Five Things Bloggers Do That Make Blogging Not As Easy As You Think

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I’ve often been given the “Oh you’re a blogger, what’s so hard about that?” look and sometimes they are right, blogging is much better than mining that’s for sure, but sometimes it turns into a desk job that is even more engulfing than a normal job, you have to spend more hours into it and everything is on you, there is no boss, no one to guide you through the process, plus, if you’re a fashion blogger you freeze your clam off in the winter! I wanted to share five things I usually do that make blogging not as peachy easy as most people think it is, not because I believe I’m special and entitled to complain, but because I don’t have anything better to do since I just finished reading The Complete Hitchhiker’s Guide and I’m experiencing some dreadful Douglas Adams withdrawal symptoms.

Number One: First baby blogging steps.
Starting a blog is a rough cookie. First you need to choose your platform, do you want to be a pro, or a hobby blogger, do you want to make money, what kind of niche you are aiming for, what kind of people do you want to attract, what design do you want? You need to learn at least the basics of HTML and CSS. And those are the easy steps, the real tough pickle is making people notice you and gaining a loyal audience. 
Do you want to be politically correct or do you stay true to yourself with the hope that people won’t dispatch you like an old torn sock when you say third wave feminism sucks, do you write in forums or be present in other social media, do you interact with other blogs, do you place hashtags everywhere. 
There are thousands upon thousands of blogs out there, you need to be creative and work yourself out of the Google soup of never seen blogs. 

Number Two: Being persistent. 
When most people start their blogs they are excited and inspired that the world will now see their might and glory, but what happens when there is no world? When I first started no one really knew about me, for a long time my blog was just a shadow only my cats knew of. It was a little saddening to know that no one cares about my precious self. This is where a lot of people quit. You have to be a stubborn mule to keep pushing and delivering content even though your blog is practically a graveyard. Being persistent and posting regularly is a must. I’ve seen so many blogs go down when people leave it for weeks unattended only to get back again, but this time their audience is gone.
And this is just the tip (Archer quote, akhem).

You have to learn how to acquire traffic, how to engage people, learn how to write and deliver meaningful content, lead business communications with brands, sometimes work passed over 22 o’clock to finish a deadline, choose the brands and advertisement companies you want to work with carefully, figure out if they are going to harm your content and so on. 

Number Three: Social butterfly.
Establishing yourself through social media and parading yourself around the internet like a beautiful glass of cold tasty beer is often time consuming. Bloggers have to be everywhere from Google+ to Pinterest in order to gain more exposure, which isn’t that big of a deal. But what’s more time consuming is if you start reading and following other blogs and interacting with everyone. I usually don’t reply on comments unless there’s a question, but I visit people’s blogs frequently and leave a comment there. I think it’s better to have a peek at their blog, acknowledge their effort, read through their posts, show that you care. It usually takes hours to read through everything and often when I don’t engage with other people I notice low engagement from them in my blog as well. You have to shove yourself out there constantly. 

Number Four: The dreadful SEO
When I first started researching SEO I quickly found out that what worked few months ago doesn’t work now. And not only does it NOT work, but it would most surely break your blog and make it even less search engine optimized. You have to be up to date with every change Google does and the fucking little weasel changes frequently. I have bookmarked a webpage with SEO news, but I rarely visit it because it depresses me. There are so many things you need to do like: optimizing your posts and images, adjusting your writing style, crawling, algorithm learning, keyword research, link building, meta data, meta tags, learning to work with Google Analytics and checking your blog’s SEO rank frequently. 

Number Five: Taking those pretty pictures.
When you’re a fashion blogger, there’s more to do than just take photos and dress up pretty. You need to chose a good location, good lightning, learn the basic principles of taking a good photo: position, angle, auto balance, background. Often you deal with pesky strangers asking annoying questions, not to mention taking photos when the temperatures outside are below zero, trying to look sexy when the wind is molesting your soul. Editing photos also requires learning Lightroom, Photoshop and other editing programs, learning how to crop and how to enhance an image and make the outfit or product look its best. 
Overall these are just the basics, many people might not do them, many people might do even more. My point is, blogging isn’t just about posting pretty stuff and puking your thoughts out there on the internet, there’s a lot on your plate and always more work you can do to make it better.
So, what do you fellow bloggers think? Do you think blogging is easy, do you do it full time, or just for a hobby? What are the things you usually do that you consider not as easy as people think?

