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 5 Signs Your Real Life Got More Important Than Internet

1. Your Facebook account sends you a message that you haven’t posted in weeks and it misses you.
2. You’re
outside with your friends at that fancy new restaurant, where rich
people are paying 20 bucks for a hamburger and you’re not photographing
your food.
3. You’re
enjoying a glass of red wine in your only set of sexy pj’s, reading a romance novel set in 1942 and you’re not instagramming it. 
4. You bought the most radical pair of 70’s flared jeans and not even gonna blog about it.
5. You just realized you haven’t opened your e-mail in 16 days.

Yup, consider this small list my way of saying real life got more important than my internet life…Hence, I haven’t posted in two weeks. That’s a first! And hopefully last! I’m not gonna bore you with the details, but I’m done with real life! There are too many mosquitoes and random strangers in cafes offering you healthier coffee choices, when you just want to drink your coffee as black as petroleum, munch on bacon and die of swollen heart. Soooooooooo…. what’s been going on with you precious gems? *insert flirty wink and awkward attempt to show interest*

Obviously been away for two weeks must have left you guys absolutely heart broken, don’t worry I’m not dead…..yet. And I’ve prepared a few outfits under my shirt, eeeeek, kinky! Since I’ve been absent for some time I’m posting TWO outfits today! YES, not ONE, but TWO! Try to restrain your enthusiasm please, we don’t want anyone dying from too much joy!

I have once again partnered up with Yoins, and if you are interested check out my previous review about them here. I was very pleased by our first collaboration, so I thought, heck, even if my wardrobe is already bursting at the seams with stuff I have nowhere to wear because I’m a lonely sociopath, why refuse another batch of pretty goodies? It’s like refusing another sandwich after the first two because you might throw up from overeating, you might means there is a slim chance that you won’t, so…. 

The first pieces I styled from Yoins are a gray bodycon skirt and this colorful cuff bracelet. I have a slight beef with these two items. The skirt is very slouchy, not at all the bodycon tight shape showing on the website’s photos, it falls loose on the body and looks kinda weird. Th cuff is made from a very rough material and it’s not very easy to wear, but for this price it’s fairly reasonable. Also, it was too big for my hand so I used some help from the super Wolverine boyfriend to make it tighter.

I’m trying to include more basic and daily pieces into my wardrobe, ones that I can wear to a funeral maybe? without feeling weird about my sequins reflecting light into someone’s coffin….so I splurged on this poncho last Sunday during an event in Sofia, where Bulgarian designers were gathered to sell their merchandise in a big marketplace. Snowflakes are a bit too cheerful for a funeral perhaps, but I can absolutely nail this for a job interview!
The poncho is from Vintage Summer and I don’t know if they ship outside Bulgaria, but do check these guys out, they have one of a kind quality pieces, the poncho is as soft as cat’s paws and it can be worn as a scarf or a simple cardigan as well!

Gray Bodycon Skirt – c/o Yoins, Colorful Cuff Bracelet – c/o Yoins, Snowflake Poncho – Vintage Summer, Bullet Necklace – Choies.

The other item I ordered from Yoins is this yellow leopard sweater which I am madly in love with right now. After seeing this street style shot on the Googly Google, a fluffy leopard print sweater has been on my radar for a while. Even though the skirt and bracelet from Yoins were a downer, I have to admit the sweater is lovely, the material is super thick, soft and cozy, and the color is a rich deep yellow, as if freshly dipped in mustard, yum!

thought I’d make the sweater the accent of my outfit and just added a
few extras for seasoning. The black cap is a new purchase from H&M
and I love how it looks with my hair curled up. For bottoms I wore a second hand
green leather skirt and for shoes – my Chelsea camel booties with men’s
socks on top. And duuuude, after seeing these photos I realize my shoes
need serious cleaning, but I’m toooooo laaazzzyyyyyyy! Most people say
that no matter how glamorous your outfit is, dirty shoes ruin it all,
but I say – no matter how dirty your shoes are, you can always eat pizza
instead of cleaning….

