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My dream finally came true! No, I didn’t meet Hugh Jackman, but I have photos in front of a carousel! Yes, my dreams usually vary from an almost impossible degree like, “Marry my male commander Shepard from Mass Effect” to “Start eating more healthy”. To be honest, the second one sounds as impossible as the first. 
Who wouldn’t want to marry this hunk? I swear, he looks much more better in action!
Ahem…back to fashion! I wore this outfit for a brief walk in the Mall. As you probably already know, I hate Malls. There’s too many people there, just…too…many…But mom and dad sent me some cash for Christmas and I decided to spend it in the most egotistical manner possible and buy a new pair of booties. 
As it turns out, all these years of shopping only second hand, have left me as stingy as Scrooge and I didn’t buy any booties. But I did manage to take these cool photos and wear my new thrift finds! (technically my sister’s boyfriend took the photos, I owe him a beer!)

Everything here is second hand, except for the awesome tassel necklace which is again from Yoins. I’m currently working on greasing my rusty layering skills and this outfit is the result of my efforts. 

For the bottom layer I wore a pink ruffled shirt, that looks rather boring by itself alone, but combined with the appropriate sweater tools it creates a great combo. For the top layer, I stopped on a grass green sweater, with a wide neckline and asymmetric hem.

The bottoms were problematic, because I didn’t want something boring like jeans or shorts. The winners here are these bell bottom second hand jeans from Vero Moda. For a nice bold finish I added the Yoins gold necklace and mom’s vintage leather bag. 
I think the overall result looks like a cake with a dash of hippie vibe. What do you guys think? 

Tassel necklace – c/o Yoins, Bell bottom jeans, sweater and shirt – Second Hand.

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19 thoughts on “Hippie Jeans and Yoins tassel necklace”

  1. дънките са шик 🙂 и пуловерчето много ми допада. И аз имам същия проблем като трябва да се охарча за нещо, което не е thrift-нато 😀

  2. Haha. Yes! I'm glad the thrifty part of you won out. I'm almost certain that if you spent that money at a thrift shop, you'd find something way better and more unique, anyway. 😀 I f*cking hate the mall, brah. I hate the sterile shops, the sh*tty music, the disenguous "helpers" and the crowds. I'll never go to a mall voluntarily. Heh.

    Anyway, I can't begin to tell you how obsessed I am with those dusty yellow pants! I've been wanting a pair of yellow pants forever and that color is just PERF! You picked the greatest backdrop for the photos, too. All of the colors work really well!

    – Anna


  3. well, I think only you can make those pants look as cool as they do. I remember pants like these from my high school years maybe… or was it even earlier? who knows but I know I loved such pants back then. today I avoid them, hehe. anyway, I'm surprised how cool fuchsia and grass green look together. love it! oh and the backdrop indeed is sweet! ps. I also want photos with a carousel but obviously my hometown has zero of those..

    Part of me

  4. OH yes I love hippie vibe cake! I adore those pants and would wear them definitely! It rains a lot here though which is not very good for dragging bell bottoms but I like mine dragging on the ground. Such a problem! You nailed the layering. I love the floofy shirt with the simple lines of the sweater and all the colours balance really well. And then despite all of that cleverness it looks totally effortless.
    I hate malls too. At least our malls are so crappy they are not filled with people.

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