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Not having a life is an enlightening experience. You stay at home talking to your cats, make Christmas cards for your imaginary friends, watch a bunch of shows no one’s heard about and later discuss them with the wall…No I’m just messing with you, I have a life, sometimes if I have a good hair day, I go outside so people can bask in my glory!
Since I’ve got plenty of time, I thought I’d reread and re-watch everything from Carl Sagan, and then reread and re-watch it again. And then reread and re-watch it again. Yes, I’m slightly obsessed. I’ve been seeing galaxies in the toilet even, so when Choies contacted me to try out their new Pekoe Bag collection, I immediately inhaled and then exhaled a screech of excitement, (which only mating birds can compete with) and got this Galaxy Print tote bag

I haven’t been very keen on the Galaxy trend, since it used to be so trendy. Maybe I have hipster blood in my veins, but I steer away whenever something gets too popular. Except if it’s something that sparkles, I love sparkles! *_* 
But since this trend has passed, I’m happy to prance around with my new bag. The biggest advantage it has, is the size. Women appreciate big sizes…you know…of bags! What did you guys think of? You perverts!

I wore this for a coffee break from making Christmas cards for imaginary friends, and went to see the boyfriend at his workplace. Stayed there till I got bored out of my brains, bought a salmon bagel from Dunkin Donuts and went home. It was a good day!
The only thing new here is this sweater I thrifted from’s the men’s section. Since it was already huge and slouchy I tore the neckline and wore it with a bare shoulder.

Anyone seeing a difference in hair? No one else in real life saw it, so I’m counting on you internet people, you’re my last hope! 
The story behind the hair is that I made a new internet friend! She’s a gorgeous, alcohol-drinking super model, nerd, embodiment of perfection, fashion icon and lots more, but my vocabulary is too modest to express her awesomeness. She also has a blog, so go check it out now, you won’t be sorry! 
So, my new internet bestie gave the suggestion to dye my hair ombre and so I did, and I fucking love it! I’m even prettier than before, if that’s even humanly possible, he-he. 

What do you guys think of the Galaxy trend? What do you guys think of my new hair?!?!?!?! *fishing for compliments* 

Pink Aztec Print Jeans – H&M (second hand), Sweater – Second Hand, Galaxy Print Tote Bag – c/o Choies
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17 thoughts on “Galaxy Print Tote Bag & Ombre Hair”

  1. I'm obsessed with the universe like you, you have to check out Stephen Hawking's shows and books. Although Sagan's monologue about the Little Blue Dot, makes me cry every time.
    I love youre ombre hair!!! Now that you have went ombre you will never go back, I dont think I will, I just love it. Even on shitty hair days, it gives me a little boost.
    You look lush!!

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  2. Oh, not havin a life sounds like the perfect thing for me at the moment. 😀 I hope, this is what's going to happen the days before christmas, when I finally got some days off! 🙂

    You look stunning in these pics. I mean, you always look like everything is just suiting you perfectly. Especially love this bag!

    XX, Sara.

  3. Yess your hair looks so good! I've always loved the ombre effect and you look awesome with it! Also I love your pants and bag!! I live in Georgia by the way, that's why it always looks so warm haha, wish it would snow though =/

  4. What I'm not your internet bestie? Oh I am so bummed now. I suppose I am your internet mother and must get a grip-grow up and act my age! LOVE your hair and those pants! You always look so awesome in slouchy ripped up things too. I am thinking of spending the rest of my life in velour track suits. That Juicy Couture trend is so over now I could totally bring it back.

  5. Welp, you definitely got me on that pervert comment, haha! And I'm the same way when winter hits- I stay at home with the blinds drawn. So much so that my friends make fun of me that I crawl into a panic room and dont come out until spring starts thawing things. I just dont want to venture outsiiiiiide! But seems like you did, at least for these pictures 🙂 Love your ombre!

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

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