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28 thoughts on “Five Things Bloggers Do That Make Blogging Not As Easy As You Think”

  1. Try adding two kids and a store into the mix! Yes, definitely hard to maintain that's for sure. If you want it to be good, it takes a lot of time.Finding the right location alone can be a time suck. But to make it artful and aesthetically pleasing it definitely takes a chunk of the day day, hard, no? time consuming, yes!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Snap Sheree! I have an extra kid but no shop. Yours is one of the first blogs I started following because of the fantastic pictures, you clearly put a lot into finding locations. I haven't ventured out of my garden yet but you've inspired me to be brave next post…I go out, wish me luck Mx

    1. I have a feeling SEO is one of those unicorns which everyone talks about how it's super important and effective, but….not really…Don't know, haven't researched everything thoroughly cause I'm too lazy and I like to watch movies 😀

  2. I break all the rules, posting infrequently…at the moment, and having no clear audience in mind. I have a range of content without being consistent, but I suppose it is all from my mind, so that is my constant.
    I don't do most of those optimising things. Don't even really do HTML!
    But I do have a small loyal audience for which I am extremely grateful.
    And yes, it is time consuming, but as Emma says, also extremely rewarding.
    I have had deep conversations on email after certain blogposts, and hopefully have been able to help others. That makes it all worthwhile right there!
    We appreciate your work Keit!!! Keep on freezing your butt off 😀 xo jj

  3. well i couldn't have said it better myself! A lot of people think I'm lucky just because I blog and then I get all these freebies and perks but they don't understand the effort and how long it took before i got to that point where brands are willing to give me a piece of clothing. it is a real job, people. thanks for sharing this post Keit. whenever I read posts like this, it takes me back to the very beginning when I have just started blogging and make me realise how far i've come, and reminds me why i still do it.

    oh, and the styling here! mannnn.. i'll leave it to you to pull off anything, even a leather python skirt worn over jeans. hands down, babe. hands down.

    xo, Carla

  4. great post! for me personally, being consistent and SEO is the hardest when it comes to blogging. I know nothing about analytics and it really bores me, but I'm sure it hurts my blog! there needs to be more "blogging 101" posts that cover this type of stuff especially monetizing and the business side of it…the stuff no one really talks about.

  5. I'm still furiously nodding my head at everything you just said. Here I am 4 weeks into being a full time blogger learning everything from scratch with 3 little kids & dare I say it I'm having an absolute ball!!! Some days I could tear my hair out there's so much to learn, at least it should keep the old alzheimers at bay haha. fyi I've read everything Douglas Adams wrote.Mx

  6. Cool post! People really think that I just sit and wait for the freebies to arrive and see $$$ on my account. Actually it takes a lot of effort and time like any other "regular" job. Okay, taking photos is the easiest and funniest part, but everything else can be hard sometimes, especially to be regular in blogging and knowing SEO stuff. Learning HTML, CSS and all about the blog design wasn't that hard, actually I found it very interesting.
    And, finally about your look. I love it! And I want that necklace so bad! Now! Please?! XD

  7. Love this post cause it is so real. People think life is just peachy when you are a blogger like thing again. You are constantly thinking of content, of engaging with your readers, on where to find the next cool location (and if you are a minimalist like myself think harder cause there isn't that many places in my city to please my aesthetic) so you kneed to work harder, balance personal life, work and blogging. I need to be better at SEO I have to same I am ashamed that I know nothing really to optimize my things. Let me know what link you have so I can have a look and read up some info.

  8. Well, if the idea is to make a living blogging, then…yeah, all of that stuff goes with the territory and it's just part of the "job." If blogging is just a hobby, then most of that stuff probably won't matter in the grand scheme of things.

    I fall in the latter category. If I end up dealing with weirdos while I'm having my photo taken or my fingers and toes go numb from a Winter shoot, it's because (a) I think there's value (not necessarily monetary) in what I'm doing and (b) it's a fun past time. Any money or gifts received as a result of my hobby is seen as totally amazing and wholly unexpected. Haha. Appreciated, but not necessary. So, I dunno. I think the bloggers who provide quality content without the expectation of getting paid are the most valuable and most genuine. I don't think they'll have a hard time finding viewers, either, because they'll naturally stand out. 😛

    Wicked outfit, by the way! Man-repeller magnifique! 😀

    – Anna

  9. I sometimes myself can't believe how much time it takes keeping a blog. It's honestly like a little business- in the beginning it needs all your attention or else it'll flop. And I guess that's really the only difference between the blogs that succeed and fail- if you keep on going you'll eventually build your audience and you won't have to give it 10 hours every day…eventually 🙂 I love everything you said here, and I think it'll be hella encouraging to all the bloggers in their beginning stages. Keep at it ladies!

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  10. You are right as always, my blogging mentor! I've been related to SEO at my previous job and it was frustrating as fuck =) But now when I'm learning things on my own, it's quite interesting. I feel like a cast away going deeper into a jungle on God forsaken island. And sometimes I meet very friendly natives on my way =)

  11. That's why I completely ignore SEO and why I'll never start a blog. I definitely couldn't be a blogger in a professional sense–I enjoy it, but I don't think I'd like to take it farther.

