Granny or vintage?

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Ladies and gentleman, may I present to you, the most vintage outfit you’ll ever lay eyes on! It can’t get any more vintagier (I know such a word doesn’t exist). Saw this dress in a second hand shop and although at first glance it was a long, granny dress, it did have dots + the waist was so freakin tiny I decided to buy it (it’s very difficult finding clothes that are so tiny). With more further inspection, I concluded that this is the prettiest granny, vintage dress EVER! The slightly bare back,  gradually flaring down, tiny waist, maxi length, it’s a dream! This time I decided to accessorize a bit. It wouldn’t be so vintagy without the proper leather purse, flower belt, pearl necklace and my trusted black booties. I love you green, doted dress, if you ever decide you’re open for a relationship call me, or just scream from inside the wardrobe!

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46 thoughts on “Granny or vintage?”

  1. After reading your description I was prepared for nearly everything but I LOVE this dress! It really suits you and it doesn't look grannyish to me at all 🙂 Love the tiny waist line too, you can pull it off so well.

  2. I love how this fits you 🙂 I know what you mean; thrifting is marvelous but ridiculously hard to find fitted pieces you don't have to belt so when you find something that fits its a bit like a dream come true.

  3. you definitely did the right thing! some weeks ago I also thrifted myself the perfect vintage maxi dress and now I'm waiting for the perfect occasion to get some outfit shots, haha.
    anyway, I love your dress and the pearl necklace I've loved from the start 😛

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  4. На това му се вика късмет! Роклята е трепач и си избрала перфектните аксесоари за нея. Не е бабешка, спокойно 😛

  5. You are just too awesome, did you know that? If I tried this on,
    1)theres no way my waist would fit into that tennie-tiny dress and
    2) I'd look like I was late for the church lady social! But no, you put it on and you not only make it look amazing, but you make it look just a little badass! (I'm competely crushing on those boots!)

  6. WOW!!!! Love how you turn a vintage dress into a very stylish outfit!!! To pair a pearl necklace, the belt, the boots and the bag simply add your own unique style to this look!! I absolutely love it 🙂

  7. Nice pictures! lovely vintage look, you have such a great figure for that type of dresses. Like your outfits in your other posts to, haven't visit your blogs for weeks, looking forward to get home and get on blogger more often. Happy blogging and I'll visit more times when I get home, greetings from China xx

  8. It doesn't look at all like a granny's dress. Vintage-y, yes. And I love it. Love the flow of the maxi and your cute way of using accessories to keep the retro vibe going.

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