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This is my camouflage for winter. I’m thinking of pretending to be a Christmas tree, until the Holidays are over and I can spend my money for whatever the hell I want, instead for people I love and cherish…Nah, I’m just kidding, I don’t even have a choice, presents are a big deal in my family. 
Except for dad, he couldn’t give a rat’s ass about presents. He’s the kind of person who can live without electricity and water, and still feel content with his life.
I think me and sis have bought him like 15 professional razorblades, 12 fancy cigars, 9 jumpers and 7 shaving cream gift boxes, until we just gave up. He always looks so indifferent towards anything you buy, it sucks out the Holiday spirit. So, dad is off the list. Good thing too, because those fancy cigars cost a fortune! 
Do you plan on buying something for your parents this year? What is it?

Sweater- Mango, Skirt- Nowistyle, Camo boots- H&M, scarf- La Redoute.

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29 thoughts on “Festive Outfit”

  1. Hahah, your dad sounds like my dad :D. He doesn't care of items, especially fancy items and he doesn't even buy normal stuff to use, like tee shirts and socks, so luckily he appreciates if I buy him those so he can at least have ones without holes.. 😀 Hairbands too coz he wears a ponytail and I caught him wearing a red ribbon coz he was out of black ponytail holders.. 😀 😀
    Tbh I'm not into Christmas gifts that much either but this year my family will get new years gifts instead of Christmas pressies coz we will bring them from Japan.

    I love your outfit, those boots are super! Long skirts are great in winter.. even if it doesn't exactly look that cold in your pics.

  2. Haha, I know what you mean about finding presents for the parents–I just got something for my dad's birthday that was kinda perfect, just a small thing, but now I'm already out of ideas for Christmas. Dooooom! Present finding is hard.

    Your tree outfit is super perfect, Keit! I really want that skirt and those sick boots. Gimme gimme gimme!!1

  3. I think you are the only person who could dress like a Christmas tree and still look stylish. This outfit is amazing, especially the boots! Parents are hard to shop for at Christmas, I think, but especially dads. I can always buy my mom books and lipsticks, but the only thing my dad gets really excited about is… well… nothing I can think of.

  4. I made a calendar for my parents. I used 12 photos from mostly the older days because those are always funnier (you know, the hairstyles, clothes and everything looks too stylish to be true :D). it's for both of them so I don't have to think what to give to mom or to dad. plus everyone needs a calendar anyway. oh and I'm loving the colours you're wearing here. very Christmasy indeed though you don't remind me of a tree at all. which is only normal I think 😉

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  5. That skirt! Im loving skirts like that this year, and I love dressing festively. This year I got my mom a bracelet with mine, my brother and sisters initials carved into it. And I got my dad a military shirt since he was in the marine corp!

  6. oh lawd, this outfit is perfect! I cannot get over that scarf. CAN. NOT. It's to die for. That color is divine.

    Presents are a big deal in my family. And my family is huge, so yeah. Lots of buying going around. For my mum I got this cute bird sculpture from a local artist, and for my dad I got this comic book detailing what life would be like if Lea and Luke had actually had Darth Vadar as a dad. 😛



  7. I feel you, with my mom it's always super easy and I have a million ideas for gifts, but my dad…well, let's just say that out of everything I've tried the only thing he seemed ok about (he never shows enthusiasm) was a bottle of wine. SoI'm sticking to that!
    P.S: Your outfit is gorgeous, especially that sublime skirt!

  8. Не нам как пазаруваш от тези магазини на китайски, но завиждам 😀 полата е мечта!


  9. Haha buying for my dad is hard too, but that's because he'll usually buy what he wants/needs on his own so there's nothing left to give him! But anyway, you look super festive and cute in this outfit. I love the mix of red and green. Those boots are awesome too.

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