, whyyy!? 🙁 

I bought these shoes from the stupid Mall…I really hate the Mall! I hate the lightning, I hate the shitty Starbucks, I hate the stupid mothers, pushing their huge strollers and standing in the middle of the store, I hate the brainwashing music and the smell of fast food, deep fried in a 2 years stagnated oil. I freakin hate the Mall! And now I hate the shoes, because they hurt like hell. How can a flat shoe make you want to cut off your legs? I even bought a bigger size, but noooup, they still hurt. But I paid good money for them, so I’m determined to wear them, till life slips away from me.

The oxblood, leather skirt was an awesome second hand find. I got it alongside with a green leather skirt, almost identical to this one, both for 5$, yay! So that’s about it for today, now off you go to watch Stargate! ^_^

Leather skirt- second hand, Teal’c t-shirt- custom made, Watch- Bornpretty, Camel chelsea boots- Stradivarius. 
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26 thoughts on “Indeed!”

  1. I love it! All of it! The colour combination is gorgeous and I have those colours all over my home and in my wardrobe. The booties look fantastic and I'm so sorry they hurt. Maybe you will break them in.

  2. looooool! that description for the mall is ON POINT, dude. There are two stores I like out of the entire mall and I haven't even been to them in a year and a half because I don't want to brave the mall crowd. Ah, online shopping is so much easier… and you can usually find codes for free shipping. Plus cooler stuff. 😀

    Your T-shirt is snazzeh! And I like them boots, too!

  3. Oh, my roommates in collage were obsessed with SG-1! My husband (then boyfriend) and I would sit in the back and make fun of them until we realized we secretly sort of liked it too and now when it's on tv we both casually pretend we didn't know where the remote was to turn the channel…ya. Your shirt is amazing!
    As for the shoes, sorry they hurt but I can see why you bought them-they're great!

  4. T-SHIRT PRINTING FOR THE WINNNNN!!!! I'd rather pay a bit more to do it rather than to buy $9.99 mediocre bullshit from stores. And MOTHERS at the Mall. 100% of the time I want to throw their kids at them. Thank god I am NEET now, so I can visit malls on weekdays and listen to my ipod as I shop so evil spirits can't psychoing me to buy garbage that I don't need.

  5. Полата е страхотно попадение! Трябва да споделиш от къде ги намираш 🙂 А обувките можеш да опиташ да им сложиш втори по-дебели стелки, за да станат по-мекички. Има и едни спрейчета за разширавяне и омекотяване, които може да помогнат 🙂


  6. hmm, how can those booties possibly hurt? sounds like a mystery! but I still like them and I think this mustard shade looks nice with burgundy. and your whole look is so lightweight and summery! I envy that! 😀 but when it comes to Stargate then yeah, I have watched it but it was so boring, oops 😛 The Walking Dead is pretty awesome though 😉

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  7. i'm so in love with that skirt, it has the perfect length and looks amazing with the shirt! xx

    beautiful garbage

  8. I have to say I hate the mall as well, almost for the same reasons, teh lighting, teh music the stores plays it is so top 40's, the fake "customer service " and don't even get me started on teh food court. AS for mom with strollers adn their wild kids I don't like them anywhere including the mall 😉

  9. Mall lighting is so terrible!! I can't believe it, especially in the dressing room. As for you, you look amaazingg! This outfit is too cool for school.

  10. Would love to spread the love by watching Stargate,
    but Inter Galactic Sci-Fi Series rarely, if ever, appealed to me =[
    Leaving that aside,

    You look great!
    And that watch is so unique!

    Phaha, I can so relate to Satan's Shoes!
    Recently bought these pair of really awesome yet adorable boots,
    they seemed comfy, wore them once, and even now my feet are still recovering from blisters ;_;

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