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I’m going to ask the big question here…When is NOT ironing clothes going to get trendy? I’ve been desperately waiting on this to fix my life! Imagine a world where you don’t have to use a wobbly iron with dripping hot water on your fluffy white socks. I can’t count how many times I’ve been burned by this satanic electric invention, not to mention I can’t even use it properly and my clothes still look like rags from a murder scene. 

Not ironing clothes should be a new fashion statement: “Look at me, I’m so chill and rebellious“. Instead, nowadays it’s: “Look at me, I’m a lazy fuck and no one loves me, I refuse to look good!“.
I’m waiting on all those fashion magazines to put into motion a butterfly effect or something, where one person decides they don’t give a dime about ironing, and it spreads like a zombie plague, until the whole world starts resembling a creased old rag. 

Fashiony Part

Today’s outfit is my first welcoming of Autumn. The air is slowly starting to get colder, the sun isn’t as warm as before and all that pressure to enjoy Summer activities is gone forever. Now I can lay in bed and watch anime in peace! 
This is evidently not your typical Fall outfit, but I can’t stop wearing color even during depressing days. Rainbow colors keep me sane O_o. 
Sweatshirts are my staple for colder days, they are versatile, comfortable and make my bony structure more pleasurable for hugging. So when I saw this gemstone work of art on Choies, I had to snatch it. 

I had a few bumps when trying to figure out what would suit this sweatshirt best. I didn’t want to pair it with something boring, so I pulled out my gorgeous gauze skirt from Nmenouno. I tied the hair in a ponytail for a playful twist and matched everything with my Choies lavender backpack
Do you guys likey? Are you ready and excited for Fall? 

Gemstone embellished sweatshirt – c/o Choies, Lavender Backpack – Choies, Dotted maxi Skirt – Nmenouno.
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29 thoughts on “Gemstone Embellished Sweatshirt & Ironing”

  1. Haha I always love your thought Keit! Sometimes I feel lazy too to ironing my clothes! And I love your autumn look, lucky you have autumn season cz I don't have it! <3

  2. I like this sweatshirt, but I Looove this skirt! How gorgeous is that! I'm not ready for Fall because we are going into Spring! Yay! The sun is shining and all is springing out of the ground…with flowers! When we got married my hubby said we couldn't get an iron because it was bad for the clothes! Who was I to argue 🙂 26 years later… We have one but only for sewing and special occasions. I fold carefully after they are on the line and bingo, not too bad. I think we should start a revolution! And you definitely look great. Just stylishly tousled! Xo JJ

  3. I very rarely iron anything, it just gets hung up and I hope that the creases will drop out on their own, and if they are dickish enough not to drop out then I will force them out with the devilish heat of the iron…then hold a grudge against that item of clothing.
    I love the sweater, super cute and perfect for you, so I think you should ift it to me 🙂

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  4. lol I want wrinkly clothes to be a thing too! Mostly because I don't own an iron or even know where to purchase one. The other day I needed to fix some messed up pleats on a skirt so I used my hair straightener…which did the job but left a funny smell. Love your purple backpack!!

    – alexis

  5. HA, I would totally join this not-ironing trend. I mean, immediately! 😀

    To the fashion-part: I think, you're the only person in the world, who can mix up a lot of colors and let the styles clash – and look absolutely fab! Love this damn cute skirt.

    XX, Sara.

  6. Not ironing clothes adds TEXTURE and INTEREST right? It's all a part of your aesthetic. Your aesthetic to be so different you don't iron things. Heck yeah. I'll join you in this movement. Because when clothes are shipping in packages they can't breathe in, yeah, you're gonna have to deal with some initial wrinkles.

    I love the bright colors here, though. You are so rebellious indeed. 😀

  7. Dude, I never iron my clothes. If they are wrinkly after washing I just put them on a hanger and bitch slap them a few itmes :D. If they are wrinkly when they come out of the closet I shower them with a diffuser bottle a little bit and manually fix the wrinkles. Last time I ironed something was when my granpa turned 90 and hubby's shirt was messy snd that was half an year ago. Love your skirt 🙂 And the bag us gorgeous 🙂 !

  8. Man, I NEVER iron my clothes and it drives J nuts. He prefers to be wrinkle-free and I'm like "don't care! slash lazy." I've never operated one of those death machines and I don't plan to. I'll just hang everything up in my closet. XD

    Yay for rainbows! Autumn is coming over here, too, and it seriously pisses me off. I feel like I got two whole weeks of summer this year until having to bundle back up again. Sigh. At least you're rocking the sweatshirt and maxi, though. Keep the color alive!


  9. oh I do like it! those gemstones on your sweatshirt match the pattern of your skirt just perfectly! and when it comes to ironing don't you worry! I haven't practised ironing for like 5 or 6 or 7 years already 🙂 I just find it annoying, the process dries my hands and is not necessary at all. my clothes and my fiance's clothes look okay without ironing. I know everyone else around me irons but that hasn't changed me. so Keit, we're in this together now, haha 😀

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  10. I love it! I think it looked so happy and makes me smile when I see your pictures. You like anime too?! I used to love it so much and I got so hooked to it that I watched it till 4am! LOL! I'm so afraid to even start one now. Else I'll need a lot of coffee or concealer for dark circles.

    P.S. You've been nominated the Versatile Blogger Award on my blog. If you'd like to participate and join the fun, do have a look at my recent post. If not, it's ok too =D

  11. I do likey, you gorgeous bony super-model! I am certain you are huggable even not in a sweatshirt. Who could resist hugging a girl sitting on the sofa watching anime and dropping F-bombs every minute? You have your own special charm! That skirt is amazing! I love the mix of this outfit and am still convinced you are a super stylist and someone should give you a job!

  12. I am not good at ironing, if anything I burn stuff so I invested on a steamer. They are the solution to all my problems, quick, efficient and easy . Also before the steamer I used to hang all my clothes to dry and when needed to wear it put in a steaming shower so it would get some of the wrinkles out xx

  13. I agree, I want not inurning to be a "thing" now. I have so many scars on my forearms from ironing and being a spazz and I've ironed silk shirts in a morning haze and seriously regretted it. (It's be nice if early mornings weren't a thing either!) You fall outfit looks so very you, it's all bright and sparkly! Ohh, we saw Guardians of the Galaxy last night and you were totally right, it's awesome. Keit for the win!

  14. I'm happy about Autumn. It's my favourite season, I guess 🙂 Fashion season. Not ironing clothes? I haven't heard about this but it sounds interesting tho!
    You look spectacular. You styled the two parts amazing <3

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