Hateful days

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I have no idea why I’m posting these fugly photos. I was extremely pissed off and very cold that day so my outfit really sucks. It was one of those days (no, not the bleeding kind of day, can’t a woman be angry without bleeding!?) that you just feel hateful towards everything. Have you had similar days?  When you just want to see the whole world burn in flames and agonizing pain.

Jacket and granny button up- second hand, skirt- Chicnova, Bag-Nowistyle.

Anyways, I recently crashed my consumerist ass into this lovely website The White Pepper. Man, I love it! The clothes are clean cut, comfy and perfect for wearing everyday. I’m particularly drooling over this here beauty.

Have you every shopped there, what was your experience?

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18 thoughts on “Hateful days”

  1. Haha, those are not fugly pics. You are very pretty and I love your style as always. The stockings are a perfect addition for that outfit.
    Never shopped in White Pepper btw but that is a cute dress :3

  2. nope, haven't heard about that store so no experiences or stories to share.. but those hateful days? well, there are days when I'm kind of depressed and feel like going crazy but I can't call them hateful days. those are just bad days I think 😀
    anyway, I love your granny blouse! it has such cool pattern.

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  3. Ha, there are days when I hate my photos too, but then I remember I blog for posterity anyway, so I try not to care 🙂 I actually love this look quite a lot! The way you styled the blouse makes it look like a little mini dress with an amazing pattern and I'd love some lined tights like that. Also, that dress from The White Pepper is GORGEOUS. Love it.

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