How to Survive a Congenital Laziness + Plaid skirt and plaid sweater

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This is basically my whole weekend, summarized into one photo. 

It’s important to mention that me and dah boyfriend, are complete slobs. We cherish our snailish existence more than anything in this forsaken world, so cooking during leisure time, is a no no! Gawd no! If apocalyptic times hung upon us, and we’d have to hunt for our food, I would be the first to kick the bucket. But it’s okay, because nature sucks that way sometimes, survival of the fittest bitch!

Fashiony part: Yes, the weather has been this warm, here in Bulgaria. Envy me, you pathetic mortals!!! 
I’m 90% sure, this winter warmness will go up our butts as soon as it gets the chance. I think Summer would be that particular chance, since we don’t have any snow or rain, water rationing here we come! 

Bought this sweater from a second hand shop near our home and it was a size L. My knowledge of operating electrical machines comes down to one thing: “you press the button from a save distance and wait”. That’s exactly what I did, when washing the sweater, so now it’s a size S. I guess you can call it a win-win? 

Bet you’re sick from seeing this bag, but wait until you check out my next outfit…it has…the same…bag…in…it…!

Sweater- Second hand, Skirt- Nowistyle

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21 thoughts on “How to Survive a Congenital Laziness + Plaid skirt and plaid sweater”

  1. You look very nice!:)) Love your skirt:)
    Oh I used to hate cooking, but after moved to my bf I started cook and now I love do it. When I see his smile on his face and hear "It was delicious" I have more power to learn different dishes:)
    Are you from Bulgaria?
    Sparkle's World

  2. I can relate to your slobbiness and pizzas! We are really similar creatures and not only on weekends. And that is fun 🙂
    Haha, a clever trick with the sweater. I washed one of my cardigans and it went into s kids size or something. Not that great :[. You look lovely as always 🙂
    xxx, L

  3. Oh gosh, my husband could eat pizza every meal of his life, I'm sure he'd be drooling over that first photo, haha. Hopefully if there were an apocalypse there would be plenty of frozen pizza to go around?
    What a perfect fit on the skirt! I've thought about trying to shrink some of my things too, but am terrified of the results. The proportion (not to mention pockets!) of this skirt are ah-mazing. I love the contrasting patterns of your sweater and skirt too-your ensembles are always interesting and unique!

  4. haha, that story about your sweater is hilarious! 😀 kind of brilliant too, of course. and nope, I'm not sick of your burgundy bag 🙂 but wow, didn't all that pizza make you sick eventually? though yeah, I must admit the one with salami looks pretty darn divine right now.

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  5. They probably keep tubs of pizza in secret underground facilities, so I think you'd survive. We could team up–you could shoot down the enemies and I would cook us food from nature 😀 😀 We would still probably not survive, but 'ey!

    Ooh man, that's nice about your sweater! Glad it still fits ya. And I will never get sick of your bag!

  6. can i please have your closet? you have THE most amazing pieced! i can't with that skirt, and it looks so amazing with the electric blue sweater. and haha i CONSTANTLY say how i'd be the first to go if zombies came. i have zero survival skills, i'd just hide in a tree the whole time.

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  7. My knowledge of operating electrical appliances is about the same as yours – I can't be trusted in the kitchen and I doubt I'd be as successful as you were at deliberately shrinking a sweater. So I'm envious of your abilites. And your sweater. Because now that it fits it's truly fabulous.

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