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Apparently I have a thing for lace this Summer! Last year was all about leather, but this year wherever I see a lace thingy I need to have it! 
Even so, my grandma wasn’t too pleased when I refused to take her crochety-lace table covers for my“new life with the boyfriend”. I’ve been living this new life for like, 4 years already, and I still haven’t taken a single crochet cover. It’s supposed to be some kind of a dowry or something, so sooner or later I would be pressured into taking them and maybe even placing them on my nightstand…the horror! 
Still, you can’t refuse grandma! If she says “eat”, you eat, if she says “take the crochet covers” you fucking take those ugly crochet covers and place them on your table! 

Any who, where was I? Oh yes, the lace craving. I don’t know if it’s the years talking, maybe I’m finally getting older, but lace is my new thing this Summer. I saw this gorgeous vintage number in Frontrowshop and had a slight *heavy breathing* moment. The loose design is exactly what I need for our hot humid days. 

I decided to style my new lace treasure with a slight bohemian twist so I paired it with camel platform boots and a big leather shoulder bag. The transparent bracelet is also from Frontrowshop. It’s feminine and at the same time very casual, so I would probably be wearing it with combat boots as well! ^_^  

Don’t mind the big fugly scars on my legs! I’ve been bumping into so many things lately, I could easily be mistaken for a one dimensional novella character, maybe an “awkward” love interest for a stupid vampire…or a stupid werewolf…or a Wolverine…that would be so lovely!

Brown platform boots- Lidl, Lace Shift dress- c/o Frontrowshop, PVC transparent bracelet- c/o Frontrowshop, Bag- Mom’s. 
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26 thoughts on “Frontrowshop Vintage Lace Dress”

  1. Heheh don't apologize for leg scars. They definitely add personality. I know I myself have many leg scars and also tons of paint splotches AAAAALLL over my body from painting this summer. I will never have perfectly clear skin. 😀

    This lace dress thingy, as you call it, is an absolutely gorgeous piece!! And I love those boots as well. Maybe you could turn these crotcheted table pieces into something fashionable. 😉

  2. I wouldn't have noticed the scars :p This is definitvly a good purchase, and this dress fits you perfectly!
    If family give me things to move on my first flat, I would take it (economy for the win)! I'm sure a nice crochet cover can make anything looks kinda bohemian if put with natural things (maybe raw wood fourniture); or with leather like you did with the outfit! Ok, in a house we maybe don't have a lot of leather, that's true. But I beleive in its power!
    Have a good day!
    ps: To let you know I did a quick sketch of you several days ago (, before my life got a bit crazy too; I'm really pleased to check your blog as soon as I can so it give me strengh to draw a bit with a pen again ^^

  3. So very pretty! I can see why you fell for this dress!
    I had to use a lace thingy for my wedding…yes, cause Grandma said use it…

  4. Oh my gosh, this dress! I kind of need it in my life. It's gorgeous! And I love how you paired it with boots too.

    Also, (about your comment on my blog), if you're still unsure about Hannibal, you should check out its reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. I know you said you heard some bad things, but it actually has 100% from critics, most of whom called it the best show of the year. Just my two cents, I definitely recommend giving it a try! 🙂

  5. I'm so used to seeing you in more oversized, menswear outfits – which you wear so very well – that this lace dress really took me by surprise. But in a good way, of course. You really can pull anything off, it seems, including a lace dress. I'm a little jealous 😉

  6. Ahaha, oh man, I've got some scars on my legs as well, and I don't even know what from -_-
    And hey, maybe you can turn those crochet covers into a dress?
    Then again, it couldn't beat your lacey dress here! I love the tough boots you paired with it
    Also, thanks for sharing that girl's site with me! I'm absolutely stalking it 🙂

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  7. this is awesome. I love such lace, white dresses.
    And you are on Choies' latest banner ads!! I have your face on my sidebar!! I just put it up when I saw you in it.. 😀

  8. Just take the crochet table covers and put them in your storage until one magical moment, you might need them. MIGHT. I love the dress on you! I'm loving lace as well this summer! It's easy, breezy, and beyond feminine! What more can you do with it? Well besides cutting the dress up into a table cover, lol. You look gorg as usually!

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    xx AlexisSplash

  9. gaahhh this dress is GORGEOUS!! I'd definitely have a heavy breathing moment over it too. And I love how you toughed it up with the shoes. And I totally laughed out loud over your aggressive crochet knitting grandmother. Mine is the exaaaact same way.

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  10. Perhaps you are a Manic Pixie Dream Girl! I bump into things too. Being clumsy is actually a symptom of my illness. No kidding! I am always covered in bruises and I think, where did that one come from?
    Love your outfit! I love lace too and it's perfect with tougher accessories like leather and boots and stuff.

    My ex husband had a grandma who crocheted chunky wool doilies and sent them to us in the mail. I actually like really delicate lace ones but maybe not chunky green ones so much. I think you should make some sort of funky bohemian bedspread or curtain out of them. Or send them to me and I will!

  11. This look is just perfect! I love the boots especially. They're just chunky enough and the perfect color. I really love the clear bracelet, too! Hahaha, I'm the same with crochet. I just can't get myself to like anything crocheted.

  12. I love lace and I love leather too! Good thing they look so great together. This dress is gorgeous on you. I love it paired with those more rugged boots.
    I ended up with a bunch of handed down crochet doily things from my great grandma and I have no idea what to do with them so you're probably smart to not grab those if you won't use them! I was like, "sure thanks for these doilies" and now they're sitting in a box.

    Jamie |

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