If you were a boy, would you be a looser?

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Sorry for not commenting on your blogs these days guys, but we had Easter here. Not that I celebrated it or anything, I was just too busy drinking beer and being lazy “Holiday style”.
I have a crush on this girl, which I’ve seen 3 or 4 times around my block. She looks like a heavy metal Elf with natural blonde hair, posture that would enslave worlds and hardcore boots, with which to stomp on your unworthy heart.

And I don’t know why, but we had this weird conversation with boyfriend, of who would be more successful in hitting on her (not hit her with a rock, but flirt). My strongest argument was that because I’m a woman I would know what she wants and I would lure her in with my inexplicable charm and black sense of humor. And boyfriend kept telling me that no woman would ever want to sleep with me, and if I was a man I would die a virgin…

And it got me thinking, that actually he’s right (yeah, for once a woman in the argument is wrong). 
If I was a man, I would be one of those guys who jerk off on soap commercials, watch boring football games just to make my testosterone levels higher than the average low, talk trash about all the women population in front of his friends, but secretly cry in his pillow at night dreaming of the one girl who would love his pathetic essence.
I realised this long before arguing with bf, back when I played Mass Effect. I played a dude, whos’s main purpose in life was to be nice as a daisy and bring world peace. But as soon as I started dating chicks, and they started spitting on my face (figuratively speaking), I immediately transformed into an asshole.
I kept sleeping with whoever I saw and behaved like a dick, just to make the object of my love, who rejected me, feel sad. How evil can you get!

I see men from a whole new perspective now. It fucking hurts to be rejected so harshly by a pretty girl. It feels like plucking your heart out with a spork and shoving it in your ass. Painful!

Fashiony part: That leather jacket, clutch (Bianco Gear) and denim top were another second hand purchases. I don’t know why but the jacket looks so glossy and shitty in the photos, maybe I should try ironing my clothes, before taking everything dry from the hanger and putting it right away….Well..you learn while you live.
Shoes- H&M, Jeans- New Yorker.

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25 thoughts on “If you were a boy, would you be a looser?”

  1. Ugh, I think both genders can have it rough in different aspects, but sometimes it is a little worse of dudes. They're infantile now in social media except they're also expected to be amazing manly men who make millions of dollars while macking it with every chick in sight until they get caught. (Domestic violence also sucks for them since they get zero support and there are some EVIL chicks out there.) But…..yeah, it's just not really good for either gender. 😛
    (I would be a terrible guy, I'd die alone for sure.)

    Heavy metal elf chick? Man, that is like the coolest way ever to be described but I'm sure that you're always described in an equally cool way, " that chick with the amazing eyes, awesome boots and the best growing out pixie cut EVER." (Well, I'm not a genius with words like you, but I am jealous of how amazing your hair is during the grow out period. It's SO PRETTY and you do have crazy gorgeous eyes.)
    And hey, thank you! I always enjoy your posts and hearing your thoughts because you are so to the point, you don't seem to feel the need to bullshit about stuff and you say what's really on your mind. (So I think you'd actually be a pretty awesome dude and you do have just the most evil, best sense of humor. I love evil humor.)

  2. Haha, I love that you described that chick as heavy metal elf chick… Mainly because it totally brings up an image in my mind much better than any other description probably could. I don't even wanna think of what I'd be like as a man, except that I'd have an enormous beard.

    Those shoes are killer. They look like space alien shoes and I love em.

  3. I think your boyfriend was perhaps a wee bit jealous at the thought of you with another woman? Either way, you're gorgeous and I highly doubt you'd be women-repellent if a man. Besides, there's somebody for everyone…right?

    A side note, what camera & lens do you use? The quality of your photos is really fantastic!


  4. haha really interesting thoughts!
    and (i've said it before but some things you just can't say too often) you're freakin gorgeous and i really LOVE your style! those boots and jeans are amazing! xx


  5. Нямаше да си загубеняк ако беше момче, Кейт 😛 Бях видяла тези обувки в магазина преди време и си казах "Интересни са, но нямам идея с какво бих ги носила.." Но ти винаги успяваш да съчетаеш нещата добре.

  6. I think my bf would argue differently. He moves on pretty fast and he's one that say "if you never try, you'll never know". So if he gets rejected, he'll move on to another chic. LOL! Wtf right? But I guess everyone is different which includes guys and girls.
    On the fashion part, that boots rock! You carried it off so well! =D

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