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If you’ve ever seen me dancing, you’d know I’m the opposite of a ballerina. My dance moves include: “The Window Cleaning” where I just spread my hands in the air and move them up and down, “The Spring” which consists of me just jumping and “The Can’t be bothered” where I lean over a wall, shaking my head out of rhythm and ferociously sipping an alcoholic drink from a straw, aka an emergency induction port as Tali likes to call them!  
Since I never had a dream of being a ballerina either, I didn’t have to update my dance moves, but I did have to update my closet, because I love a good voluminous ballerina skirt! I promised you guys Five Ways To Wear a ballerina skirt, so here you are! Hope you find this useful, I spent a good 3 hours taking these photos!
Cardigan With a Twist
A great way to transform a simple cardigan top is to wear it backwards and adding a little extra by buttoning just the first button and exposing the back. The shape can be slouchy or fitted, but I chose a more tighter cardi that molded nicely the upper body and merged with the volume of the skirt to create a proportionate frame. 

I would have styled this outfit with pumps and socks, since I’m loving the heels + socks trend lately, but I don’t have any pumps…They hurt and make me walk weird 🙁 So for dramatic effect, I mixed in my purple lace boots. 

Ballerina Skirt – Eddel, Cardigan – Topshop

The Punk Queen

One of the classic ways to wear a ballerina skirt is with a leather moto jacket for contrast. The mix of hardcore and feminine can be subtle or more in your face if you add sneakers, beanie or hefty combat boots.

My interpretation of the punk chick is slightly more monochromatic with a red leather jacket and to keep this outfit from being too dressy I added a green beanie for an easy going vibe.

Leather Jacket – Choies, Cuff Bracelet – Choies, Quartz Necklace – DIY

Sequins? Yes! Too much? NOOOO!

As you know I’m a sucker for sequins, I’ve mentioned it so many times I am positive my tombstone would be decorated with the words “Keit – meat lover and sequin worshiper”. So yes, I’ll most definitely style sequins with the ballerina skirt! 

I don’t think sequins are that tacky or inappropriate for daily use, but if you have reservations, you can wear a button down or a t-shirt combined with a sequin cardigan, bolero or even a simple outwear with just a few sparkles here and there. A dash of gleam next to a ballerina skirt creates a gorgeous posh ensemble. 

White Button Down Shirt – Yoins, Sequin Bolero – H&M, Boots – Second Hand

Cozy Knits

Warm knitted sweaters are perfect for toning down the ballerina skirt and making it more relaxed for daily use. Keep the shape of the sweater cropped to avoid formless bulkiness and accessorize with a button down, head pieces, jewelry.

I took this kitten photo especially for my lovely blogger friend Maiken from Part of Me, since she said she’d like to see more cat action on the blog.
It looks like I’m happy here, but I’m actually pissed off, because kitten wouldn’t cooperate for the photo shoot and just kept squirming like a pretentious supermodel! If you look really closely you can see hate burning into my eyes!
Camel Boots – Choies, Flower Headband – Choies, Sweater – Second Hand

Graphic T-shirt 

If you are looking for a way to make the ballerina skirt less demanding, pair it with a simple graphic t-shirt with sneakers, flats, ankle boots, biker boots almost any kind of shoe will work. 

Since we’re aiming for a carefree outfit, you can wear a casual t-shirt only and spice things up by choosing a t-shirt with contrasting color and a funny or interesting print. 

If you want to dress the ballerina skirt up a notch add a denim vest with quirky prints or a subtle detail that makes it all the more interesting. 

T-shirt – SnapMade, Denim Vest – Little Raisin
So these are five ways to wear a ballerina skirt! Let me know if you like them and do you have any ideas and tips on how to wear a ballerina skirt? 
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18 thoughts on “How To Wear A Ballerina Skirt”

  1. aww, Keit, this seriously made my day and I wanted to squeal but luckily remembered I was at work. so I just squealed without any noise 🙂 I just love that photo of you and the kitten and even though today hasn't been exactly amazing it really gave me an energy boost! by the way, when you mentioned hate in your eyes I would rather say the cat is full of hate because of this photoshoot 😀 but do "torture" them cats in more posts because the outcome is seriously awesome!
    now, those ballerina skirt outfits. I think each and every look has something I love about it. they're all very well put together and I can see why it took 3 hours to create this outcome. yeah, I just browsed them one more time and they're still all too great to pick one or two favourites. and I couldn't think of any better ways to style this skirt because pretty much all has been done already. okay, I'm going to stop now 😀 (ps. I left a little reply for your comment under my last post)

    Maiken – Part of me

  2. Awesome post! Love this section on your bloggy. I'll say again. wonderful skirt! As always. cool suggestions from you,
    The Punk Queen and Cozy Knits are my fave 😀

  3. Awesome shoot!

    I, too, have a tutu but it's only two layers and doesn't have as much dramatic sweep as yours. Anyway, I wear it with nondescript gray tees and doc martens mary janes, or sometimes with a black turtleneck and delicate ballerinas, and sometimes I trash it up with fishnets and converse shoes and a ratty tank top.

  4. Well, I am obviously missing a very versatile staple in my closet now…I need to invest in a ballerina skirt! *_*
    Haha, yessss to the Punk Queen look, I love that one the most! It's probably because I have a serious infatuation with leather jackets too…
    Bahaha, and oh my word, that cat really does look like it's going to kill someone xD Love that you got that photo though! MORE CAT PHOTOS, YESSSSS

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  5. I haven't worn my tulle skirt in ages, which is weird since I love the impractical. I now feel even more dumb for not thinking about wearing a cardigan backwards!

  6. Oh gosh, I'm always amazed how you put together your outfits! I'd probably have one or maybe two ideas how I'd style this great skirt! 😀 You look especially cool in the last combo! 🙂

    XX, Sara.

  7. Seriously impressive styling here. I looove the little hamster/guineapig on the denim vest!
    Your (high heeled!) boots lend just the right amount of grunge to the super sweet skirt. I love the burgundy colour BTW.
    All the looks are gorgeous and I would wear them in a heart beat. They all have Keit written all over them 🙂
    I think my favs are Punk Queen and Gaphic T.
    Thanks for spending so long getting gorgeous eye candy for us! xo JJ

  8. Punk Queen ми е любимата комбинация! Този пост ми напомни колко обичам балеринските поли, позабравени от мен през зимата. За щастие иде пролет (или не? 😀 )

  9. So awesome, I can't decide which outfit is my favorite! Maybe the punk one…and I love the idea of wearing a cardigan backwards, I never thought of that before.
    Coincidentally, my sister is sewing herself a tutu right now 😛

  10. Your red leather jacket is amazing–I I've always wanted a red leather jacket in just that sort of style–I never got around to buying one and now I live in the tropics…not the worst problem to have…

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