How to style the Pixie haircut

One thing I’ve learned about the Pixie is that it’s a constant pain in the ass when growing out. You have to posses nerves of steel when it comes to short hair. At first it’s all glamor and cheese, unicorns and fluffy bunnies, but a few months later, when your head has grown the size of a mutated onion, it gets kind of irritating. But until then, the Pixie is a great source for experimenting and playing with different styles.

There are hundreds of tutorials on youtube and blogs, but I’ve come to the conclusion every girl needs to experiment with as many styles as possible, to find what suits her face. For example, my face is oval, slightly longer, my hair is twig like and thin. So when I try those styles of those girls that look like damn Hollywood hairstyles, it just doesn’t fit the frame. The frame being my enormous bug eyes, long face and twig hair. So I want to show you my ways of styling this pretentious broom and if you have an oval face too, this should suit you too.

Update 2013:
I grew my hair already, but the whole pixie cut ordeal was a very enlightening adventure. To all the people who are wondering “what the hell is she talking about” you can check out my post about this so called adventure here!

1. First thing that comes to mind of course are accessorizes. When it comes to lazy-half-assed ways to beautify your pixie, the best ones are diadems, hats, headbands, hair clips. 

For me the beanie is the one hat that really sucks with my pixie, every other hat is fine. Obviously, hats only work for colder days and even just a tiny bit colder, because when you expose your head with the pixie, the slightest breeze seems like a razor blade cutting through your skull!

So we move onto headbands! I’ve come to the conclusion that if my hair is messier, it looks better with a headband. I usually apply foam, but the foam gives it a wet look, so for the headband your ordinary wax should do. 

Basically, you can use a scarf, headband or any kind of fabric lying around the floor. Just make sure to dust it off.  Actually this kind of styling is MAGIC when you’re growing out the hair, and desperately need to settle it down.

Diadems are a piece of cake, just put it on girl!


2. Slightly different

Try adding more hair on any side you choose, makes it more voluminous and punk.

3. Faux Hawk is the most common way to style your do. For me Faux Hawk don’t always work, because of the longer face. When I make my hair stand up, it gives my face an even longer edge, which I don’t mind, but it kind of looks like the ghosty from Scream.
(Yes I do have a cat, two cats to be precise. And yes, I’m too lazy to clean my clothes, and yes it’s gross, I don’t care!)

4. Partial Faux Hawk. Straighten just the front of the hair. I used water and wax again, then blow with hairdryer. Sorry for the sticking hairs, I was kind of in a hurry to do nothing 😀

5. Messy son of a…hair.
Well..not my brightest idea, to be honest. If you have bigger head, this may not be the perfect solution. But you never know until you try. For this one you can use only foam, or nothing in my case. My hair has the ability to stand into weird positions no matter what. Scramble the hair into every direction possible.

6. Spiky.
Spiky is the variety of the messy one, only with more messiness and more product. Try shaping spikes with wax or hair gel, it works with both. You may pay attention to every little hair and “make it look” like a
messy do, but I decided just to mess the fuck out of it. (I look like a
dumb ass, I know)

7. Bangs.
 If your pixie has grown a little bit, you can always make an emo fringe.

Anyone interested in my take on growing out the pixie, can check out my other post

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42 thoughts on “How to style the Pixie haircut”

  1. Четвъртата прическа най-много ми харесва! Браво за търпението и идеите, които имаш (на мен напоследък ми липсват…)

  2. LOVE this! I LOVE the faux-hawk & the upwards sideswipe. BUT, you would look AMAZING regardless!

    Please make sure that all lettering is as big as we can get it, as it’s going up on a big screen projector, and people will need to see it from far away.

  3. you are rocking that hair cut! my hair is just below shoulder length, but i am completely unimaginative in the ways that wear it. it's pretty much down and air dried all day every day, but your post has me thinking that i should try to be a little bit more creative. these looks are so inspiring. my personal favorite is the spiky look-sweet but with a touch of edge. so cute!

  4. Ah, everytime I come to your blog, I always get the urge to chop my hair off again, your short hair always looks so cool and fun! (And yours looks way cuter at the grow out stage, mine just went everywhere. Lots of hats and hair clips.) All of these styles look fantastic on your, but I like the little faux mowhawk the best. 😉

    And oh god, I laughed over the title of number six. Yes, Johny Bravo hair!

  5. You're extremely gorgeous, girl (those eyes and cheekbones)! And even though I'm adamant about keeping my long hair, I've always secretly wanted to do a cool pixie cut; unfortunately though my face shape just doesn't go with it! I really enjoyed this post–I liked scrolling down and seeing the different looks and detailed explanations and how-tos. Even though you seriously looked fantastic in all styles, I'd say my personal favorites were the faux hawk and the spiky one. 🙂 Absolutely ace post!

    With love from San Francisco, California,

  6. you give hope to my pixie.
    It's massively thick and it lost all its natural curl when i cut it off.
    (one of those, i'm a hair dresser i'll just do it myself kind of effects)
    I neeed to buy me some fabric to do the headbands.

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