Glamierre Solar Glow Eyeshadow Palette Review

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As you probably already know I’m not good at three things in this life: 
1. Every sport in the world
2. Braiding my hair
3. Makeup
With the new year knocking on my door and screaming “DO SOMETHING WITH YOUR LIFE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!” I am thinking of changing and starting with the easiest to achieve – a somewhat acceptable makeup. 

One of the many things that bother me in makeup are the eyeshadows. I
can’t seem to get them right and they always look like I’ve been
plastering my face with cheap flower, so when I first found this palette from Glamierre
my initial thoughts were “Oh shiny!!!” and then when I remembered I’d probably fail every attempt to put them properly, I thought “Oh shiny…..”  with a deep sigh afterwards.

I couldn’t resist the urge though, so I bought these beauties from
again and started testing them on myself while boyfriend was distressed
that I had the curtains pulled up and everyone would be watching us.
Regardless, while apprently all the world was watching me put my
eyeshadow on, I was pleased to
realize that these beauties are quite easy to apply and even if you make a
mistake, it wouldn’t be that dramatic.

I didn’t use any base before applying these, which was a mistake on my end, but even without a base the application was fairly easy and the shadows didn’t fall on my nose and cheecks upon applying them. 

The palette seems quite pigmented from first glance but you do have to put more than few coats so they show on your eyelids (especially without a base). I used the Espresso color and afterwards the Biscotti glitter for accent and I must say I loved the result. At first glance the eyeshadow palette is best for parties and going out, but some of the colors, especially the subtle ones are great for day to day use and the more subdued glitter colors are perfect for work too!

I decided to do a little experiment and try three colors to see how long they will last. I used the Tuscan sun, the Balsamic and the Sorbet.

Tuscan sun in action.

Tuscan sun & Balsamic color

And to top it all off with the Sorbet glitter. As you can see the Sorbet is more delicate than the Biscotti glitter.

These lasted throughout the whole day and didn’t buldge at all. The glitter was glued solid to the eyelids as well, and didn’t fall off even though my eyes got teary from the cold outside. 
All and all I have to say I am completely in love with my palette and plan on using it on a daily basis, so prepare my neighbours, you will be seeing lots of kinky action through the window with this palette! 
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3 thoughts on “Glamierre Solar Glow Eyeshadow Palette Review”

  1. I'm leaving this comment for a third time! Google is being weird. I love your glittery eye makeup especially when it's with your eyeballs. How cute is your boyfriend afraid that you might be kidnapped by the neighbors! Maybe next time you can just sit outside and do your makeup in the yard heheh 😀 Happy weekday beautiful 😀 xo

  2. These shades are so beautiful (and shiny!!!!!), I wouldn't be able to resist them myself. It is great news that this palette is also easy to use. I heard many times that base is essential, but even without a base, these eye-shadows look lovely on you.

    You just reminded me that I don't have a base product…. and I don't have a palette either. Or any kind of eye-shadow apart from a brow kit that I use as a brown eye-shadow (not sure does that count, though) but baby steps. Today I (almost) managed to apply mascara without getting it all over the place….and I managed to apply a dark red lipstick without any problems so I'm feeling pretty accomplished :). I should have taken a photo, I have to check hub's cellphone, perhaps he did. Either way: Make up progress hurrah!!!

  3. Those are really pretty shades! I wear makeup just about every day, but I usually go for the same old neutral colors. I really want to branch out to more colorful shades like this though!

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