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Hiii everybody! How is your week so far? Mine has been so fashionable I almost feel like I’m in that stupid movie “The Devil Wears Prada“…Such a dumb movie….Anyway, the reason I have been feeling as fancy as french fries, is because of Frontrowshop. I wasn’t aware of the existence of this store, until one day they contacted me to try out their products. 
I sensed a small personal rebellion uprising, when I saw what they have to offer. And it offers a lot! A lot of my personal style and a lot of why I love fashion so much – because it brings pure happiness. 
Frontrowshop Dress

The concept behind this store is to help women feel special and cherished. “Front Row” means the front seat for key people during Fashion Week, including celebrities, fashion icons and editors. With the help of their fashion lines, Frontrowshop wants women to feel like VIP’s. And since I’ve never even been to a Fashion Week this whole idea sparked my attention and love immediately. Who says you can’t feel special riding the crappy public transport! If I’m going to take in the aroma of old socks in the bus, I’d rather do it with style!

Frontrowshop Sheer Dress

Choosing products from their store wasn’t an easy task, because everything corresponded to my style at great lengths. I spent a good 4 hours thinking of what to get (I know I know, first world problems) until I landed on this combination here, which I thought was perfect already. The whole mix is consisted of a silver cami dress and a dress from red sheer mesh.  The silver cami is made from a pleasant satin, which pours down like lead. The sheer mesh dress can be worn with almost any clothing you can imagine. It works great with tank tops, pants, and even skirts. 

Frontrowshop Sheer Dress

I wore this for a little walk around our neighborhood, so I decided to take my dreadful painful hologram boots. Other items included are a second hand clutch, bracelet from Mood & Closet and owl necklace. 
So let me know have you ever shopped from Frontrowshop? What are your impressions?

Frontrowshop Sheer Dress

Frontrowshop Sheer Dress

Silver cami dress- c/o Frontrowshop, Sheer Red Dress- c/o Frontrowshop, Hologram cut out boots- Fashionthirsty, Bracelet- Mood & Closet 
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17 thoughts on ““Front Row Shop” Review”

  1. never shopped there – but the dress you picked is absolutely fabulous!!!!!
    a timeless piece, great fabric, gorgeous colors…….
    if i lost my ability to sew i would by at frontrowshop 🙂
    your styling here is perfect with the silver shoes, straight clutch and sleek hair. i saw a many fashion events – i can easily picture you in the front row!
    greetings from the east of germany xxx

  2. That is the best outfit I have ever seen for imbibing old sock aroma! Also for strolling around the neighbourhood. You look fantastic as always and I hope your neighbours appreciate it!

  3. LOL The Devil Wears Prada is totally a grand movie. 😉 Dude, Keit, you are rocking this ensemble! Seriously, I'm pretty sure nobody else could pull it off like you… I enjoy everything about it! You sort of look like Kool-Aid or like you're a secret undercover princess from another planet. I don't know, maybe you're a Kool-Aid princess. 😀

  4. I've decided that you are a futuristic red riding hood out to slay the last big bad wolf. What a crazy and fashion-forward ensemble! (especially with those boots. I need a pair, now!) The prices on FRS aren't too bad either, which is great news for my wardrobe, but bad for my wallet.


    Another Beautiful Thing

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