I’m Only Happy When It Rains

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Hello and bye!………..
Just kidding! I tried to make a dramatic entrance, but growing up with The Bold and The Beautiful episodes and seeing how my mother almost popped a vein over a fallen jar of jam on the carpet, my understanding of drama is, to put it mildly, distorted. Did my attempt work though? Did I scare you? I can hear your simultaneous “meh” right over here! Shame on you!

Before we dive into the professional fashion talk accompanied by
absolutely must have words like: “pretty, awesome, makes my butt look
cool, urban, chic…”
you know the ones, I want to apologize for being
afk for so long and leaving your blogs pile up in my “To Read” list. The
truth is I had a couple of rough days, which turned into weeks and I
didn’t feel like doing anything other than shielding myself from the
outside world Darth Vader style and eating pizza for a whole month.

was feeling like a vegan with zero survival skills who’s suddenly been thrown into the wild – confused and questioning my life choices….But as the weather is
turning into crap, and since I love crappy weather, I’ve slowly started picking up my shit, getting a
healthy doze of Hugh Jackman stalker material and actually eating fruit!
In other words, I’m back on my feet, figuratively speaking since I’ll
probably lie on the sofa the second I finish this post, I love my sofa
and blanky okay?
I will be returning to my scheduled blog reading too, so if you’ve missed my brilliant, absolutely revolutionary comments like: “I like your dress…so prettyyyeeeh *_*” then you’re in for a treat!

Now onto the fashion talk! Looky what I’ve got – coin purses with an adorable fiery and silver kitty, and this horrible abomination of a dog. Dog gives me the creeps….I do love the kitties though!

Choies sent me these coin purses as a surprise and boy
they were a surprise indeed! I didn’t know they would send me these, so I
didn’t check my mail box for weeks, since I like to leave my bills and
junk mail to feel cozy and warm, and to pile up nicely with a few spiderwebs for maximum comfort.
I finally cracked and decided to check my post box and saw the notice and went straight to the post office, thinking that some exotic prince must have sent me a letter asking money for a wedding and a castle in return. Or maybe I’d get one of those chain letters where you have to resend them a hundred times or your cat will die or whatever.
Thankfully I got cute coin purses instead, phew! I wasn’t too keen on these when I first saw them, but as time went by I grew more and more fond of them. Especially the kitties….not the dog…NOPE!
I love that they’re actually more like plush toys than purses and my favorite would be the orange kitty.

I’ll be using these for storing small crap I’m never able to find in my gigantic bags.
1. Lip balm
2. Compact mirror
3. A credit card which transforms into a knife! Didn’t expect that did ya? Did yaaaaa!!!!?

Ta da!!! Magic!!!

I also like that the purses have strings so I attached one to my belt and voila – knife and lip balm are easy to reach and looking fancy!

We’ve been having nothing but rain and cold lately and GAWD ALMIGHTY, this is what I’ve been waiting for whole year!!! I couldn’t wait to go outside and smirk hellishly at all the wet benches and muddy puddles, no more beach time you damn hipsters!!!!
The oldest trick in the book for dressing rain appropriate is a raincoat and rain boots, and since I’m an old pony, I decided to stick to the cliche and go for it full max power! I wore my yellow virgin raincoat you may remember from my monthly favorites post, an awesome dress I thrifted few days ago and topped it all off with these shiny rain boots mom bought me.

Ever since I watched Busbee’s video on wardrobe basics, I’ve been on the hunt for rain boots. Busbee is one of my favorite vloggers and as she says, it makes sense to include them in the must have category, since they’re uber cute with dresses and not to mention the water proof bonus! I looked for a cute knee high pair, but most of them were over 60$ and I’m not buying something that a fisherman probably found in the ocean, for 80$! So I gave mom a mission to find me some cheap rain boots and being the caring mom aka bargain machine she found me these flower beauties for 1BGN! Which according to Google is 0,58USD! I’ve lost hair strands more expensive than that! Sheesh!

I’m under the impression most people hate rain boots, it’s like the UGG phenomena, you either despise them or adore them. Do you guys like rain boots? Do you have a pair? What is your favorite outfit for crappy weather?

Yellow Rain Coat, Dress & Rain Boots – Second Hand, Kitty Coin Purse – c/o Choies
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19 thoughts on “I’m Only Happy When It Rains”

  1. Uggs are uggly i couldn't help I cracked the joke. I think it's because ugg culture here in the bay area was so tacky like people wore it with Juicy couture sweatsuits. Think of Paris Hilton and legit every girl dressed like that over here back then. lol.

    I like the dog one actually :(((((((((
    It's okay girl TREAT YO SELF TO PIZZA. pizza is love pizza is life and therapy. On the real, I haven't found a good pizza place yet :(((

  2. 1. I have one cheap pair of baby pink rain boots (or wellies?). I have nothing against them but for some reason I just don't wear them very often. they're actually pretty cute though. in Estonia many have this Hunter-wellies obsession by the way. oh and crappy weather means cold weather here so something warm is perfect for those days… or actually months, let's be honest.
    2. those coin purses. the brown kittie which is your favourite seems to be the scariest to be honest. like really scary because of its strange human-like eyes. like a person is staring through those eyes. I don't like the doggie's ears but otherwise he's cute. and the other kittie too, adorable.
    3. I love the dress you thrifted. that deep blue looks just perfect next to the yellow raincoat.
    ps. I was positively surprised when I saw your post in my Bloglovin feed today. I've been a bad blogger and blog reader already for so long but what can you do when life happens, right? so I haven't even noticed when someone has been away from their blog because I'm probably away anyway. I'm working on improving myself though! fingers crossed for that.

    Maiken – Part of me

  3. I'm one of those no-rainboots people myself. But then, I'm not really one to talk about ugly boots since I love Doc Martens to death. Combat/work boots all the way for this girl. It's raining as I type–we're literally in rainy season and it's rained every day for weeks. I love it, but it makes me sleepy–I'm always less energetic when it's cloudy and rainy all day. Love the color and pattern of that dress!

  4. Keity cat, you never fail to get me laughing like an absolute loon and how I've missed you dearly. I'm sorry to hear that you had a rough time and I really do hope that you are feeling a lot better. Life is indeed a box of chocolaty crap sometimes and I am sending you lots of imaginary hugs from over here. It's been raining a lot here too by the way but with bloody toxic haze thrown in the mix so I can't say I'm impressed with the weather except when I get to wear my only boots that don't get a lot of sunshine because it is a humid nation where bare feet rule. I cannot believe your mom got the happiest pair of boots for that price – what a bargain and they really are preeeeeteeeeehhhhh on you. The cat purses are cute, I've been eyeing them forever but that doggie one is a bit stern-looking so I can see why you like it less. hahaha. I've not worn a rain coat since forever though and for some reason, I'm feeling like I'm missing out. Am I thought? Heh. Can't wait for more of your bloggy pieces, please don't go away for too long!

  5. That royal blue velvet and slick yellow raincoat is a match made in Keit heaven! And the adorable purse and rainboots!
    I am a gumboot lover as long as they are cute…not the black rubber version. Love the patches to dress up the umbrella!
    Hope you feel more yourself soon. You know I totally get the pressure of life and blog commenting thing 😉 Hugs! Xo Jazzy Jack

  6. Those rain boots are the prettiest! I've been telling myself to get a rainboot, but I've been too lazy to go bargain hunting. You have a fab mom to do that for you. And a Fab look there too. Those cat coin purses are adorable. The bull dog one though. Love your dress too.

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