Overall I am split between feeling disappointed and rather happy about my new purchases from Yoins. The skirt and bracelet fail made me a bit sour, but the sweater is so lovely I am more inclined towards saying Yay, rather than Nay. Just keep in mind, you have to choose your items carefully. Maybe opt for something more “easy” as your first purchase and not a difficult material or design. Something that you can’t go wrong with. Or if you are feeling adventurous go for it to the max and order whatever catches your eye, the prices are quite affordable.
Have you guys ordered from Yoins before? What do you think of both outfits? Are you lusting over leopard prints as I am?

Yellow Leopard Print Sweater – c/o Yoins, Leather Skirt & Purse – Second Hand, Chelsea Camel Boots – Stradivarius, Cap – H&M, Red Sandalwood Watch – JORD
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23 thoughts on ““I’m Back!” – Totally Legit Quote By The Terminator”

  1. YAY YOU'RE BACK!!! Although I can fully appreciate a blog break, I am too OCD to take one. Also I'm self-important like that. I. LOVE. THE. SWEATER!!! And I have a hard time with basic pieces too because I love the unique ones too much. And just so you know, if you are ever attending my funeral, I will be requiring that everyone wear their sequins–no matter your gender.

  2. Oversized leopard print? What can go wrong? Maybe if the leopard was an actual oversized leopard, could be dangerous!
    The floppy skirt is cute, but maybe better just peeking out from a longer top? The bracelet is cool and irridescent. Can you glue some leather inside to soften it and fill it out a little…I know yur pain! Skinny-wrists-r-us 🙂 xo Jazzy Jack

  3. I suspect you do this disappearing act deliberately to get us all wound up wondering where the hell you are & what on earth you could be doing that's more important than us – your dedicated fanbase!!!
    I'm liking the grey skirt but I absolutely adore you in that hat grl! Especially as you've done a fantastic job of the messy wavey hair – 5* from me.

  4. WOOAHHHHHHHH I LOVE YOURRR HAAATTTTT I really want to steal it! I love your outfits so much omg. lol I actually was at h&m yesterday and wanted to buy a leopard print sweater. we're #TWINS legit. lol

    Imy but sometimes real life gets ya like it's hard maintaining an internet social life :(((. But seriously paying 20 dollars for a meal is like so standard here in SF it's why everyone is so broke.

  5. Welcome back! I died of joy and resurrected after going through this post of yours. How rare and delicious it is! Lusting for leopard? Are you kidding me? I'm attending Leopard Anonymous and have not made an impulse buy of this wild animal print for most the year, I think? Yoins sound likes Loins and that made me giggle. 😉 xx

    PS: Is real life in Bulgaria that exciting now? Come back, Keit! Hehe 😀 x

    Shanaz | Fashionista NOW

  6. I'm totally into leo print and I can't even express how much I love that leo sweater…Plus, on that last photo you really look like a supermodel….awesome outfit, from head to toe!!!!!! I did like the first look as well…that beanie is so adorable on you and that skirt is unique……I see why you might not like the skirt, it is certainly not bodycon…but perhaps you only need a smaller size? the cuff looks really cool, but rought material….I hate that. I require my jewerelly to be nice and soft….unless I make it myself, than I have no choice but to wear it:)

    My real life is tiresome at times, what I do for living requires much patience…. tutoring, writing academic papers for rich girls, translating….all this earning me next to nothing….so no wonder I espace it whenever I can. Virtual world is way more cool;)

    I missed you!!!!!!!!!!!! That being said, I do think a blog break is something we all need, at least from time to time.

  7. welcome back!! Funny i didn't even notice you were gone because i was too caught up with real life too. Great that you're done with it, haha.. I'm still stuck here in Manila trying to be a responsible adult, haha. Although i missed seeing your comments on my blog.

    on another note, i love both pieces from Yoins. basics are always a good investment, funny that you'd think about going to funeral wearing it though hahaha (what would have thought about that but your weirdly, insanely cool mind haha). but seriously, that skirt suits you. but what doesnt? you can pull off pretty much everything!

    anyway, hope to see more posts now that you're back!

    xo, Carla

  8. I'm back too!! 🙂 I had to come check out your blog and see what you've been up to. Glad I'm not the only one who's real life took over ;p
    Love your hat, btw!


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