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I’m not good with children. Especially those 1-2 year olds, who resemble rolling potatoes, talking baby things you don’t understand and looking at you expecting something, you don’ know what. 
So whenever someone decides (for whatever the hell reason) to let their kid for a few moments with me, I have no idea what to do with it. It’s all good when mommy is around, but as soon as I’m alone with this sack of potatoes, I keep thinking I’ll get it killed somehow. 
I keep thinking that if a lift her up, her neck is going to break, if she runs too fast she’s going to fall face flat on the ground and break her skull, if she eats something she’ll choke and suffocate. Babies are dumb you know, you have to watch them constantly so they don’t die. 
So, whenever I’m alone with a burrito-like child, it keeps looking at me with this huge button eyes, probably thinking the lady in front of it is the most boring person in the world. And I’m just staring at it, thinking of the worst case scenario and how to prevent it.

Fashiony part: It’s great to be able to whore around and feel the sun warming your butt (and not the razor blade of cold doom cutting through your skin). Can’t think of a better way to describe the first joyful  days of Spring!

Dress-nowistyle, oversize cap- random store, studded jacket- DIY, boots- New Yorker, bag-nowistyle.

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33 thoughts on “I don’t like kids”

  1. Heh, I was the oldest of six kids so I'm pretty use to little monsters. Ugh and we were monsters, when we were about four we decided our neighbors truck was ugly and needed to be painted so we got into a bunch or really expensive boat paint and paint his black truck all different sorts of colors. And then we got in the truck and manage to shift it into neutral and drove it half way down the alley. We were really lucky that his kids were in on the deal as well or we really would not have been able to sit down for a month. So yeah, kids are monsters, I'm surprised I haven't gotten karma back for that stuff, my guys just make very elaborate traps and then conspire with the pony to cash the four-wheeler. (Which they did last month, that pony is worse than a kid, he gets into so much trouble!)

    Fashion wise, I just want to steal your entire collection of boots! You have the cutest evil pageboy look going on with that hat and your spiky denim jacket

    Heeeh, I think you could fit a burrito kid into that bag!

  2. I'm not a fan of babies either and I just don't find them cute or adorable like almost everybody else does. that's why I think I should adopt one day. I just honestly can't imagine myself with a newborn.
    anyway, when it comes to your outfit I especially dig the dress. such a cool pattern and great bright shades.

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  3. You sure made me laugh, I'm not that terrified of being around children, but I gotta admit I'm not a fan of baby watching, either.That aside, I love your outfit and I need tights like yours!

  4. Haha, I agree, kids can be pretty awful. Some of them are cute, but so many are not well behaved. Like, when I'm an art teacher, whenever the hell that will happen, I don't want to teach a bunch of little kids. I want the university kids! Much more easy to relate to, I think. And less messy (well, not always the case, but maybe).

    I adore your dress so so much, Keit. I wish I could steal it right off you!

  5. Hahaha…"rolling potatoes." Sounds about right. 😉 I dunno. I'm not really a kid person myself. I always feel weird around them. I taught English on the side when I was an exchange student in Japan. I have to say, the kids I taught (kindergarten age) were soooo adorable. Somehow, I was able to put aside my awkward feelings in that scenario. I missed them very much when my exchange program ended. *Sigh* The idea of having a huge belly laden with child makes me want to throw up in my mouth. Yick. So, I know I'm not ready. Haha. I think I could adopt, one day, though… So many kids out there need loving homes. I'd rather rescue one (or two) of them, instead.

    By the way, I always love that jacket. You really did a great job on it! <3

    – Anna


  6. I love all the cool details in this outfit- the spikes on the jacket, the laces on your boots, the line on your tights-it's all magical and wonderful! I really love your dress too, it's so full of personality. I actually really love babies. For me they are so much easier to watch then the school age kids I'm dealing with now because you can just pick them up and carry them around if they are doing something wrong. You can't pick up a ten year old when they're being naughty, haha. I wish I could sometimes!!

  7. Ахахах оправяш ми настроението всеки път като ти чета постовете, честно!
    Хич не обичам деца, особено ако ме оставят с тях. Ама струва ми се, че хлапетата някакси го усещат и също не се въртят много около мен xD

  8. Hi! I found your blog in Chicisimo! 🙂 I also have a fashion blog and I was wondering if I could use one of your pictures there! I have readers from all over the world and I would like to upload at least one pic of a stylish girl of each country that reads me, and your style rocks!!! Here is the link, I really hope you say yes. http://dhariascloset.blogspot.com

  9. great outfit!!! Love your tights!!!
    and I didn't like kids either, and then I got two nephews and now I'm one of those who talks all the time how my little nephew did this and that and he is the cutest etc… disgusting. but i can't hel myself… he really is the cutest, and the other day he… OK. as you can see this is going wrong.

  10. Hi Keit^^
    I´m not that keen on little babies or kids, too scared of them, fragile little things…
    I discovered you on Chicisimo, you have a very cool style^^ cooler than cool! nice hair 🙂 following!
    If you are interested, I have a shoe giveaway on my blog!

  11. I don't like kids that much too. They're cute and all. I like it if they're just babies coz they can't really do much of anything. They're worst when they start walking. That's when you really need to keep an eye on them. It wont be long before they become capable of evil. Our landlady's 3-year old son had this habit of throwing stuff at anyone. Then one day he got hold of some kitchen knives and I tell ya, it was one scary episode.

    I absolutely love your dress! and those boots. can I have them? I'm sure you have lots of boots to spare.


  12. Hahaha! I'm not a kid person either! I'm really bad at talking with children! "my dad buys me an ice cream today!!" "Hh.. Well, good for you I suppose?". Seriously what kind of conversation is that??

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