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Taking on the advice of the blogging community and THE internet, we decided to try the new show “Vikings” (and by “we” I mean my imaginary friend and my two cats).
Apart from the fact that Rollo is extremely HOT, there is nothing more to say about this drag. I can’t seem to identify the protagonists in this show. All of the characters are blunt, egotistical and boring. 
If Ragnar and his annoying wife are the protagonists, the writers messed up big time building those characters.
I “liked” the fact that a lot of innocent red shirts got killed because of Ragnar’s selfish adventures, and even so, his annoying happy family is still alive. How come?
Ragnar’s wife (I don’ even remember her fucking name) is the most annoying for me. She has this constant constipated look on her face, which I suppose has to embodies a feisty spirit, but obviously fails at it.
The story itself is nicely written, they could have done a lot more with it and actually make a great tv series. But nooooooo, instead they focused on the self absorbed assholes of a characters.

I guess my frustration comes from the
fact that there is no one in this show to root for. And people need someone to
root for, someone who you would want to live, to be happy, to be
successful. Even if that character is not a good natured cliche, even if
he’s a pain in the ass moron, there still has to be qualities in him
that the viewer considers worthy of rooting for. The only one I can think of right now is Floki.

for bringing up “Boardwalk Empire” again, but this show is probably one
of the best in tv history (alonside with Stargate SG1, Buffy, Rome and Firefly).
The one I’m rooting for there, is Richard. Man, that’s the kind of guy I would give all my money, my car, my laptop, my virginity, my two cats, my apartment, my questionable cooking abilities just so he can be happy. And he’ s not good, he’s not bad either, he just is. And I can’t help but connect with him and feel for him. That’s what I need, but what I get are a bunch of people who I desperately want to die off like the pesky flies they are!

Fashiony part:  I stole this skirt form my mom’s wardrobe. I guess skinny runs in the family. Top- nowistyle, skirt- mom’s, wedge sneakers- River Island, bag-vintage.

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23 thoughts on “I hate the “Vikings”, come at me internet + nowistyle top”

  1. Aw, I'm sorry that your show is such a dissapointment! It sounds like it could be really rad otherwise. Always sucks when something has so much potential, but focusing on too much of a certain part (aka the arrogant, self-absorbed assholians) drowns out the rest of the plot. Poop! Your review was fun to read, though. You make me laaaaaugh. 😀

    KMan, I love how you can make a lace skirt look so tough. I love it with that belt and top. Fancy!!

  2. Ugh, I totally agree about Vikings – such a bad show. And I'm always envious of girls who can steal from their mom's wardrobe, my mom is a lovely person but she stopped being interested in fashion in about 1982 so there isn't a lot to choose from 🙂 Your tee and skirt combination is great.

  3. I love that skirt! It goes wonderfully with the print top. 😀 I think it's rad that you can wear your mom's clothes. 😀 My mom and I are such different sizes and we have somewhat divergent tastes, so it's hard for us to do that. I'm a bit more masculine with my outfits and I think she kind of wishes deep down that I was more of a girly girl was we could share more. *Shrug* I am what I am, dude. Heh. 😀

    – Anna


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