How to get more hypes on Lookbook

A lot of people
have been asking this question, well they didn’t ask me in particular (because obviously I don’t know jackshit), but on the whole the internet community. 
Even though nobody asked me, being a self proclaimed genius, I can not resist the temptation of sharing with you, what I’ve learned through my one year experience with lookbook.
Tip №1
Buy an ultra-exclusively expensive camera! 
If you don’t have money well, that’s too bad, maybe you can sell a liver or your ass down on the highway.
People don’t care about style, they care about PRETTEEY THINGIES, and no one likes a dodgy looking photo, no matter what kind of style queen you think you are.
Don’t limit yourself with buying a somewhat decent shitty camera, buy the huge fancy looking ones! The ones that make those little blurry stuff on the background, these things are priceless, I tell ya! 
Tip №2
Pose in a sexually suggestive matter
Imagine you’re having hemorrhoids but at the same time you want to get laid real bad! A slightly annoyed stare with mouth wide open is a winner here. Don’t be smiling and shit, looking innocent is for the 80’s, show some skin woman! 
Here is an example


Tip №3
Pretend you’re a social butterfly and not a lonely weirdo!
Did you know that lookbook has a forum? And did you know you can actually discuss boring matters there and not with your parents during dinner? No? Well, you’re in for a big surprise, because there is a forum and many people use it, especially for posting their outfits in a completely unrelated threads. There’s nothing better than posting your daily look on a forum headline that says “R.I.P my dog”.
Don’t limit yourself just with posting outfits, you can write your own thread too! Start a deep, thought provoking discussion on how the universe has meaning and keep going on from there. 
Participate in all the wicked cool games too!
Tip №4
Write comments and follow people you don’t give a fuck about!
That’s probably the most important part of lookbook. If you have a life outside the internet, perhaps a job, school, friends, leave them behind to rot! 

You have to write like 50 comments a day to get at least noticed, not to mention fanning every god damn person who wrote on your profile “luf ur style”, even if they murder kittens for a hobby.
Of course, right after you fan them, you have to unfan them, because people might assume you’re looser. If you’re a hot skanky sushi roll who fanned 400 people -bad 🙁 ! If you’re a hot skanky sushi roll who fanned 1-50 people- good 🙂 !
Tip №5 
And finally, be PRETTY!
Beauty is the second most important asset (after the camera), people look for. Scrub your filth, clip your toenails, get rid of that cellulite and grow a long bouncy hair. If your hair is bouncy, bouncy like Shakira bouncy, you are one step closer to becoming a lookbook icon.

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35 thoughts on “How to get more hypes on Lookbook”

  1. hahahaha oh gosh, I love you and your posts to no end, Keit! You are totally my girl crush. GIRL CRUSH, I SAYS.

    I love the pretending your a social butterfly thing. I think that's very true, actually… making yourself look like a superstar pop diva model in your outfit pictures would definitely evoke some reactions from other people.

  2. YES. Love the photo example too. I get irrationally peeved when I see a hype star wearing a t-shirt and jeans in some pretty photo. Um, that's not reaaallly unique fashion, is it?

  3. Haha I love this.

    Also you should make sure you are incredibly tall and skinny, then wear the tightest leggings you can find with your (super long balayaged perfect hair) tied up into the most ridiculously tall top-knot and pose so that your legs look like they are possibly dislocated. Preferably in a paddock or field or somewhere similarly "whimsical" so that people are sure to mistake your photo for a fashion shoot outtake.

    Oh I really shouldn't jest, I use Chictopia, which is almost as bad.

    But I totally agree with Sabrina, "oh wow, you're wearing a plain white t shirt and a pair of skinny jeans with ballet flats? *hypehypehypehype*"

  4. Haha! So true Keit, you're bang on!!! Its like even if one is wearing a bloody grey tee-shirt and nothing else, one has to have a professional photo and a full face of make-up…Its so funny since a street style community not a photography website…But these shorts of yours are all kinds of awesome xxx

  5. Ok.


    This post is SO fricken up my alley it's not even funny.
    All of this is so true it hurts.

    Don't you want to start a fashion blog revolution? Scratch the word "blog" , and do something really creative and original that goes outside the lines of what we've been made to think is our duty as fashion-obsessed internet users?

    The camera quality one and last one just kills me. "Have money" and "Be Pretty".

    sadly, yes.

    thanks for this. made my night.


  6. Bahahahaaaa I don't know why I loved this so much, but I did. You are freaking hilarious. Sometimes I feel that way about things like blogging and chictopia, etc. It's all the same type of people getting featured and it sort of turns everyone into sheep. I love your sarcastic humor and I'm totally gonna try the hemorrhoid thing.

  7. Wonderful critique of our IDIOT CULTURE, where everything is fake and if you are not pretending to be fake in the same way as everyone else, then somehow there is something wrong with you!!! LOL what a JOKE this world is!

  8. Oh my god! Thank you for this post!
    It was so funny, yet truthful about what goes on on the internet!
    I rather live a real life than an internet life 🙂
    Love this blog!


  9. hahahaha! You sure know how to get info out there. Though I must say it is brutally honest of you to do so and I respect that. I'm starting to get pretty bored with Lookbook by seeing those who get a lot of hypes getting more hypes and as for me, I'm getting less day by day. Soon I think I'll just freaking drop Lookbook and channel it to Chictopia. I'm starting to get more exposure on too and I would prefer them so much better as I do see interactions for fans.

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