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What better way to spend your Saturday than dragging your sorry ass around a field of parasite infested bushes and weeds, in a 30 degrees melting heat, gripping a grass-cutter and loudly mowing stinking pissed grass, while feeling like a true man!
There is a weird trend going on around my town, this Summer. People seem restless and itching for something to do and this something consist of mowing random grass fields around different blocks, making screeching sounds everywhere they go, at the most inappropriate time of the day. 
How much do you have to hate your wife and kids, to leave them in the middle of the night and start mowing grass, which didn’t even need mowing in the first place, mind you!
If you hate your life so much, get drunk like normal people do, and leave the manly mowing of grass to people who wouldn’t do it at midnight!

Do you guys have similar experiences, early mornings especially- the favorite time of the good old screaming noise of the flex piercing through your skull?

Fashiony part: I’m officially obsessed with Fig&Viper’s collection of grunge and trash inspired outfits. Good news is they have international shipping now, these are some of the few items I’m drooling over.

Top- Fig&Viper, Oversized jeans- vintage.

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18 thoughts on “Fig & Viper”

  1. I think my neighbourhood has the opposite problem, it's too damn quiet. I woke up last night at 1am and then couldn't get back to sleep because of the lack of noise!!

    I can definitely see you wearing pretty much everything from that line. And you look rad as usual! x

  2. Talking about piercing and freaking irritating sound, I really need to rant about the renovation that's going on upstairs of my apartment. Damn! Everyday for almost 2 weeks now, the floor above us has been drilling and banging since 9am! That includes Saturday too! This is not the first time they're renovating their house. Like seriously??!
    I like your printed top and the choice of leather dress you chose from Fig & Viper's.

    P.S. Babe, I'm trying to find for your email address and I couldn't find it anywhere in your blog. Can you share it with me please?

  3. It's the couple who lives near us that bothers me the most in the middle of the night. They usually argue at 2 or 3 am in the morning. And when they argue, they really shout at the top of their lungs! Love that oversized top. I like that it's neckline isn't too low.

    A Hint of Sunlight

  4. Aah don't get me started on this, the building next door is getting demolished and being reconstructed…LOVE your jeans though, I am looking for the perfect oversize jeans xxx

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