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I really, really, really, really, really, really, really need to wash the dishes, so this post is going to be a quicky! “Oh Keit, dishes can wait” you say, but NO! No, they fucking can not wait! Not only have my dishes grown a whole civilization, but this civilization is conquering worlds and colonizing, and doing other civilization shit, dishes aren’t supposed to do! So yeah, FEBRUARY FAVORITES!


We’re moving out from our apartment, yes big news I know, but the bigger news is I found this brush case while packing, which I didn’t even know existed! I have no idea how it got here, but I have my suspicion that mom gave it to me and I forgot. Either way it’s awesome! I don’t know anything about brushes, but I know enough to see how pretty the brushes and the case are, so I’m keeping them!
Another fabulous makeup find I wanted to share with you burritos is my new Revlon Grow Luscious Emerald Lash Liner, which you can see on the photo as well. 
The liner is a perfect soft crayon – like consistence and very easy to apply. It has a gorgeous dark smoky green shade with a fabulous luster that makes the eyes look irresistible and flirty.

Photos here don’t do it justice, as I couldn’t quite capture the full shimmer this liner has. I’m planning on wearing it everyday, screw special occasions, life is too short, I want to wear sparkles every day!


You guys know I’m not a healthy kind of person. In fact, I have trained my stomach to make troubling sounds every time it senses a healthy substance in a five meter radius. This is why I was skeptical when me and my Japanese teacher went for a meal in a Japanese restaurant and she ordered a weird looking green pod creature. I hesitated to try it, but after one bite I was hooked. Turns out it’s called edamame and it’s a soybean that tastes like something totally unhealthy. Yay!

Pika pika? 

Of course this month wouldn’t be complete without my obligatory crazy purchase. I found this Pikachu backpack in yet again, my favorite online second hand store, but it was sold out. 🙁 Sniff!
After a few days, I saw the same Pikachu backpack in the same store and it was meant for us to be together! I’m having slight difficulties figuring out how to incorporate this fat, fluffy, plush backpack into my daily wardrobe, but I’m not giving up on it yet! Not now, not ever!

My Spirit Animal 

Her name is Taylor Tomasi Hill and she is everything I want to be! She has worked at Marie Claire, Teen Vogue and W Magazine, and is now pursuing a career as a florist. I adore her style and how she follows her own rules, unrestricted by fashion musts and don’ts, but on the contrary – mixing, adding, creating unique outfits with unique pieces. If I ever meet her I’d probably propose marriage, she’s that perfect! 

Favorite Song
Anybody else who watched this movie, please explain it to me, cause I have no idea what the hell was happening! I really liked the intro song though! Into the favorite songs bin you go!

Phew! On to the dishes now! Let me know what were your February favorites and what do you think of Taylor’s style? 
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15 thoughts on “February Favorites”

  1. well, I like the grey outfit from her but not the other ones 😛 the one with that green very strange skirt is… well, I don't like it at all, haha. and all those greens don't go too well with each other in my opinion. I have to say I like your style much much much more! by the way, I used to be a huge Pokemon fan and I loved Pikachu so it was kind of nostalgic seeing it here in your blog!! 😀 oh and that eye liner is seriously gorgeous on you!!! (those close-ups are like a couple of perfect make-up ads for people who dislike those usual super blurry and photoshopped ads) I'm afraid they don't sell Revlon in Estonia so I can't get it for myself but if I could, I totally would!!! and Keit, thank you so much for your nice words under my last post. reading your comment definitely made my day and I really hope those forces will do something good for me because right now the whole 2015 has been a disaster. or one disaster after another, such a crappy year.

    Part of me

  2. Ive seen Tekon Kinkreet about 10 times and I still have no clue what is going on in that thing, but I still love it.
    OMG I love edamame, it is seriouslt tastle, but seriously hard to eat with chop sticks 🙂
    That liner is divine, I'm getting one, I need to draw attention to myself now that I am back on the spinster shelf 🙁

    Gems x

  3. Oh my gosh I used to HATE edamame and could NOT figure out how the hell to eat it so I tried to just bite into it. NOT SO GREAT I CAN ASSURE YOU!

  4. Holy sh*t! It's that army green tutu skirt that I was thinking about getting way back when. Now that I see it, I feel so much regret! Ack! It's so awesome! Congrats on discovering edamame. Hehe 😀 I know how much you love beer, so I have to tell you that it's the perfect snack to have with a brew! <3

    – Anna


  5. Taylor's style is freakin amazing. So much inspiration I love it, and I love the bottom two outfits!! And your pikachu backpack omg it's so cute, I can't wait to see how you style it! Also I need that eyeliner, I don't think it'd look right on me but I need it anyway.

    istylelooks blog

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