Homer Rocks T-shirt and a Mustard Oversize Cardigan

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This is a pretty typical attire I would wear for running errands. I wore this for my Japanese lessons, which are situated in the heart of our crappy capital. Heart of capital usually means, lots of traffic, and we do have a lot of those!  I’ve been trying so hard to be a good pedestrian I think I should get an award or something: “Best street crossing for 2014 goes to the girl with the drunkard stare”

Seriously though, I’m so sick of cars, and buses and angry drivers sending warm “greetings” towards my whole family and especially my mom. 
Every time I step on a zebra and someone decides to play “human” and stop their car, I always hear them afterwards shouting or impatiently gaining speed with screeching tires and all, as if those 3 seconds that took me to cross, would be the mere thing that would ruin their otherwise cheerful day. Why would you even stop, if you’re going to be such an ass about it. 

Now every time I step on a freakin zebra I have to cling to my groceries, and run for my dear life, battling the wind and various grannies that are in the way, just because someone is in a hurry to go home and masturbate.
Do you have similar experiences on the road? Would love to hear your stories!

Fashiony part: 

The whole outfit here is thrifted, apart from the Satan shoes, bracelet and my staple bag, which is now deformed from all this overusing and kinda looks like a squished potato.  
The t-shirt you probably remember from my “March Favorites” post, the cardigan is a new gem I stumbled upon while thrifting with my sis. It was very hot in the store and when I pulled out this huge, warm, fat, heavy cardigan my sister almost had a heart attack and exclaimed “Are you crazy, it’s freakin Summer now!”…  Invest for the future sis, invest for the future!

Homer tee- Drehata, Jeans and Cardigan- Thrifted, Camel booties- Stradivarius, Bracelet- Mood & Closet.
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20 thoughts on “Homer Rocks T-shirt and a Mustard Oversize Cardigan”

  1. I love your outfit! Is that brightly coloured sweater to make sure you don't get run over? I live in a small-ish town so people aren't quite as a-holey as they can be in a crowded city. There are also lots of seniors here so pedestrians with walkers are pretty typical. The worst drivers are usually found at the four way stops where they either aren't paying proper attention or they are just pushy and go when it isn't their turn.

  2. "just because someone is in a hurry to go home and masturbate" hahahAH I just about spit my tea out. Your writing is wild. I'm sorry people are so pushy in a big city, ugh! You think they'd realize that they're going to get somewhere faster just because they're in a car and be a little more patient. SORRY THEY STINK!

    At least you're noticable in your bright cardigan which prevents you from getting run over. Mustard is so yum.

    & AAAH! YOUR COMMENT! I know I'm so excited and weirdly giddy all the time over this. I don't know what has come over me, sniff sniff! You can tease me all you want. 🙂 I LUUUUH YOU KEIT

  3. Seriously K, the bus drivers here are mentalists – in the last two years alone 20 people have been knocked over by buses in the center of town. They are crazy – they just don't care.
    I love the Homer Rocks tee, The Simpsons is one of my big obsessions, I watch it at least once a day!

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  4. I hate sexually frustrated drivers. I hate traffic in general! When crossing the zebra I always walk the slow as
    possible to annoy the drivers XD
    That t-shirt is amazing! And I love the cardigan too 🙂 Aaaand boots as well 🙂

  5. Well, we have crazy cab drivers here that are angry at all times and will curse you out in a second, without any reason at all. Although in NYC in general everyone is angry, car traffic/human traffic all the same.
    Great outfit! You are like a ray of sunshine!

    1. by the way, too bad you can no longer remember the title of the fairy book! I would like to read it too though. anyway, thanks so much for sharing it on my blog! 😀

  6. That is the best tee :D!
    Yup there are insane drivers over here too, I have been about to get hit several times – and I love how nutty they get when they see a middle finger 🙂

  7. mostly I use my car and then usually the pedestrians aren't as annoying as the snail-like drivers. but we also have many senior citizens here who think they have to jump in front of your car or stand in the middle of the CAR ROAD. those really piss me off, I can't help it. sometimes I almost (almost!!! :D) stop the car to go and yell at them. but anyway, your new, very summery cardi goes perfectly with the booties and that Homer tee is awesome.

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  8. Heh, I've had some close misses with cars but my brother in law who'd just a teen actually got hit by a truck last summer. the truck ran a red light, my brother in law was crossing and saw the truck and had just enough time to do a "ninja" flip onto the hood and roll off. (Even the witness said it was a ninja flip, they were all pretty impressed.) He ended up with bruises but okay otherwise. People are total assholes about that sort thing up here, every year we have at least one kid who get killed because some jerk runs a red light through the school zone.

    Hah, that aside, I know its been ages since I've come and talked, I wanted to let you know how awesome you are and how much you always make me laugh, even on those awful days. (Plus, your pretty hair. You made me chop my hair off and now I want to grow it out into a pretty bob like yours, you're like my hair god or something.)

  9. hahaha. Nobody needs tell you to run like crazy when crossing the roads here in Nigeria, even when traffic light's red. Seriously crazy driving go on here. Love that Homer Rocks tee you have on, Keit.

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