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 This is a second hand sweater I bought from an online vintage shop – http://www.par-a-van.com. It’s the greatest thing that has happened to me, since chocolate with strawberries. It can be combined with shorts, skirts, dresses, pants, leggings…you name it! The cut is a perfect match between longer sleeves and a slightly bigger neckline, which makes it look very subtle with whatever you wear it with.
Here it is, combined, with an ugly black dress, that actually look pretty good as a skirt.

The stupid faces I make when people are walking by and I’m being photographed…. The horror.

And my favorite- red and pink. Who would have thought it look so good. Like brown and pink, wtf. XD

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4 thoughts on “Fuckton of photos”

  1. nice loook.. i love the knit and pants.. ahahah.. im sure peoples think you are strange when you did photographed.. like when i do it here.. dont you scared when you sit guardrail? its quite high if i see on your pic.. btw, thank you for your lovely comment on my blog… ^_^


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