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This photo shoot was a big oxgynegy breath of fresh air, because the photos were NOT taken by boyfriend. Now, don’t get me wrong, he’s a great photographer, but every time we take photos I have to herd him like a deranged sheep to different “photo worthy” locations. And after the third herding, he’s sick of it all. I already feel bad for him, for taking all the fluffy blankets and having to deal with an inadequate girlfriend for so long, so this break from photo shoots has been great!

And taking the tripod is a big No No. Bulgaria is barely safe enough for taking a camera, not to mention placing a tripod in a deserted area and walking far away from it…Nouuuupe!

Who takes your pictures ladies? Is it a friend? A boyfriend? A potential boyfriend (wink, wink)

Back to the fashiony part: You know, if cold could be a person, it would be that crazy, clingy girlfriend, no man has the strength and willpower to get rid of. She would be on a constant cheek-biting, foggy, rainy rampage about how you don’t love her enough, because you’ve been playing Guild Wars for 5 hours straight. Before you know it, she would settle into your apartment with all her tampons, toothbrushes, emotional baggage and Justing Timberlake posters, to ruin your humble, happy life, forever!
I managed to capture the last rays of sunshine, before the hellish fog and 2 degrees crispy PMS cold, glided majestically into Earth and decided to nest there forever, bringing it’s box of crap with it. So I decided to dress up with something that is LAST SUNNY DAY appropriate, and this knit skirt was the best choice. I paired it with a cropped top from Nowistyle, and my favorite bracelet from Mood & Closet.

Cropped top- Nowistyle, Skirt- SLY, Bracelet- Mood & Closet.

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24 thoughts on “If “cold” could be a person + Nowistyle cropped top”

  1. Wuut – is it THAT good weather over there? I love your skirt! My hubby usually takes my pics, sometimes my buds do.
    And if cold was a person, methinks he / she would be a crappy politician.. not gonna mention names. 😀

  2. Ааа, новата ти коса е страхотна! Много си хубава на снимките <3 Какво е това безкрайно лято, толкова е слънчево при теб…

  3. my favourite is the last photo. is this Carlsberg? at least it looks like it 😛 anyway, those photos are pretty awesome and I looove your patterned skirt. and how it goes with the blue bracelet. oh and usually my fiance takes my photos. sometimes he wants to do it, sometimes he pretty much hates it. men… 😀

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  4. Uuwahahwhaa, dangerous tripod photos! Yeah, don't wanna get robbed. My mom takes my outfit pictures with a tripod and I am forever thankful. My self-timer pictures turn out a little topsy-turvy and not as awesome. But I can manage if I am desperate

    I looove skirt, wowow. The texture and print are FAB!

  5. I totally feel for your boy, mine has same problems with me xD You look lovely as ever, pics are very good!

    I have two questions for you tho: first, is your stylishplus package sent? Cause mine has been delayed for like, two and a half months now, and I am becoming suspicious of will I ever get to see it… And second, would you like to exchange blogroll links? Let me know doll 🙂

    Check out my latest posts on Venoma's fashion diary 🙂
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    1. Actually, mine is being delayed for almost three months now. I received a letter from them (which gmail redirected to my spam box) that they have experienced a big storm near their office and for that reason every package has been delayed big time. Also, they had to move their office to a different location. I don't think we will see our packages soon 😀

    2. I got the same e-mail stating that packages might be late with shipping 3-5 days because of that thing with storm. And that was quite a while ago xD Tnx anyway doll :*

  6. You're a brunette again! I loved your pink hair, but I think you look even more fabulous with your natural shade. And as for photos, I sympathise – my husband takes mine and he's very good at it, but we rarely see eye to eye on where/when/how to take photos… or anything related to them, really 😉

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