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I’ve come to the bitter realization, that I’ve turned into one of those grannies, who collect a shameful amount of vintage crap, swim in unduly clothes, pins, and retro phones and drink their whiskey spiced tea from coffee cups illustrated with kittens.
Even my clothes, express the gradual transition into a granny style of living. I get sleepy at midnight, I eat soft and easy digestible meals, because my gums hurt, I have two cats, I get tired of long walks, I keep repeating stupid stories that have happened to me over 10 years ago and nobody cares about…

Well damn, you might as well give me something to knit and get it over with!

Fashionable granny: Oversize cardigan from Second hand, Top from H&M, Skirt- Topshop.

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40 thoughts on “Granny style”

  1. I don't know, those just might be the coolest granny shoes ever…..
    (And really, who can live without cups with kittens on them?)
    This skirt is so cool, I love how it looks so modest at first and then, pow, see through! The over-sized layers are quite cool as well, you always put together outfit that look so effortless and laid-back cool, I'm jealous!

  2. The nana look is my favourite kind of look beats being "I want to wear tight clothes so I can be attractive to men" kinda girl…Love this outfit and your hair! Thanks for your comments on my post, I was looking to watching Modern Family that night x

  3. You don't look anything like a grandma, your style is a mix of vintage and coolness. I get sleepy at midnite too, but I am too stubborn to give in, instead I open a bottle of wine and power through to get things done. I love your writing style, sincere and funny x

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