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Whoever said that having a sexy doctor is great, must have been a masochist. I have a pretty decent looking physician…and that’s a huge understatement. He’s the kind of man you would see on those shampoo commercials: dark hair, blue eyes, tall, huge shoulders…And I’m not the only one that finds him attractive. Girls are lining up in front of his office, just to get a glimpse of his pecs.

And maybe it’s just me, but I can’t tell a doctor, who looks like Hugh Jackman, that it hurts when I pee, or that I’m constipated, or that my eyes are kind of itchy and oozing with weird fluids..

You get the point! It’s much easier to talk about your disgusting body with a normal and much, much, much older doctor.
This applies for dentists too. I don’t know about you, but my dignity levels drop considerably low when I enter the dentist’s office. A lot of drooling and spitting, and making noises in desperate attempts to answer a question with your mouth open. Consider making these, in front of a dentist looking like Robert Sexy Junior…The horror!

Fashiony part: What better way to welcome spring than my unsexy grandpa jeans. Accompanied by a studded bag, leather belt, vintage necklace and of course a juicy orange-colored top, from nowistyle.

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39 thoughts on “Hot doctors and orange top from nowistyle”

  1. I always feel like drowning when I go to the dentist. And then there was this one time when he was doing a procedure in my mouth that's taking a really long time and I can't help but stare at his eyes THE WHOLE TIME because they're sooo gorgeous and so close. hahahaha!

    the boots makes everything look sexy. 🙂 But you know what, if it's someone else wearing your outfit here, it wouldn't look good I think.

  2. aw, hot doctor eh? I am wondering what I would be in the future, I am a medical student and I am wondering my appearance when I'm already a doctor, would I be hot? Haha, kidding. Instead of hot I would be a clumsy one -_-

    anyway, I love the mix of your orange top and denim 🙂 The style never gets boring.

    sweet and sugars,

  3. most of the doctors I've seen in my life have been women.. average normal women 😀 but once I did see a young and cute male doctor (many many years ago) and I have also visited an old guy who was hilarious and I was trying so hard to not laugh at him. mostly I try to avoid doctors because you know I hate hospitals and everything about them.
    anyway, you look great even in those strange pants and I love orange. studs too, of course so the bag looks great. oh and your watch is awesome! 😉

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  4. Oh man, I can totally relate to the dentist one. I had the MOST attractive dentist who had to do surgery on my mouth once and man, was he pretty. He had blue eyes and dark hair and the like and there I was, half-sedated as he worked away. Well…

    Haha, so I'm totally glad you made that connection. It's like when you have a really attractive teacher?? AND YOU HAVE TO ASK THEM QUESTIONS? And you turn into a bumbling idiot and can't form words right and UGH

    Anyway, I love that orange top. The pocket is so neat, too! And I want your boots!! They look awesome for stomping on things.

  5. lol…I have never thought about how much more challenging it would be to tell a "hot" doctor my symptoms! I have mostly female doctors, with the exception of my dentist and I don't have much of an issue when it comes to a cleaning of my teeth. haha.
    Great look…and great hair!!

  6. Първо искам да ти кажа, че страшно много ми харесват цветовете, които носиш и второ…
    Напълно те разбирам за тези секси доктори, които говориш. Преди няколко месеца посещавах физио-терапевтът, който буквално може да те накара да си счупиш нещо само и само за да ходиш всеки ден на раздвижвания при него. :D:D

  7. Oh lucky for you to have seen such doctor!! As for me, I've not seen one just like what you've described. Only on TV. I'll tell you how it feels like when I see one =D
    I like your orange top. Looks good on you. Are the weather getting warmer on your side now?

  8. love the jeans an d how you rolled it, I think I wear too much skinny jeans and tights I need to try something a bit looser and see how it will look. Inspiring x

  9. I just hafta say, I just stumbled across your blog and I'm in love. I love your style, your talk, and your hair.

    Also, I'm currently still growing out from hair from when I went from shoulder length hair to a very short pixie. It's been over a year now and a very tempestuous road. I feel your pain. Just hang in there! The awkward phase will soon be over. I promise 🙂


  10. Ugh, I totally agree about the doctor thing… I always look for a much older doctor, it makes it so much easier to talk about whatever disgusting things are going on with my body 😛 I love your jeans, and the pocket on your top is so cute!

  11. The orange looks really pretty with your pink hair! I had a hot eye doctor once, which was weird for me, 'cause I'm blind without my glasses and had to take 'em off during our appointments, so I couldn't even see him and fully appreciate his beauty. 🙁

  12. Well, I've never had a good looking doctor, so I guess I'm safe. (And it doesn't matter how good looking the dentist is, I still don't trust him. He didn't use nearly enough happy gas last time I visited him, but I'm pretty sure he's evil. At least the amount on the bill says so.) That would be pretty awkward though, trying to tell a cute doc your woes.
    Mmmm, awesome boots. I always, always say that but I do so much love your boot collection.

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