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It’s official, I’ve gone loco! I haven’t been so obsessed with something, since the time I saw Mel Gibson on the telly! I have a huge addiction to everything that sparkles! *_* It doesn’t even matter if I’m not going to wear it, EVER! I just need to have it! Of course, sparkly clothes are a bit more expensive, so thrift shopping, here I come!

This here, glittery eye-candy, is my new second hand purchase I snatched, while still sick and disoriented. I love the slight aqua coloring and it’s an awesome accessory to any pair of dull pants. Sorry for the photo heavy post, this is the first time I like a piece of clothing more than beer! And even better, this whole look is thrifted, except for the Nowistyle scarf. Shoes, blouse, jeans and bag are all second hand, damn I’m good!

Do you guys like sparkles? 

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22 thoughts on “Glitter Dependence”

  1. well, that's a pretty perfect look, Keit, so how could I blame you for showing more photos than usually? I love your fancy blouse, those super classy blue jeans, awesome black booties.. well, everything! and yes, shiny, glittery pieces are great! I also love all kinds of big and bold patterns and prints. and that's when thrifting always helps 😉

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  2. now i have stars in my eyes too- that sparkley shirt looks SO good on you! i love how you made it casual with the jeans too, it really works well. and i'm the same way as you haha- i have to heavily sequined vintage shirts I bought but never wear because i'm scared they'll get ruined haha. but just seeing them in my closet makes me so happy 😀

    xo marlen
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  3. I go through phases like that, with sparkles – and I think I feel another one coming on, seeing this jumper. It is incredible! I don't know if I could pull it off, but you certainly do.

  4. Those blue/green shimmery colors always remind me of this nailpolish my mom and I used to do our nails in when I was like, 7, and that reflective nailpolish came out as the ~new nail thing~. 😀 Sparkles and glitter are FUN and anyone who says otherwise is a turd! Naw, that's mean, but sparkles are pretty grand. I love that shiiirt!

  5. ALSO YES ABOUT ATTACK ON TITAN! Levi is da best. I want to rewatch it but I'd get too many feels. Do you have any good anime recommendations?? I need more good-er ones. 🙁

    1. Aaah, the feels, they get me very time *sniff*. For good ones, I can recommend the ones I liked, with the hope, that you would like them too 😀
      Cowboy Bebop, Ergo Proxy, Berserk (even though the ending made me feel depressed for a week), Samurai X: Trust and Betrayal, Kara no Kyoukai (all of the movies), Monster, Hellsing. And that's about it. Let me know you watch any of these, so we can have a nerd talk 😀

  6. Amazing outfit as always and great SH find! You matched it very well! Just please doll don't lose any more weight xD You look very very skinny on these photos… It's not a negative comments, so please don't take it that way, that's just my opinion 🙂 Lova ya!

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    XoXo Venoma
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    1. If it's up to me, I would get fat and fluffy 😀 It's those freakin genes mom and dad gave me (not that I'm complaining). I'm thinking that turning 30 years old, would be the tipping point and I would finally be able to put some meat on the bones 😀

  7. And it's definitely official, that you NEED to be addicted to glittery stuff because it fits you perfectly.
    I love the green color and it's just great with your eyes.


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