Festive Christmas Hat feautring The Slouchy Navy Cardigan

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It’s that time of the year again!
The time when our home divides into two camps. The one where Christmas is regarded as a pointless pagan ritual, during which abortions rocket sky
high proportions (dah boyfriend)… and the other, where Christmas is celebrated just because of  the bright shiny
thingies. (yours truly)
I’m an atheist, but I do love all those bright shiny objects that get popular during these particular holidays. And who the hell doesn’t like gingerbread men and the smell of freshly killed Christmas trees!
I’m pretty sure, that after
their third glass of brandy, even the hardcore cynics and pessimists,
love to stare romantically through the sweaty windows and observe with a
warm bubbling stomach, the majestic snowflakes.

Speaking of which, check out this rad  festive hat, which I snatched, during a very hot summery day, from a second hand store. I tend to buy sweaters and coats during the Summer, because, the hell if I know!
The slouchy cardigan is one of the greatest cardis I own, because of the bat-wing shape and navy color (which is waaay better than black, because you can’t see the cat hairs, duh!).

Btw, what are your plans for Christmas? Loved ones? Ginger overdose? Casual sex? Abusing the cat? Eating pizza and admiring Brat Pitt’s new scarf in “World war Z”?

Navy cardigan- Nowistyle, Boots- Steel, T-shirt- SLY, Hat- thrifted. 

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21 thoughts on “Festive Christmas Hat feautring The Slouchy Navy Cardigan”

  1. eййй от къде ги намираш тези страхотни шапки, жилетки и обувки 🙂 Много сладурски аутфит <3

    и аз я обожавам Коледа! 🙂 Много топли и уютни дни ти желая <3


  2. hey man, I'm not religious either but I still loooove the holidays! and for the same reason as you: shiny things… and food! AND HOLIDAY FUN TIMES! I mean what's not to love. 😀

    this cardigan looks like the coziest things in the whole darn world. It's like a portable blanket!!

  3. Christmas means decent food, presents, loved ones, decorating the tree, baking gingerbreads.. you know, stuff like that. and when I think about tomorrow's schedule I want to panic 😀 but anyway, navy blue looks great on you. and that is one adorable hat!
    Merry Christmas, Keit!

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  4. This cardigan is awesome and looks super cozy. I love it with your casual jeans and t-shirt combination. I completely feel you about Christmas too. Shiny things galore! I enjoy the holiday festivities, foods, family get-togethers, and traditions while leaving out the religious aspect. Why not enjoy the fun parts and the change in routine, I say!

  5. awesome outfit, as usual! looove the cardigan (i do know the cathair-problem, haha)! you're sooo pretty! and is that a sonic youth shirt? it kind of reminds me of a sonic youth shirt i saw at urban outfitters once, but i'm not quite sure.
    btw, i'm an atheist too, but i love christmas anyway. it's just the spirit and the getting together with your loved ones. and the presents, food and mulled wine of course, haha! hope you've had lovely christmas days! xx

  6. Haha, I'm way late for this post, but I totally feel ya on the Xmas thing. I think the holidays are just an excuse for everyone to spend a ton of money on stuff they normally can't afford and then drink and eat a lot. 😉 I love your boots and bat wing cardi!

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