Fig & Viper romper and The sad truth about getting old

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I haven’t been very active these days have I? (sniff) I hate not being able to comment or read your blogs, the guilt is eating me inside! I usually start off the day by checking out your blogs, but these past few weeks were sooo weird I didn’t have time to do any of my usual internet thingies.
For example these Japanese lessons are starting to bite me on the ass. Who in the bloody hell is capable of memorizing all those characters? O_O  Not to mention my left hand writing sucks balls and now I have to write pretty in order to distinguish all those little tiny lines and dots and loops. 
Tell me something, are there any left handed people out there? Do you write as if you’re writing with your ass? Seriously, I need to know, is it just me? 
Anyways, I’m gonna be back at stalking you all very soon, so if you felt unloved these past few days, don’t freth, I’m gonna love you aaaaall night loong! (wink)

The outfit here is my first skanky outfit for this Fall. It’s one of
those pieces you wish you knew existed, before you met your boyfriend.
Because who the hell wants to be sexy when they’re in a 4 year
relationship already? Nah, just kidding, I feel sexy all the time!

I remember the time when going to clubs was a skanky ritual. We would
start off by putting on the most whorish outfits, but not too whorish,
so you can leave a little room for dignity, then came tequilas, then
the spazmic-like dance techniques for “seducing” men, then throwing up all alone in your bathroom. Aah, good old times. 
Now you have to bribe me with food, or shiny things, in order to trick me into going out. Times have changed. 

Fig&Viper– Romper, Mood & Closet– Bracelet.

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26 thoughts on “Fig & Viper romper and The sad truth about getting old”

  1. Learning Japanese sounds like a task. I know what you mean by being busy, aaahh! I felt like I've been lame at commenting and only making short comments. I KNOW YER FEEL, GIRL.

    On the upside, you're lookin' fan-ta-boo-liss and I love lovelovel the combination of socks and sheer tights here *_* yum yum

    1. В момента никъде, зарязах отдавна българското образование 😀 Взимам частни уроци.

  2. oh those sweet memories you just shared… sounds exactly like me in the past, haha. thank god I've changed because those times were not so decent 😀 but yeah, I know what you felt. by the way, what a bright and summery look that is, perfect for some beach time. which will not happen before 8 or 9 months though, at least here in Estonia. oh joy.

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  3. This romper is amazing – and yet, I think you're the only person who could pull it off so well. Especially with yellow knee socks 🙂

  4. hahaha they have to bribe me to go out too…times change in deed… cool hair, I used to have pink high lights like that 2 years ago..loved it.. I should try something new to my hair now but I don't know what..I'm still searching… thanks for stopping by my blog..good luck on the japanese lessons..sounds hard

  5. Oh yes, the good old days. Before the bum got bigger, the boobs got saggier, all the the great stuff. 😛 I have to say, those tights are crazy sexy, I quite like the line up the back! And urg, Japenese! I took a Chinese class with my cousin and it was painful. Good luck with your lessons!

  6. This post cracks me up. My handwriting varies between awful and perfect. I am right handed, tho.

    I am the worst about remembering all the blogs I want to read! I tried to have rotating list on my blog, but it doesn't show them all 🙁 Thank you for always leaving wonderful comments on my posts 🙂

    I love those yellow socks!!

  7. Damn, dude <3 You look gorgeous! I love the colors and the design of the romper. So excellent!

    Ehh, my skank outfit days are over. Haha. You think YOU'RE getting old? ;P I used to show a lot more skin ohhh about a decade ago, but now I'm very selective about what I show and how I show it. I hate being responsible, but the older you get, the harder it is to throw caution to the wind. That's why it's so awesome being young. Haha. Enjoy it! <3

    – Anna

  8. You're learning Japanese?! I've been wanting to do that yet I didn't take the initiative to do so. LOL! Good on you! Practise more and you'll master it pretty soon. Yes, I agree you always look sexy =)

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