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Hey ya’ll burritos!
I just got back from a so called “vacation” in my hometown, which I haven’t visited in a looong time. Good thing it’s such a small town that the space-time continuum is nonexistent and nothing has changed in the course of several years. (except for my resentment towards it)
My hometown has a certain ability to drain your energy and life motivation in just a few hours of staying there. It’s like Silent Hill, but without the coolness and death toll.

 Anyways, apparently we had a nest of ladybugs hibernating right on top of the ceiling, and mom, being an animal lover didn’t want to move them.
So I spend several nights bombarded by ladybugs and hoping to God I won’t accidentally squish one and be killed by the righteous wrath of my mother..

Do you guys like your hometown? Are you born in a small or big city?

Fashiony part: I was freezing butt in these photos (note the slightly trembling lips) but I really wanted to show off my Hamazing blouse from Fig & Viper. These guys have the coolest clothes!
I used a pink dress from Tally Weijl as the layer underneath and I think the colors complement each other very well 🙂 

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23 thoughts on “Home is where the ladybugs are + Fig & Viper flower patterned sleeve blouse”

  1. I'm from a VERY small (around 5000 people) town but I have also lived in a slightly bigger town (around 100 000 people) for 3 years. I have to say I'm okay with my home town though and for example our capital town is something I don't dig at all. for shopping it's okay but for living a big no-no. anyway, your new sweater indeed is awesome! those sleeves are the coolest.

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  2. The way you describe your hometown is exactly how I feel about mine… I grew up in a city but it's just the biggest of a lot of small places; nothing ever changes, especially the bad things.

  3. Ами аз съм си от София, понякога ме дразни, но все пак home, sweet home (стокхолмски синдром нещо?.. 😀 )

  4. Aww, but I hear ladybugs are supposed to be a sign of good luck, so…there's that? 😀 I'm with you on freezing butt. Sometimes you just have to tell the weather to go f*ck itself and take one for the fashion team. Haha. The sleeves on the blouse are so whimsical. Great colors and the skirt pairs beautifully with it!

    – Anna


  5. I love my hometown! I didn't grow up there, but the family and I visited gran a lot back in the day when she lived. Miss hεr. I have a post on my blog I did when I visited sometime this year.

    Ooooooo! Lady Bugs!!! I wouldn't disturb them too. Heheheheheh. Cute grunge look.

  6. Oh dude, we have ladybugs all over one side of our house. They creep in through the attic and make their way into our living room and then die everywhere because they forget how they got it. Silly, dumb little creatures. But so pretty.

    Oooh, these colors are so exciting! Neon green never looked so good! Also, socks, yess!

  7. I think I'm almost drawn to the little ghost-like cities because the moment I saw Silent Hill in your post I was almost about to jump up from my chair and say HALLELUUJAH! 😀 Idk, I have a slight obsession with it. Anyways, as I've talked in my blog as well I'm from a small town and it really can be so blah … everybody no everybody, no privacy etc .. I kind a like the big-town-anonymous-feel 🙂



  8. So fun, I love the colors of your look, they suit you perfectly!
    I am from a small town, with nothing to do but play hockey and make trouble…I didn't play hockey

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