    1. P.S. I love the layering in this outfit–I've always been partial to jeans with skirts but it's way too hot to dress like that here in the gorgeous tropics. 🙂

  12. I was writing a really defeatist message, but to sum up without feeling like "the world is mean and I'll never be able to do what I enjoy because there is to much apriorism"; people cannot see you struggle behind your screen or at an usual workplace with witnesses so they assume is easy and do not bring anything to the holy society. Damn, it's 2015! Frustrated people will always keep us from trying to do what we want because they couldn't at on point, we must resiiisssstt :p
    Really interesting post! It's like having a glimpse at your backstage thoughts.
    This is a crazy styling, I like it ^3^ Have a good day! =)

  13. LOL-what do think? I think I do pretty much none of these things and don't even know what all of them are. I struggle just to get around to visit the blogs on my blog roll and then feel guilty posting if I haven't managed to visit everyone. I find posting easier than commenting on forty blogs a few times a week. But then, I am not trying to make any money from my blog. I totally get that conundrum about being PC or true to yourself. I have written drafts and then not posted them because I knew my opinion would offend some of my readers or blog friends and offending people is rather contrary to my basic image of nice person. My dilemma is that I am an opinionated nice person. Do I want a hundred people to like me and think I am nice, or do I want twenty people to think I am cool because I dare to express my opinion and they happen to agree with it? I am too tired to sort that one out.

    You look so awesome and pink and sparkly. My deepest condolences over the Douglas Adams withdrawl. You will heal a little in time. Have you ready Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency? xoxoxo

  14. you probably already know that but my blog is (obviously :D) a hobby. I work as a project manager from 8am till 5pm from Monday till Friday and there are times when I work for another company as well (doing public procurements). I also have a big household with a garden which also swallows time. I also know it's not good that I post so seldom but I have two options. 1. I keep posting and do it seldom or 2. I don't post at all. no other options unfortunately. I don't blog because I search for big numbers or anything. I do it because it's a hobby and I love my blogger friends. the ones that have been there for years. I also love photographing everything and the blog is a place where I can put all those nice things together. and I'm a perfectionist when I do something so it's especially time consuming to pick the photos, write the text, find better sentences and words. you know, all those things. I think I already forgot what my actual point was so I'm going to stop and say your outfit is awesome. you really rock all that pink! oh and I sent you an e-mail as well!

    Maiken – Part of me

  15. My blog is a hobby right, if it's going to be monetised later, i'm not sure, if it'll exist next year, I also don't know. What I do know is that I love blogging, I love the distraction it provides from every day life. I love seeing how clothes are styled and the lifestyle of many different women. I also love the pink hearts on your sweater it's incredibly cute and I love your blog, I love how you write, Keit and yes I do all of what you've posted right here, but I dislike doing any Google analytic stuff it's like maths written in english.

  16. Дааа, Кат, не е никак лесно, признавам ти го, това си е абсолютно ангажиращо като сериозна работа на пълен работен ден! И не преувеличавам! #beentheredonethat

  17. Blogging is anything but easy…it's hard and time consuming and I'm sure many of us ask ourselves why do I do it? You covered the main difficulties and challenges wonderfully with the post. Staying true to oneself is always a challenge, it's much more easier to just go with the flow or whatever is popular….and I'm so tired of that political correctness that is popular today. I think we would all be better off with more love and education in our life and less worrying we'll say something unorthodox.

    One of the best thing about blogging is that we get to claim a space to express ourselves. Personally, I can't pretend I'm another Becky or Carrie. I've never been a shoppingholic, I don't even particularly enjoy shopping. I like buying things I like just like everyone else, but the whole process tires me. Not that I think it is wrong to enjoy shopping, but I think it is wrong to just copy paste our thoughts and pretend we're characters from some movie. I see so many blogs that are hard to tell apart, so I do agree that we should express something unique….or what's the point?

    On our own blog, we should have something that is also interesting for us to read, you know what I mean? I think it is good to take a look at our blog and ask ourselves…how is this me? how does this say me? I think our blog should at least to a degree reflect ourselves. For example, there are no new in posts on my blog, I might enjoy reading them on other blogs but I just don't have material to do it on mine, but I have a lot of DIY projects…so that is how my blog reflects me.

    Lately, I've been thinking about investing more time and effort in my blog. It all started with some challenges I have set out for myself this May…and I can tell you it is scary to think about it. I'm not sure I have what it takes to take my blog to a new level…but I'm sure that any effort we invest in the quality of blog, definitely shows. They always say we should plan things for our blog, but I can't really plan too far ahead right now. I plan posts ahead and I invest time in my blog, but I don't have a clear picture of what I want to do with my blog. However, I always try to keep posting regularly because I do agree that consistence is so important.

    Blogging is basically a risk. We invest a lot and we're never sure what we'll get in return…so it is with everything in life, relationships and work…you just have to put yourself out there in a way….try your hardest…what can we do but to do our best?

    Thank you for this great post, I immensely enjoyed reading it.

  18. I hate when people say that blogging is so easy and all bloggers do is photograph free clothes >__< I want to punch those people in their face. Anyway, I want to say you look amazing & that kind of skirt is my dream for-ever! <3
    I have so much to tell/write you so you don't even know. I will write you an e-mail during weekend or maybe we will skype?

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