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    I’ve been thrifting again… That sounded like a confession of an alcoholic.
It may be a good idea to start an “Anonymous thrift group”. Where all the pain and anguish go away with just one blow of the nose in a pink handkerchief….Dream on Keiti, dream on. 
Well, I might as well show you what I dug out from the near trashy thrift store: 
1. Leather skirt

2. Leather pants

 3. Nope, it’s not leather! It’s a gray sweatshirt with butterflies

As you my have noticed, I buy everything that is leather, only because it’s do darn expensive in normal stores. It may be an ugly old glove, smelling of cheese and decomposing flesh, but I’ll take it.
Fashiony part: Meet my new stinky skirt in action, it has pockets, shiny! This outfit couldn’t be possible without the help of Mango raspberry sweater and New Yorker ankle boots!

Tried to tame my PMS-ing hair by tying it in a ridiculous pony tail, the horror!!!!

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41 thoughts on “Fifty shades of thrifting”

  1. haha, well at least the stinky thrift store smell will go away eventually. 😉 I can't believe you snagged two leather pieces during your thrifting! that's way awesome!

  2. I love dresses/skirts with pockets. I cannot comprehend why they still make them without pockets!
    P.S. I'll be entering your giveaway later, but their whole site appears to be down right now.

  3. Anonymous thrift group…you really made me laugh 😀 Anyway those pieces are incredible! Love them! And that red sweater is also amazing!

    Kisses, Lucy 🙂

  4. Страхотни попадения! Особено полата <3

    Дори не е нужно да казвам колко е страхотен аутфитът ти.. нооо го казвам :)))

  5. You. Amaze me. That skirt is such a special piece-the length is spot on and pockets! Swoon. Plus the color of your sweater is so striking on you. Every time I visit your blog I'm inspired. And that butterfly sweatshirt! You know I'd be all over that, so fun.

  6. I've missed your posts, too! Not that you haven't been posting … a lot. 😉 You look flippin' gorgeous!! I wanna see an outfit with this leather skirt. It looks hot (literally and figuratively)!

  7. Every time you do a post on your thrifting finds I get inspired to go out again and find awesome stuff like you do. (Seriously, that leather skirt! Only you could rock a maxi leather skirt and make it look so very badass and awesome. That bracelet has to be one of the prettiest pieces of jewelry I'v seen, it's so delicate looking but still very substantial.

    Hehee, thrifters anonymous!

  8. I'm so glad I came across your blog! I love this outfit – you pull it [a leather skirt] off amazingly. I would not even look twice at picking up a leather skirt off the rack but it looks so good!!

  9. That skirt is a fabulous find! I'm on a shopping break but in the back of my mind I still hear the voices saying, "Thrifting doesn't count…"

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