Five outfit ideas for International Women’s Day

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Despite me being an apartment dweller I often find various made up occasions to dress up pretty. I won’t be going anywhere on Women’s day, but this doesn’t stop me from trying out a few outfit ideas for the holiday. After all, I ordered some food and I’ve got to be presentable for the delivery human.  I usually open the door in shorts one size too big for me and smudged make up, so that’s 10 points for effort!

International Women’s day is my favorite day, since it’s all about me, myself and I. All you’ve got to do is be a women – check! And let the attention roll in! Notice me Senpai!
In the spirit of Women’s international day I thought I’d share five outfit ideas if you will be going out and about with friends, family, or a beloved one.  So let’s get cracking!

Cap it!

If you’re like me, always feeling cold and lazy, you might consider Women’s day an opportunity to bundle up, but in style! Hence a pleated skirt with a girly color and a sweater for uber cozines makes for a great start. You can also try out different hats to spice it up. For this outfit, I tried on a new baseball cap I bought from Calliope for just 1$! Talk about budget!

Biker Jacket

The biker jacket is a classic staple piece that I think should be in every girly’s wardrobe. Whenever I want to tone down an outfit or accent on it, the biker jacket comes in handy depending on how you style it.
In this case I used an old floral dress I had and a denim shirt. The biker jacket here is from a second hand store and it’s one my best purchases. It’s versatile and at the same time the pale pinkish color goes well with almost any outfit I pair it with, giving it that extra boost.

Suit up!   

Since I  snatched this blazer from Zara on sale I’ve been wearing it almost nonstop. For a holiday glam, this time I styled it with a silk slim fitted dress. You can always play around with textures and proportions and dress it down if you prefer, but for me Women’s day calls for something over the top, cause I have an excuse to be over the top! Finally!

I’m not big for accessorizing and I am still learning, but even I know flowers in the hair make me happy and feel as womanly as ever! You can try out a headband or a flower crown, go wild and make that hair look like a garden, you won’t regret it!

Little Black Dress

I snatched this dress from a second hand store and as you see I am not busty enough to kill in it, but it makes for a good start. Try a classic little black dress with a bare back for a sexy finish. You can play around with a variety of accessories that would compliment your dress, like these pink socks and bandana I put together for a complete and well packaged outfit.

So what do you guys think? Which outfit is your favorite? Are you going out for International Women’s day? 
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3 thoughts on “Five outfit ideas for International Women’s Day”

  1. Happy Women's Day you awesome being! You know what, you are so beautiful I don't think you know it! #nohomo and I just love how you're enjoying coordinating these outfits as I can feel the energy! Love how you always shine in colors and prints. My favorite from the list would be the biker jacket outfit as it's got a dose of cuteness and edge together. Of course another favorite of mine is your infectious smile and vibrant eyeballs. Please keep them coming 😀 xoxoxo

  2. Happy belated Women's day! My fav outfit is the one with the pastel pink jacket! A leather jacket is really the ultimate classic.

    You look lovely dear, I like all of these outfit proposals.

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