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Finally I was able to coherently make my “How to Wear” post with the faux fur vest. This was supposed to go up sooner, but I had the nicest New Year vacation ever…This statement was pure irony if you hadn’t noticed! If you follow my Instagram you’d know I fell sick through the whole new year holiday. First I got the cutest most adorable food poisoning and basically spent my days hugging a bucket, then I caught a flu and the rest is history! But now I’m back among the living and made myself look pretty just for you! I did it aaaaaall for you! *insert creepy love struck stare* 
A Hint Of Granny
This outfit turned out a little more grannyesque than I would have hoped for. I was aiming for boho, but I ended up with grandma. Maybe it’s the knitted sweater, either way I still like it. I have a huge appetite for red and pink mixes and if you’d like to spice this up, you can remove the sweater and use a simple top with a fedora hat. Sassy! 
Raspberry sweater – Mango, Chelsea Boots – Stradivarius, Skirt – Second hand

Keeping Warm with Leather
Wedge Sneakers – River Island, Sweater – Second Hand, Biker Jacket – Choies

I love to wear leather during Winter, but my skinny spider-like limbs can’t take the cold. Well, guess what, fur keeps you warmer!!! Shocking! For this outfit I kept the bare minimum, but you can always put a huge scarf and powerful mittens! 

The Blogger

I call this the blogger, because it’s unpractical, but pretty, just like us bloggers love to dress! Raise your hand if you saw a blogger wearing a coat with bare legs during Winter! 
This can go great with a cardigan or a sweater over the dress, but I wanted to keep it playful and more spirited, so I kept the hands bare. For a bold finish I added my quarz necklace and leather bracelet.

Dress – Nowistyle, Bracelet – Choies

The OVERly Enthusiastic

Eyelash Jumper – Select (mine is second hand, but similar here), Denim Overalls – Choies (similar here)

For the styling here I played around with textures and used my fluffy sweater for the top and denim overalls for bottoms. People usually shy away from overalls, but they’re super versatile. And I always thought fur and denim do magic together!


Oversize white shirt – Yoins, Distressed Jeans – Choies. Booties – Second Hand

This is something I imagine wearing while walking around the busy New York streets. The oversize shirt with the distressed jeans make for a perfect balance between casual and elegant. And the fuzzy socks – boots combo makes it laid back, but with an edge. 
 So what do you guys think? How would you style a faux fur vest? 
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14 thoughts on “How To Wear a Faux Fur Vest”

  1. My thoughts in reverse: Oo cold knees, love those fuzzy socks with those cute boots, I wish I could wear heels, has she tucked the shirt into the back, is that what a New York look is, cute putting fuzzy with furry, wish I could find some overalls, love the OVERly enthusiastic title, that quartz necklace and leather cuff are so gorgeous and tough looking, The blogger…funny, what's that thing on her head, oh it's a beanie, I love the matching burgundy leather and hat, look how the zip pulls are highlighted on the fur, Keit even looks cute in "grandma" looks! So glad you are better from your cute flu and food poisoning! Yuck!
    We are having a hot week, over 30 degrees every day. Not sure I need fur right now 🙂 But I'll keep your styling tips in mind for our Winter. Xo Jazzy Jack

  2. Welcome back to the living Keit! Yikes, what a horrid way to ring in the New Year… :/
    But hey, you do look super pretty as usual, so there's that 😛
    I had to laugh at what you said about the Blogger look (which I LOVE), because it's ridiculously true. Ah man, the things I've worn simply for an OOTD post…sigh.
    Your Urban spin with the vest is probably my favorite though! I happen to have a furry vest buried in my closet, and I reaaaaally want to replicate a couple of these looks…I'll have to credit you if any appear on my blog! ;D

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  3. I feel like I was that blogger who showed my bare legs with a giant coat dammit LOL! I love the name because omg yeah bloggers don't dress weatherly appropriate! ahha I love how you made this post because I just bought a fur vest. twinsies right there

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