Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water Review

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I can summarize this review into one word : “Meh…”, but since I love talking and there is currently no one present here to talk to except my glorious self in sweatpants, plastered like a squiggly pretzel over the heater cause it’s cooooooooooold, I’m gonna share my half rant, half satisfied review and create a glorious overture of sentences awkwardly entangled like cheap plastic beads on a friendship bracelet…
I first heard about the magical abilities of micellar water from my makeup obsessed sister (check out her blog, it’s the best evah!) and I am pretty new to this cleansing product, even though it’s in fact quite old. For those of you who live in the woods, share your meals with wolves like me and don’t know anything about micelles, let me tell you, it’s not a brand of cheese! How disappointing! Micelles are in fact tiny molecules that work as a magnet when in contact with dirt and oils. They easily remove any type of makeup, filth and God know what else your angelic face might have been contaminated with when you were lying on the dusty pavement after a few way too many cocktails.
Micellar water doesn’t
contain artificial coloring, perfume, alcohol, or soap, it’s
a delicate cleansing product and you don’t need to rinse it off, woohoo! I usually don’t mind using beauty products that contain ingredients which
could potentially kill you someday, I’m not gonna live forever man,
especially with my diet, but it’s certainly refreshing to find something
that isn’t poisonous!
Micellar water was first introduced by Bioderma and I was initially thinking of investing in one of their cute Sensibio pink bottles, but since I’m cheap I decided to find a more inexpensive alternative and my eyes were dazzled by Garnier and their chubby also pink bottle, so I brought it home to cuddle and test. 
Just like any other micellar water Garnier’s promises to remove makeup and dirt as easy as watching
your life slip away through your fingers. The water is supposed to leave
the face squeaky clean and fresh, and you don’t need to go
through the dreadful rinse off step…boy, talk about lazy! Anything
that requires just a wipe and go sounds like my type of product! ^_^ 
(including toilet paper!)
I usually apply some product
on a cotton pad and it removes everything from lipstick, through a
goth dark eye shadow and even my blue mascara, but I have to use some amount of force to make everything go away. In spite of this, the  process is certainly more easy than violently scrubbing your eyeballs out with any other product. The micelles work exactly like a magnet and I’m makeup free in seconds!
Demonstrated below: half of the face with makeup, half cleaned with Garnier. It doesn’t quite show on the photos, but life sucks so, use your imagination!
My skin is a mixed type, neither oily nor dry, so I thought this product would be perfect for it. Alas, my face feels weird if I don’t rinse the water
off. It doesn’t feel clean and fresh, but rather unpleasant and dry, so I always rinse it off with a generous amount of normal, rusty water, which misses the whole point of micellar water and it’s not suited for lazy asses like muah. Another turn off is the amount of product you have to apply and it’s quite a lot. The bottle is rather big though and I’ve been using this for weeks on almost daily basis and I still haven’t used it all up, so there’s that!
Overall I am not very pleased with this product from Garnier, I am thinking of getting the Bioderma water as soon as I finish this one. What do you guys think? Have you used Garnier’s or any other type of micellar water? What do you think of this type of cleansing product? 
Here’s a retarded blooper for ya! So long and thanks for all the fish!
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19 thoughts on “Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water Review”

  1. Crikey I learn something new every day! No I have never heard of this strange water that removes make up but thank you for alerting me to it Keit – so that I needn't try it out for myself, I mean.
    I checked out your Sissy's Blog, you're right it is good. Funny thing was the first photo I saw of a woman I immediately thought "geez they don't look anything alike" then as I read & scrolled down to see a group pic it was like Ta Dah! OMG you two are exactly alike, cuties xx
    p.s. Do not use toilet paper on your face.

  2. The Bioderma is head and shoulders above every other micellar water I've tried – but it's just a pity it's so spendy! Look forward to catching up on your sister's blog too – what a talented family 🙂

  3. …. I thought Garnier was only for hair products…oh crap.

    Yeah tbh I feel with facial cleansers you have to pay more for a nice one because so much are actually just shit. omg fuck yeah I have mixed skin too which makes it even harder to find products for my skin!!

  4. All of my experiences with makeup removers were…um…rather unpleasant?
    I can relate to you! My face feelssSSS so weird when I don't rinse it with fresh water~~~ I rather remove my makeup with face wash!>:D It refreshes your face and Well, my face is oily so when I wash my face, I feel ~*~*~reborn~*~*~ again!

  5. I was just watching Ingrid Nilsen's video about her skin care and she did mention something about micellar water, but wow, I must have been perfectly cocooned in some other Planet because this is only the second time I've come in close contact over the fancy word 'micellar' and still don't see a need for it, hahaha. Like others above have commented, I will wash my face that's one oily slick of a mess with face wash like a cave woman! Bahaha, Keity, your sis is a cutie, just like you! =D

    Shanaz | Fashionista NOW

  6. The Bioderma one is great, it definitely works much faster than the Garnier, although I also have to rinse my face with water after both of them 😛
    I'm definitely with you on the 'anything that's just a wipe and go' product- they're my type of products too!
    I also wanted to say thank you so much for your comments on my blog Keit- you are the sweetest, and definitely made my day!!:)
    Have a wonderful week <3 Xx

  7. nope, haven't used any micellar water so far. I have heard about them since they're quite old news already but I haven't seen the need to get myself one. the only two things I have to remove from my face before going to sleep are mascara and concealer and those two come off with just warm water. but in the mornings (before once again adding the mascara and concealer) I clean my face with that product: and so far I've been happy with it. it has three layers and you have to shake the product before you use it because those layers have to mix. I can actually say most of the products I use are from Oriflame, they're pretty cheap and I'm happy with them.

    Maiken – Part of me

  8. I either tried this one or some other product that looks exactly the same (my memory is short termed when it comes to names or lexis of any kind connected with brands or whatever….the only names whose I remember are literary character and I trained my brain for years to do that)….anyway, if I remember well I was midly disappointed. Right now I use a combination of natural soap and coco oil to clean my skin.

    your writing always gets me laughing:) ….

  9. I have to agree with your review, I didn't really care for this product. It ended up really drying out my skin after just a few uses so I gave it to my (also very makeup obsessed!) sister and it worked great for her, so it seems to really depend what your skin is like. Gariner is like that though, half of their products I LOVE and the other half are really "eh." I do enjoy really such honest reviews though, so many of the makeup sites now don't really give any info about a product and I feel like I always have to try something out before I commit to it. I haven't really had any luck with makeup removers though, they all dry out my skin so I just use plain old water and a towel. (It's so glamorous.)

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