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Hello everybody! Since the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so…oops, wrong song…I don’t have a fire, I have an air conditioner, not that romantic huh? So yeah, as I was saying, since the weather outside is progressively turning into a snow blizzard I decided to start a new series on the blog called “How to Wear…./ 5 Ways”. Which is basically me, trying to figure out 5 ways of styling one particular piece for everyday use and taking photos in my cozy, warm home.
I really hope you find this interesting, because I’m not freezing my ass on the streets, unless someone lures me outside with meat or a Hugh Jackman, or the meat of Hugh Jackman…Oh Gawd, pretend I didn’t write that!
Okay, so, without further ado, down to business!

Let’s pretend for a moment that I have real life friends and that I frequently engage in various conversations with them, (instead of the reality, where I write in our guild chat in Guild Wars 2 and people simulate interest). Let’s pretend the conversation with my so called friends tilted to the direction of animal print fashion and how much they hate it. And indeed, I can perfectly see where they’re coming from. For many years, animal prints have been popularized by a certain non intelligent beings in our country and I suppose other countries in Europe as well. Animal prints, especially leopard, are frowned upon, considered tacky and tasteless.

I was on the same wagon few months ago. I hated fur, leopard and everything that was slightly fuzzy. I loved how it looked on gorgeous slim models, walking down the New York streets, but I was sceptical of how I – a self proclaimed drunk potato – would look like in the same clothes. Until one day, I woke up in the morning and thought “I LOVE FUCKING LEOPARD!” And then I thought “I LOVE FUR TOO!”. And then I bought from an online store some cheap, lovely looking, knee high leopard booties. My boyfriend exclaimed “What the hell is this ugly thing?”, but we all know I dress to impress my cats, and they all seemed to like it so, STFU boyfriend!
So here are my 5 ways of styling my new leopard booties!

Play It Safe
One of my everyday favorites is the simplest – a short sleeved sweater, high waist jeans and jewelry for flavor. The high waist gives a nice boost and keeps the proportions in check, while the short sleeves of the sweater allow a laid back and casual feel. You can layer the sweater with whatever you want, I was too lazy to do that.

High waist jeans – Asos, Leopard Boots – Zoe, Sweater – second hand, Necklace – Yoins

Earth Tones

The first thing that comes to mind when I hear “leopard” is the color black. But black is the only color I hate. Instead, I chose the alternative – rich earth colors: rust, chocolate brown, cream, bronze and gold. I wore a thrifted leather H&M skirt, with a thrifted loose sweater and the reddish brown clutch. This is one of those combinations that are extremely easy to pull off, the earth tones minimize the leopard effect and everything falls into place naturally, without being too much.

Clutch, Skirt & Sweater – Second Hand
Pinkinify ^_^
I’m all for experimenting and pink + leopard has always been my favorite color mixture. Of course, it all depends on the color of the leopard, the pattern and the shade of pink. I think a soft rose-pink chunky knit would contribute greatly to an equally soft shade of yellow leopard. And while we’re still experimenting, why not throw in a festive beanie and a lavender backpack! 

Oversize sweater – H&M (second hand), Scarf – H&M, Festive Beanie – Second Hand, Lavender Backpack – Choies.


As long as you’re not too wasteful on the textures…maaaan, do whatever the hell you want, see if I care! Fashion rules are for sissies! 
This is the outfit I wear, every time I sum up the courage to go outside. While the coat isn’t that warm, a soft aztec blanket scarf does magic. For a playful effect I added a beanie I bought from a random men’s department few years ago.

Coat & Scarf – Nowistyle 

Vintage Lace

My fondness for combining delicate and rough items is endless. I love playing with feminine dresses and making them more bad ass and unconventional. I didn’t even knew if this would look good, until I actually put it on. Sometimes imagination isn’t enough, you have to actually dress up and move your lazy ass in front of the mirror, to see the end result.
I wanted to create an effortless urban appearance, so I left the dress flow freely, without accenting on the waist with a belt. For finish I added a long slouchy navy cardigan and tied the hair into a messy bun. Perhaps too messy? 

Navy cardigan – Nowistyle, Lace Dress – Frontroshop, Vintage bag – second hand.

Phew! Finally it’s over! I would really appreciate it if you guys comment on this post and let me know if you have any recommendations on these new series of the blog! Maybe there’s too much photos? Too much text? Too less text? I don’t know, give me a beep in the comment section!
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15 thoughts on “How to Wear Knee High Leopard Boots / 5 Ways”

  1. You crazy girl, jumping right into the most difficult boots ever (on my opinion at least!) ^^
    I really love this post! It's really handy to see the full outfits in small photos at the beginning, and see them in a 'stalker' format after. The earth tone is my favorite combinaison, almost smoothing the chosen piece. These cats must have been really impressed, that's a performance!
    ps: I was wondering about the lavender backpack from Choices: did you pay a tax to make it pass the frontier? They write something like if we ask them to send through hingkong Post, there shouldn't be any hidden fees.. but I'm not sure. And I got a bad surprise on such taxes this month, so if you remember something, I'll take ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Have a good day!

  2. Hahaha.. I love your obsession with Hugh Jackman. I really hope that one day you end up meeting him by chance. I hear he's a super, super nice dude. ๐Ÿ˜› Killer boots, man. KILLER! Those boots would catch my eye at a store, but I would be waaaay too chicken to try to wear them. Thankfully, I can enjoy them vicariously through you! ๐Ÿ˜€ Play It Safe, Pinkify and Textures are my top three favorites, but Textures is the one I like the most of the three. Totally, totally perfect!

    – Anna

  3. I love them all! From the subtly of the earth tones to the crazy but delicate lacey one. They are all perfect in their own way…even the lavender backpack, which I would never have thought of. But the one I feel, and would luxuriate in is the last one with the snuggly cardy. Ahh, cosy and cute…perfection! xo JJ

  4. Ahhhhahahaha, you better not visit my blog then, because my closet has turned into a boring collage of black, white, and more black…sigh.
    That Pinkinify look though makes me want to add a heaping dash of pinkness to my boring closet *_*
    Love how you made knee high leopard boots work for so many looks! I LOVE THEM ALL!
    Also, super glad my blog's popping up in your feed again ^^

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  5. I totally love how you styled TEXTURE!! Layering can be so cool but it would definitely be a pain when going into a hot restaurant or mall. LOL!
    Although I still don't favor animal prints but I love FUR!! Fur everything! Faux fur is the best! =D

  6. Hey there! I loved the post and photos! I think you could make it easier on yourself and just write a summarizing description instead, either on, or under the pic. Like for the last one, I would just write "combine them with lace add femininity" or "mix fem and edgy to create a more easy look"…something like that. Looks awesome though! BTW….I've never done photos inside but now that we have snow…grrrr….and I have all these shots to take for the shop, I'm thinking about doing it. yours look perfect, which is giving me hope…any tips you could give me?….oh and btw..that FB link is now working, thanks for telling me ')
    Sheree xxx

  7. Thank you so much for this post!! I have my eye on a pair of knee high leopard boots from Boden & was worried about looking like a lady of the night in them :-/ Your post has convinced me that they can look classy and sophisticated! X

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