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To be honest, my granny has a lot of dresses that look just like this particular top. That’s why I consider black garments with flowers to be very granny-like, and even so, I can’t stay away from them. I think the open back compensates and gives it a sexy vibe..I hope.

Boyfriend hates this top, which gives me the more reason to wear it, muahahaha! (evil laugh)

Fashiony part: Top- second hand, skirt- nowistyle, belt- Mango, bracelets- nowistyle, clutch-second hand (Bianco Gear)

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23 thoughts on “Floral Granny”

  1. Haha, I wonder why boyfriend hates that top?? It's so cute, and totally counters the old lady-ness.

    The rad boots also kind of counter the old ladiness. I never thought of wearing boots with a longer skirt or dress. Hhmhmhmm! *lightbulb* Idea!!

  2. Ok, so, your hair is looking sexier every day. Please promise you'll keep the pink forever, k?

    I can't believe your lover doesn't like the top! My hubby always goes wild for any clothing with the back cut out in some way — it's very sensual without the boobage taking over. Coming from a lady with exactly zero boobage, I find this very helpful.


    ps: have you ever thought about bangs? I think they might be a cute addition to your bob-like cut you are rockin' right now. I'm still growing out my pixie and trying to get my hair longer and I'm finding that bangs are doing a lot to help coax the process along. 😀


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